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Several years ago...

Willa Carnet saw the determined face staring back at her from the mirror she was looking into. She was dressed in the style of the Kalos region's Ace Trainers, she had her bag, she had the Ultra Ball containing her one and only Pokémon... she was as ready as she'd ever be.

Just at that moment, there came a knock at her bedroom door. "Willa?" came a voice.

"Yes, mother?" Willa responded, still looking at herself in the mirror, as though trying to find something wrong.

Diantha pushed the door open, walking inside. "You're really ready, aren't you?" she asked with a gentle smile.

"As I'll ever be, I think," Willa replied with a singular nod. "I have faith that Yanmega and I will be fine."

"Oh, I have no doubt," Diantha nodded. "Before you leave, however, I have something for you."

Willa turned to look at her mother. "Might this account for your trip last week that you've been steadfastly refusing to talk about?" she inquired.

Diantha chuckled. "That obvious, am I?" she replied. "Yes, it does, in fact. If you'll accompany me to the Battle Room?" Willa said nothing, but, suitably intrigued, followed her mother throughout the rather luxurious house in Kiloude City where they both lived.

Finally, they arrived in the Battle Room. A sizable room, large enough to comfortably contain a Steelix or two, with a massive battlefield for Pokémon fights. Willa loved this room. She trained here with what would officially be her starter soon enough on a very frequent basis. It was in this room that Yanmega had evolved from a Yanma, even. "What are we doing in here?" she asked.

"Well, first, I wanted to give you this," Diantha stated, handing her daughter a standard Kalos model Pokédex, albeit with a lavender casing. "No Trainer should leave home without one."

"Thank you," Willa said, accepting the device with a faint smile. "You didn't bring me to the Battle Room just to give me my Pokédex, however," she added shrewdly.

Diantha chuckled. "Naturally," she agreed. "I have a gift for you. A gift... and a test," she amended. "My trip last week was to the Fizzytopia region. They have an Adoption Center for abandoned Pokémon. I remember hearing about it during filming for Kingler Kong, so I went back to check it out. I saw this Pokémon in there and decided it might be a suitable companion for you. If, of course, you accept each other," she added. Willa reached for the Ultra Ball her mother was now holding, but Diantha shook her head and pulled it back. "I wish to test you by having you and Yanmega battle this Pokémon," she stated. "Earn its respect, and confirm to me you're really ready for this journey of yours. You do that, and I will send you off with not only my blessing, but also the contents of this Ultra Ball."

Willa was momentarily taken aback that she wasn't simply being given the Pokémon, but a moment later, nodded in agreement, realizing how much sense her mother's idea was making. "Very well, then," she stated.

Diantha smiled. "That's my girl," she said, before tossing the Ultra Ball into the air. What emerged from it was not something Willa had ever seen before- some sort of serpentine dark blue fish, with a pair of arms. It also floated in midair instead of flopping or slithering on the ground, and its voice was like crackling electricity. Activating her new Pokédex for the first time, Willa aimed the device at what her mother had just sent out.

"Eelektross, the EleFish Pokémon. An Electric-type, and the evolved form of Eelektrik," it droned. "Eelektross sucks prey into its large mouth and delivers an electric shock via its fangs."

"An Electric-type," Willa murmured. She was understandably apprehensive here, with her only Pokémon being at a type disadvantage, but still she grabbed her Ultra Ball. If she was to let something so simple as an unfavorable type matchup dissuade her before she even officially set out as a Trainer, what kind of a start would that be? No, this was part of her mother's test, she was sure- Diantha had almost certainly deliberately picked something Yanmega would be weak to. Taking a deep breath to steel herself, Willa threw the Ultra Ball. "Yanmega!" she declared as the Ogre Darner Pokémon materialized in a flash of light. Smiling, Diantha walked off to the side- Eelektross was not hers to command by any stretch of the imagination. Though she still kept hold of the Ultra Ball, just in case things went badly.

Eelektross made the first move. Realizing that a battle was imminent, he was more than ready to show his stuff, and show it he did, cloaking himself in electricity and charging headfirst at Yanmega. However, Yanmega was quick to evade the Spark, his Speed already pretty well off without any sort of Boost.

Willa gestured forward. "Attack!" she called to Yanmega.

"Yan ya!" rumbled Yanmega, beating his wings furiously, generating a visible red shockwave that washed over Eelektross, causing noticeable discomfort. The Bug Buzz was a direct hit, but they couldn't drop their guard from that alone. And sure enough, almost before the echoing remnants of the move died down, Eelektross was already preparing the makings of a Charge Beam in his gaping mouth.

"Careful, Yanmega," Willa advised the Bug/Flying-type. "Fight back with Ancient Power!"

"Yaaaaaan ya!" responded Yanmega as he charged up a brown-grey sphere of primal energy between his six legs, then shot it off just as Eelektross let loose the Charge Beam. The attacks collided in midair, causing a small explosion.

"Trr-rr-rross!" crackled Eelektross. Frustrated with the lack of results, he rose higher into the air, flying towards Yanmega, but already all present could see he wouldn't be able to outmaneuver Yanmega. Not at his fastest.

And that included Willa. "Yanmega! Quick Attack!" she commanded.

"Ya! Ya! Ya!" grunted Yanmega, zipping here and there with dizzying rapidity. None of Eelektross's Headbutts hit their mark, but soon, Eelektross was starting to move faster and with more precision. Before Willa knew it, the EleFish Pokémon was leaving short-lived afterimages in his wake, before ramming into Yanmega from above, sending him into a spiraling descent. It was fortunate this happened from so high up, however, for it gave Yanmega ample time to right himself.

"So it can use Acrobatics?" Willa thought out loud. "Interesting."

"Trr-rr-rrossssss!" crackled Eelektross- not content to leave it at that, now the Electric-type was letting loose with a widespread Discharge, and no amount of evasive maneuvers on Yanmega's part were helping it here.

"Yanmega!" Willa called out as Yanmega was hit hard. But the Ogre Darner Pokémon remained in the air. He'd taken some damage, but wasn't about to give up.

"Mega!" rumbled Yanmega.

Willa gave a faint smile at her partner's determination. "We're not out yet!" she declared. "String Shot!"

"Yan yaaaaa!" replied Yanmega, firing a sticky strand of silk from his mouth. Eelektross was caught off-guard by this, and found his arms bound to his sides.

"Now slam it into the ground!" Willa commanded.

"Yaaaaan... MEGA!" Yanmega grunted as, with a considerable effort, he was able to flip Eelektross up over him, and slam him into the ground by way of the String Shot. However, Eelektross was able to free his arms in the process, and got right back up, charging in for another Headbutt.

"Now! Night Slash!" Willa ordered.

"Yan!" Yanmega rumbled, flying directly at the oncoming Eelektross, a black aura having come over his wings. They collided in midair, collapsing to the ground. Both of them were able to get back up, but only just barely.

Willa looked at Eelektross. The Electric-type was panting, tired out by the massive effort he'd put into this battle, same as Yanmega was. Neither of them, however, seemed willing to fight any further, and Willa found that she agreed with this. "...Eelektross," she called out. "What do you say? Will you join me?"

"TRRROSS!" Eelektross bellowed in response, though his tone of voice was a happy one.

Diantha chuckled, moreso as Willa jumped at Eelektross's exuberant response. "That would be a yes," she stated.

"Indeed," Willa replied, slightly uncertain.

Diantha walked over to her daughter, placing the Ultra Ball firmly in her hand. "Indeed," she repeated firmly. "You and Eelektross will make a great team, I know it." Willa nodded mutely as she withdrew Yanmega and her new Eelektross. The Electric-type had made for a formidable opponent, but something about him came off as a bit... rowdy. She said nothing, but deep down, Willa had her doubts. Did she really have Eelektross's respect?


Not much later, Willa had brushed these troubling thoughts from the forefront of her mind. She now stood on a platform at Kiloude's train station, with her mother seeing her off. "Be safe, now," Diantha was saying. "Have you decided where you'll be traveling?"

"I have," Willa confirmed. "When I get to Lumiose, I'll be catching a flight to the Fizzytopia region. I've read up on it after you mentioned it, and it sounds... interesting. If there are more Pokémon there like that Eelektross, it's sure to be a good test of my skills."

"I'm certain it will be," Diantha nodded. "And Willa," she added, lowering her voice and establishing deliberate eye contact. "I know how you are, and I will simply tell you this- you will, at some point, meet some other Trainers, people with whom you end up getting along. I'm not saying to trust such people right away, I'm only saying to not rule out the possibility." Willa did not respond to this. The usual words of encouragement, the same spiel about opening up, trusting other people... she did not respond because her mother had heard her response many times before, and was probably expecting it now. There was only one living person in existence who had Willa's trust, and she was seeing her off right now, and Willa couldn't possibly imagine that changing. After a moment of silence, Diantha sighed. "Don't forget what I told you," she said, giving her a hug, and smiling as Willa hugged her back.

"Goodbye, mother," Willa said, giving her a small smile as she stepped into the waiting train. Diantha smiled back, waving until long after the train had left. She would be fine, Diantha knew.


At that precise moment, somewhere in the Fizzytopia region, a young teenage girl was walking through a grassy meadow as a Swoobat flew overhead. The Swoobat's eyes went blank as she started to have another one of her premonitions, and what a premonition it was! Once her eyes were no longer blank, she flapped her wings harder to catch up with Terri Alph. So she's leaving for Fizzytopia, Luna mused silently. I shouldn't tell Keith, she decided. I think the best possible outcome would require him to not know this beforehand. This will be interesting indeed...

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