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Ok here's the lowdown folks.

For the large amount of you who don't know, I'm going to Europe tomorrow.

I will be gone for 11 days and have limited Internet access (as I have to pay for it), but I will try my best to at least check in and maybe (in the vaguest definition of the word) ref.

I will be coming home and turning RIGHT around to go to Michigan, where I should have slow but relatively consistent Internet access (as far as I know). I won't be on as much as I am now, but I'll be around and should be able to ref and order at a decent pace.

After that, I will be in Columbus for my grandmother's second service/burial/etc. Internet there is iffy but I should have some access.

From there, I will have a free week to get ready for band camp, and then I will be going to band camp. As per the last two years, the first week will be like it usually is during school, but the second week will be absolute cut-off. By that point, I'll try to take as few matches as possible, so don't worry about that just yet.

As usual, I'll have a week then school will start again.

And that's my summer, just so you know and so you don't freak when I'm gone.

(This time, let's not accuse me of some horrible betrayal while I'm out of the country, kthnx. ;D)
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