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The battle got underway, with Buizel firing a Sonic Boom to try and fend off the Thunder Wave. The moves, however, just missed each other, and while this meant Rui was hit by Sonic Boom, it also meant Buizel was paralyzed from the Thunder Wave. Or he would have been, had Jake not considered this possibility and gave the order for a backup plan to be put into place. And sure enough, the Thunder Wave found itself impeded by the Aura Sphere Buizel was charging up. "Heh, good shit," grinned Gavin. "But it's not enough! Keep that Thunder Wave going, Rui!" he ordered.

"SpaaaaAAAAAARCE!" Rui screeched, pouring more power into the Thunder Wave. She and Gavin were thinking the same thing- the Aura Sphere couldn't hold out forever. It was now a question of whose move could overpower the other.


Amanitin and Amanita stood in silence, listening as Paras related its tale. Once friends with its bug host, but once they came across another bug under attack by a bird Pokémon of some sort, the two vehemently disagreed on what course of action should be taken. The mushroom was all for getting away. Saving themselves. The bug, however, wanted to save the other bug, and with it having control, that's what they tried. And it didn't go well. They only just barely got away, and only because the mushroom took control. And the mushroom had decided by then that friendship, trust, none of that mattered- only survival. There were a few tears in the Parasect's eyes by this point.

After a few moments, Amanitin spoke up. "...When Keith adopted me," she said, "I used to think that there was no point in trust, or friendship. In my case, I figured it was just mean to make friends with others when I figured I was doomed once I evolved, and I'd just make them sad once I left. But dude, I... like, now I got friends. Like, real friends, good friends. I get why your host tried to fight the bird, but on the other hand... you say that the..."

" say the other bug simply stood by and watched?" Amanita said, taking over as Amanitin seemed to struggle to find the words she wanted. "Friends are more important than you realize... but knowing who your friends really are is just as important. That other bug was no friend if all they did was simply stand there and watch as you could have died."

"...I fought a bird that was trying to kill my Trainer," Amanitin said bluntly. "I didn't die, but I was damn lucky, and I mean seriously damn lucky, you have no idea. But Amanita was agreed with me that this was the way to do, because we knew we were fighting for people and Pokémon we could really and truly call friends. Like, zero doubt. The only reason they didn't help us is because they friggin' couldn't- bunch of bad guys had them held down, trapped in place, and the second they was able to get free, they helped us, we helped them, and we all survived. If that other bug was any kind of decent, it'd have helped out in the fight."

"Survival is important," Amanita agreed. "But it's not the only important thing. I hope someday you come to realize that," she said. "And if you ever decide that friends might be worth your while after all, you can always start with us."

"Yeah, what she said," chimed in Amanitin. "Look, uh, I wanna apologize for getting all pissed at you earlier. It's a fucked up situation you had to deal with, I ain't had no idea. The, uh, the other Pokémon on my team, I'm glad to be able to call 'em friends. Me and Amanita, like, friends mean something to us. Like, if you're friends with us, and we see some big-ass bird trying to kill you, we'd jump in there and fuck that bird's shit up, y'know?"

"While I'm not fond of the crudity of Amanitin's words here, I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly," Amanita confirmed.

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