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If you want the tl;dr version go to the very last line of this post. If not enjoy my comeback post :]

To be honest I'm actually just posting here because I thought Sneasel's post on joining the marines was hilariously funny and I had to actually comment after it to tell you how hilarious I thought it was. I mean the marines? Really? Lol. Have fun with that Sneasel, for reals mate. I think reading that post has been the highlight of my day, which isn't really hard as its been a pretty sub-par day but oh well I digress.

Ok so thats not the only reason I'm posting here (but it was a large part of why I decided to, because I mean its soooo god damn funny, isn't it?) but also because I'm actually returning to ASB and had a TA post on SPPf ages agoooo but this is just a 'I'm back now lol for reals mateee!' type of post. Therefore voiding any previous TA type messages I might have made. Plus I wanted to make an official back annoucement and the TA made sense, but I won't be back in my Gym until I redesign my team with new sigs and make a new arena (well upgrade the old one). I may clear my que (with permission given to me by Muyo the other day) or I may keep it I haven't fully decided. I dunno who on my que is actually still active (or able to be fighting in a gym match at this time/the near future) or who is on my que full stop. I shall check it out soon and get back to you all, of course I'm redesigning my arena a bit anyway so I have time to sort it all out.

Also I want to give some clarification as to my absence from ASB within the past months and such before I fully returned. Firstly I'm deeply sorry to Weeb, Firewater and whoever I was battling before I left but I had some pretty crappy in real life shit to go through that kept me so occupied I had to cut something out somewhere so I could keep my job in check and stay in college (and it had to be ASB unfortunately). Also uphold a social life, but that was a bit iffy considering I was in quite a bad place due to a big thing in my life. I would tell you more about it but I already bored Muyo and ABL with it a few weeks back and I don't want to have to put everyone else through listening to it (thanks Muyo and ABL though, love you two a lot a lot btw). Though anyone with my facebook might have read something about it, but of course none of the shitty indepth crap like I've told to Muyo/ABL/other close friends cause it was quite a hard time and its all quite personal to me and I don't really like talking about that really bad time in my life. Though I'm a lot happier and content now and my life has sorted itself out and I've gotten through all that REAL LIFE SRS BUSINESS and um yeah...Haha wow that really doesn't clear ANYTHING up at all to be honest. Oh well. Plus now my exams are over I have free time and now I'm back.

Or the tl;dr version is Sneasel joining the marines is mega LOL and I'm back bitches.

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