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Lonely Cubone
Sexy, Sexy Man
Level Five Trainer
Ground Type Gym Leader
38-13-5 since 2009 return
3 Tournament wins, 5 DQ wins
40 Pokemon (40 Slots)
A- Grade Referee
104 KOs, 241.5 TP, 5.5 SP
5 SP bet outstanding on Stlbk to beat Kuno (I'll never see that again)

Holder of the Biohazard Badge (Poison) and Mozz Badge (17-Type Gym) in addition to own Skull & Cross Badge (Ground)

Badge Case:
Spoiler: show
Biohazard Badge
Global Badge
The radioactive skull badge given out by Shadowshocker, leader of the Poison-typed Ground Zero Gym. All of Shadow's Pokemon are designed after some of Jumbaa Jookiba's 628 illegal genetic experiments, though due to general restraints Shadow has not been able to transcribe soopuh-Pokemon abilities to them. No one said anything about the badge, though, and it seems that prolonged exposure to the nasty sides of Poison has turned the badge septically sinister...
Badge Effect: Insult to Injury: If the holder's opponent's Pokemon is under at least one status, the holder's Pokemon does 15% more damage to the statused Pokemon.

Mozz Badge
Global Badge
Badge Effect: Mozz Effect When used, all Pokemon on trainer's team will have one minor type have double the energy as it usually would have. A "minor type" is defined as one that is not the Pokemon's primary or secondary type, and the Pokemon has at least 1 but no more than 4 offensive, damage dealing moves of said type. This includes all possible moves that the Pokemon knows, so this includes event moves, added moves via signature trainings, et al. The trainer may select the type for each Pokemon when they are first sent out. If no type satisfies the badge requirements, the type with the least known moves MUST be chosen. This does not increase total energy.

The Skull and Cross Badge
Attachable Badge
A small badge in the shape of a Marowak Skull and two Bones, the Skull and Cross badge is the token given to victorious trainers at Lonely Cubone’s Terra Firma Gym, and is sometimes known as the symbol of the Jolly Wakker.
Badge Effect: Earth’s Renewal. The Pokémon which holds this badge seems to restore itself from the very earth it stands upon. At the end of any round in which the Pokémon is touching the ground (including concrete/clay if the arena is so based) it will restore a small amount of health, on a par with the effects of Aqua Ring, up to 1/3 of its total health over 10 rounds of ending the round grounded. 1/3 is the maximum that can be healed by this badge, even if the holder survives long enough for it to be more.

Current Battles:
Spoiler: show
vs Concept 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence)
vs Rangeetsuper 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence)
vs Concept 4v4 Singles (Gym Challenge)

vs Holy Emperor 1v1 Singles (Pokébowl Quarter Final)

vs Milotic111 4v4 Doubles (Eevil Eexes)
vs Tyranidos 6v6 Singles (Eevil Eexes)
vs Empoleon Dynamite 4v4 Singles

Previous Battles:
Spoiler: show
Stats prior to my return: 2 wins, 4 losses, 6 KOs and 18 TP. There is no record of these matches. The below are all post-return.

01.vs Mr. XXXXX (UPN) 3v3 Singles
02.vs Handymankg2 (UPN) 3v3 Singles, DQ win after 2 KOs
03.vs Quintowill (UPN) 4v4 Doubles
04.vs IceCold (Serebii) 1v1 Singles
05.vs Salamencia (UPN) 1v1 Singles
06.vs Rangeetsuper (UPN) 3v3 Singles
07.vs KratosAurion (UPN) 2v2 Singles, TL2 Tournament, Free Round DQ win with 2 KOs
08.vs Martz (UPN) 3v3 Singles, DQ win with one KO
09.vs Mekanik (UPN) 3v3 Singles, DQ win before KO
10.vs Flyingwhite2 (UPN) 2v2 Singles
11.vs A Winter's Breeze (Serebii) 1v1 Singles (GAME)
12.vs Kush (UPN) 3v3 Singles
13.vs Shadowshocker (UPN) Gym Battle, 4v4 Singles
14.vs Quintowill (UPN) 1v1 Singles (GAME)
15.vs DragonDance 1v1 Singles
16.vs Mozz (UPN) Mozz Gym Battle
17.vs iAmDewgong (UPN) 2v2 Singles
18.vs Salamencia (UPN) 4v4 Singles
19.vs Firewater (Serebii) 2v2 Singles
20.vs Kush (Serebii) 4v4 Singles
21.vs DaveTheFishGuy (UPN) 2v2 Singles
22.vs S_M (Serebii) 1v1 Singles
23.vs Kindrindra (UPN) 3v3 Singles
24.vs DragonDance (UPN) 4v4 Singles
25.vs Treepandaone (UPN) 3v3 Singles
26.vs Quintowill (UPN) 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence)
27.vs Joshua 2v2 Singles
28.vs Milotic111 (UPN) 4v4 Gym Defence
29.vs KratosAurion (UPN) 2v2 Singles
30.vs Firewater (UPN) 1v1 Singles
31.vs Dream Brealer 4v4 Singles, DQ after 2 (Gym Defence)
32.vs Treepandaone 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence)
33.vs Kush 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence, Realistic)
34.vs Rangeet 3v3 Singles (Equiall 2)
35. vs Milotic111 4v4 Doubles, DQ win with full KOs.

01.vs ZoraJolteon (UPN) 3v3 Singles, Draw
02.vs Shiny Magneton (UPN) 2v2 Singles, Draw
03.vs Concept (Serebii) 3v3 Singles, Draw
04.vs Shiny Magneton (Serebii) 1v1 Singles (GAME), Draw
05.vs Loki (UPN) 1v1 Singles, GAME, Draw

01.vs Insidious Dreamer (UPN) 4v4 Doubles, Loss
02.vs Joshua (Serebii) 4v4 Singles, Loss
03.vs ZoraJolteon (UPN) 4v4 Doubles, Loss
04.vs Balmund (Serebii) 3v3 Singles, Loss
05.vs Mozz (UPN) Gym Challenge Match, Loss by 3-1
06.vs DaveTheFishGuy (UPN) GAME 1v1, Loss
07.vs Handymankg2 (UPN) 4v4 (Gym Scenario), Loss
08.vs DaveTheFishGuy (UPN) 3v3 Singles, Loss
09.vs Concept (Serebii) 1v1 Singles, GAME Hitmonduel
10.vs DaveTheFishGuy (UPN) 4v4 Singles, (Gym Simulation), Loss
11.vs Concept (Serebii) 4v4 Singles
12.vs S_M 2v2 Singles
13.vs Char 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence, Equiall 2)

Tournament Matches
Count towards Points but only wins towards Record

Pokebowl 11 Round One: vs Akihide (DQ, No Points)
Pokebowl 11 Round Two: vs Tyranidos (Win, 1 KO & 2 TP)
Pokebowl 11 Round Three: vs Jerichi (Win, 1 KO & 2 TP)

Squad New Version:
Spoiler: show

Ground Gym Squad
17 Pokémon

Clay, L. 6 Rhyperior (M)
Clay is a rather unique Rhyperior. He was born and raised amongst a typical Rhyhorn herd but found himself unable to rise to dominance due to his perpetual failure in the ritual head-butting competitions with his peers, having a softer skull and hide than the typical Rhyperior. As he aged, his hide turned a browny-red colour, almost clay like in its unusual softness and an increasingly suspicious herd cast him out into the desert. I came across clay a few months later and after tracking him for some time, attempted to capture him, using my Donphan to battle the unusually coloured Pokémon. Whilst Rhyhorn managed to defeat Donphan, it seemed that he was impressed that another soft-skinned Pokémon could put up such a fight and chose to join my team.

Over the years since, Clay has become a key battler in my squad and a force particularly in the newly opened Terra Firma Gym. He has learnt to adapt his battling style to his unique body, fighting more like my other Ground Pokémon than the traditional brute force approach of Rock types and, over time, has found himself using his Rock-type heritage less and less, and is almost unrecognisable from most of his species now.

Type Change: Rock is dead, long live Paper and Scissors! (Ground): Clay is a pure Ground type Pokémon, and as such no longer has the Rock secondary type. As a result of this, he has much less Rock-typed energy than a normal Rhyperior, barely more than any Ground Pokémon would have. His hide is softer than a Rock Pokémon, and as a result he will take less damage from Rock Smash and moves of that ilk, but more from normal Physical attacks as would any Pokémon of soft skin.

Species Characteristic: Rhyperior can create rocks from its hands for any rock based attack requiring some from the arena. Its charging based attacks do slightly more damage then normal as well. Its Solid Rock ability means that super effective attacks against it deal slightly less damage.

Elsie, L. 5 Marowak (M)
My namesake, Marowak is determined and calm, but above all as you might suspect, lonely. His quirk is that his bonesword is a little smaller than most, something for which he has compensated by learning to surround it with a coating of ground energy when he throws it, proving forever that it is not the size but the way in which you use it. And yes, he's a guy called Elsie. Don't laugh, he's got a bone and he's not afraid to use it.

Special Technique: Bone of Earth (Ground): When performing any of his Bone related moves (Bone Club, Bone Rush and Bonemerang) Marowak coats the blade with some of his own Ground-typed energy, which compensates for the Bone's lack of size. His Bone attacks do regular damage, but are composed of 50% Ground Energy and 50% Physical Damage in a similar manner to the elemental punches. This means that they do 150% damage to Ground-weak opponents but just 75% to Ground-resistant Pokémon.

Species Characteristic: Marowak's face is covered by a skull, which it will not remove willingly. If the helmet is shattered, it will cost 1 SP or 1 battle for Marowak to go and find another. Marowak may not use its respective bone attacks if it is not holding its bone.

Scott Steelgrin, L. 5 Steelix (M)
One of the coolest references amongst my squad, Scott Steelgrin is so named not just for the awesome pun but for his extreme emotional peaks and troughs, mirroring his namesake. In battle, he is capable of supreme moments of power, but only for short periods as he finds it impossible to remain on an emotional high for an extended period of time. Luckily for him, he has often flattened those before him before this becomes a problem, allowing him to concentrate on learning to play Bass very badly in the downtime.

Special Training: Scott Steelgrin’s Finest Hour (Normal): Once per battle, Steelix may designate any round in which he is an active Pokémon as his Finest Hour. In this round, his attacks will deal an additional 25% damage, but will become energy inefficient, using up 50% more energy than usual. Scott’s Finest Hour does not count as a move to activate, but cannot be used in conjunction with a three-move combination. The round after Scott’s Finest Hour will be termed Scott Steelgrin’s Infinite Sadness, and in this round he may only use a single move, which will only do 75% of the usual damage.

Species Characteristic: Steelix are large Pokémon, and are able to burrow through hard materials with their Dig attack easily (such as concrete). They are also more resistant to extreme pressures. Steelix can see in the dark.

Elvis, L. 5 Nidoking (M)
He's the King of Rock and Roll don't you know? But don't worry, this isn't another ludicrous justification for a Pokémon knowing sing: he's back from the dead to rock you from your head down to your blue suede shoes, but was unfortunately reincarnated in the body of a rather irritable Nidorino with very little ability to gyrate his hips and even less vocal beauty. When evolution finally came, Elvis was lifted back onto two feet and ready to rock the planet once more with his own unique brand of battling.

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Of the Nido monarchy, Nidoking has the higher offensive power, and any attacks it uses with its tail are 1.25 times as powerful. All Nidoran have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks.

Omicron, L. 5 Claydol

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: As they have eyes all around their heads, Claydol are almost impossible to surprise or sneak up on. Claydol naturally levitate, and can keep it up indefinitely.

Nelly, L. 5 Donphan (F)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: The strip of black, leathery skin acts as treads for when Donphan is performing a Rollout, thus giving it better traction (and accuracy) when using a Rollout attack. Like all elephants, Donphan are sure-footed, even though they cannot see their own feet.

Kimerupt, L. 5 Camerupt (F)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Camerupt tend to be only slightly-less apathetic than their Numel bretheren, although their higher intelligence gives them a better ability to follow orders. However, they become extremely angry when struck in the face: a Camerupt struck in the face by an opponent will focus almost exclusively on that target to the exclusion of all other concerns unless something else starts to become a bigger problem or gets in the way of Camerupts's revenge. Until its target has fallen Camerupt will be extremely emotional and responsive but more vulnerable to confusion.

Colin, L. 5 Mamoswine (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Mamoswine is large and sturdy, making it difficult to knock over. When it starts charging, it is difficult to stop.

Glenn, L. 5 Quagsire (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Quagsire move at a decent clip on land, and a respectable pace in the water, though they prefer shallow, slow water to deep, fast currents. Wooper and Quagsire are coated with a slimy substance, which makes them harder to grab.

Brenda, L. 5 Flygon (F)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Flygon’s enlarged eyes are adapted to seeing in a sandstorm, are and such are not hindered in heavy sand or fog. They also have slightly improved vision in low light, but are more vulnerable to Flash and similar effects.

Behemoth, L. 5 Torterra (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Due to the tree growing out of it, Torterra is impossible to knock completely on its back. Torterra is also able to blend into its surroundings on certain terrain, making it difficult to spot in forest areas

Isabella, L. 5 Sandslash (F)
Nobody expects my Spanish acquisition! I’ve never been quite sure if it’s a simple hangover of watching too many episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus or an actual genetic link to family of refugee Pangolins in Cataluńa , but Isabella remains stoically convinced that her role in my Gym squad is to hunt down Psychic Pokémon and eliminate them using her three weapons of fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and...oh no, four weapons, sorry...

Special Training: The Fourth Weapon (Dark): Isabella can use Pursuit. Some say it’s the fourth weapon, others argue it’s a simple combination of surprise and ruthless efficiency, but it certainly helps her track down and defeat Witches Psychic Pokémon.

Species Characteristic: Sandslash are more effective diggers than Sandshrew are, thanks to their longer claws. Their claw-related attacks (Slash, Cut, etc.) are 1.25 times as powerful. While not 'bouncy' in Defense Curl, they are spiky, and any Pokemon who comes into physical contact with them will take a little piercing damage. Sandslash can see in the dark.

Vlad, L. 5 Gliscor (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Gliscor are not true fliers: instead, they glide. If needed to, however, they are able to fly for short distances, and their claws allow them to grab and climb relatively smooth surfaces. Upon evolving, their claws got quite stronger and attacks that use it are 15% stronger then normal. Gliscor can see in the dark, and fight more enthusiastically at night.

Cyborg, L. 5 Golurk (N)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Golurk is entirely inorganic, meaning it is completely unaffected by poison. Though slow and robotic, it is quite heavy and bulky for its size, allowing it to deal more damage from physical attacks. Despite being very large and extremely heavy, Golurk has the astounding and mysterious ability to fly at high speeds through the air, though this can burn energy very swiftly.

Adrian, L. 5 Excadrill (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Excadrill’s claws are as tough as steel and covered in sharp grooves, allowing them to dig through any surface with great ease. They dig like a drill, rotating extremely quickly, letting them travel very fast through the ground for little energy. It can dig through most surfaces and tunnel in almost anything aside from many feet of solid concrete or bedrock. Its tunnels are also sturdy, and, if desired, can be made so they do not collapse after being dug.

Edward, L. 5 Stunfisk (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Despite being a Ground-type, Stunfisk dwells primarily underwater and can stay in water for an unlimited amount of time. Though still weak to Water attacks, it is somewhat less vulnerable than other Ground-types. Stunfisk, though able to swim somewhat, moves mostly through flopping and sliding, but it prefers to lie and await fs in mud or other similar substrate.

NINCADA, L. 2 Nincada (M)
NINCADA is very much like a regular Nincada, only bigger and thus better. Nobody is quite sure why, but he may have been bitten by a superhero at some point.

Signature Ability: NINCADA: NINCADA is the size and weight of a Crustle. His massive size has considerably improved his ability to control the earth, and he can use Earthquake, Magnitude, Stone Edge, Bulldoze and Earth Power as a result. NINCADA cannot evolve.

Species Characteristic: Nincada are very good diggers, and can do so with speed and ease.

The Eevil Eexes
7 Pokemon

Gideon Graves, L. 3 Glaceon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Glaceon have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks. Their light coloring and ice-like body patterns allow them to hide better among ice and in blizzards.

Matthew Patel, L. 3 Flareon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Flareon has sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks.

Lucas Lee, L. 3 Vaporeon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Vaporeon have sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks. They are also good swimmers, and just as agile on land as they are in the water.

Todd Ingram, L. 3 Leafeon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Leafeon have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks. Leafeon constantly produces clean air, especially when in sunlight, allowing it to rid areas of Smog, Mist or other pollutants at a faster rate than normal.

Roxxie Richter, L. 3 Jolteon (F)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Jolteon has sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks. Its body is also spiky, making physical contact and grabbing/wrap attacks painful for the Pokémon wrapping Jolteon.

Kyle Katayanagi, L. 3 Espeon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: An Espeon’s fur is sensitive to the movements of the wind, caused by the movements of an opponent, so it has a slightly higher chance of evading any attack from an opponent, and is very difficult to surprise. An Espeon has sensitive hearing, at the expense of higher vulnerability to sound attacks.

Ken Katayanagi, L. 3 Umbreon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Umbreon can see in the dark and has sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks. Once per every 10 rounds, an Umbreon may sweat poison out of its pores as a move. Any Pokemon not resistant to poison who comes into physical contact with Umbreon risks being poisoned. The poison stays on Umbreon unless it is somehow washed off. Umbreon is immune to its own poison produced by this method. By concentrating and holding still, Umbreon can cause it's rings to glow, brightening the area something at the cost of very little energy.

Other Pokémon
16 Pokemon

Mirko, L. 5 Hitmonlee (M)

Buzz, L. 5 Beedrill (M)
Buzz is a very unique Beedrill, although you wouldn't know it to look at him. I'd owned him for a long time before realizing that he'd never managed to Poison anything using his Poison Sting and Twineedle attacks. After some medical examination, the reason became more clear: his poison sacs were completely dry and did not function in the usual way, leaving him completely without Poison in his body. Since then, he's worked hard to compensate for this loss, and learnt a few new techniques to compensate for those he inevitably lost.

Type Change: Mostly Harmless (Bug): Buzz has lost his Poison Type, for the reasons specified above. This means that he is a pure Bug Type, and loses access to his Poison moves: Toxic Spikes, Toxic, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb and Poison Sting. Whilst he can still perform Twineedle, there is no chance of it Poisoning its target. As a result of working to compensate for this, he has learned the moves Big Buzz and Needle Arm.

Species Characteristic: Multiple Beedrill on the same side share a hive mind: thus, each one is aware of every others situation. One cannot be surprised unless they all are, and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are. In a Grand Melee, all trainers must agree to a mental link between their Beedrill, and any trainer may break the link between the group and his Beedrill at any time. Beedrill can see in the dark.

Noel, L. 5 Delibird (M)

Steve, L. 5 Golduck (M)

Marcel, L. 5 Mr. Mime (M)

Euryale, L. 5 Tangrowth (F)

Matilda, L. 5 Kangaskhan (F)

Alexandria, L. 5 Ampharos (F)

Clifford, L. 5 Arcanine (M)

Elphaba, L.5 Mismagius (F)

Bruce, L. 5 Crobat (M)

Snowball, L. 4 Grumpig (M)

Josef, L. 4 Probopass (M)
In Soviet Russia, bios write you! Such a ludicrous justification of anything would never fly in the PASBL though, so I must also mention Josef's sensational handlebar moustache and love of Five Year Plans in order to allow his use of this KGB approved signature technique.

Signature Defence: The Iron Curtain (Steel): Josef is able to summon a Steel Barrier at the cost of significant energy. This defensive shield functions much like the move Barrier, except that the Curtain is of the Steel type and has weaknesses and resistances as such: a Fire move will only need to be half a powerful to shatter it, while a Grass move would need to be twice as strong.

Species Characteristic: Probopass moves about exclusively by levitation. The mini-noses can be controlled as if psychically and can be moved to the edge of its magnetic field (about 10 feet), allowing Probopass to use punching attacks from a distance. It has more electric energy then normal.

Chicago, L. 4 Weezing (M)

Silva, L. 3 Galvantula (M)

Harrier, L. 1 Mantine (M)


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