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To Jake's satisfaction, Buizel's Swift connected, though the Shiny Dunsparce didn't seem too bothered by the move. Gavin commanded a Thunder Wave, which Jake was about to reply with an order of his own.

"Buizel, Water—hold on, that won't do," the Trainer corrected himself, chuckling. "Sonic Boom, quick!"

The Sea Weasel Pokémon nodded and swung his tail again—"Bui...zel!"—this time sending a white shockwave at the Dunsparce. Jake expected it to push away the Thunder Wave; whether it hit Rui or not was not important. Buizel picked up on the idea.

"And if that doesn't do it [repel the Thunder Wave], throw in an Aura Sphere," Jake added.

"Bui," the Water-type acknowledged, ready to generate an orb of aura between his hands—paws?—if it came to that.
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