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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

Dynamax Boss Sharpedo
Health Gauge: 0%
Shields Up: 0
Status: [N/A]

Raid Challengers:
  • Ironthunder (Dedenne): 300 HP
  • Lil’twick (Swirlix): 300 HP
  • Meetan (Lapras): 197 HP
  • Missingno. Master (Venomoth): 500 HP
  • sixdragons (Goomy): 183 HP [-1 Sp.Atk, -1 Sp.Def]
  • Sneaze (Kingdra): 315 HP [-3 Sp.Atk]
  • TheKnightsFury (Frogadier): 300 HP [-1 Sp.Def, Grass Type]
  • Zelphon (Eevee): 118 HP

The gigantic Sharpedo was on the ropes as it rocked back and forth with the waves uneasily. It was on the brink of defeat, so the trainers issued orders to finish it off for once and for all, to which their Pokemon happily obliged. It didn’t take much to deplete the Sharpedo’s remaining health; a quick strike from Frogadier followed by a loud buzz from Venomoth was enough to get the job done as the giant shark hissed before shrinking back down to its normal size. As the skies cleared, Sharpedo sunk back down into the ocean’s depths to rest. “Great work everyone!” Gary called out as he approached the trainers to hand out their rewards.

For their efforts in defeating the Dynamax Raid Boss Sharpedo, the trainers are awarded the following:
  • 30 Watts
  • 1x TR Throat Chop
  • 2x Passho Berries
  • 1x Colbur Berries
  • +4 Levels to participating Pokemon [+4 Rare Candies if Pokemon is lv.100]
All tension was now gone from the atmosphere. Though the sizable Sharpedo still loomed over them all, it loomed with astoundingly few remaining hit points, and thus did not loom for very long. The Frogadier landed a beautiful hit with Leaf Blade, but, to Keith's immense personal satisfaction, it was Lily's Bug Buzz what that landed the finishing blow. "YES!" Keith cheered as Sharpedo shrunk down to size, sinking back into the depths of the sea. He happily claimed his rewards, but even more happily congratulated his Venomoth on a job well done and a fight well fought.

Later, as the Banette's Revenge was safely and securely docked back at Sludge Wave Coast, Keith made his way back ashore to find Willa and Meowth standing there, waiting for him. "Heh, sorry I didn't say anything," Keith grinned. "I know you need your sleep, y'know?"

"Indeed," Willa nodded, smiling. "I watched the battle unfold on the news. You and Lily were spectacular."

"Ah, thanks," Keith replied modestly.

"I just have one request," continued Willa. "The next time there's a raid where a Bug-type would excel... wake me up, hmm? Yanmega's been itching to get in on one of these battles, and I can't blame him in the slightest."

Keith grinned. "Fair enough, you got a deal," he conceded. "Alright, we should maybe have some breakfast," he added, starting to lead the way back to the house.

"Meowth was already starting to cook something," Willa replied as she and Meowth followed Keith.

"Oh, this can't end well," Keith chuckled. Willa joined in on the chuckling, especially as Meowth indignantly demanded to know what Keith was insinuating. Truly, there was never a dull moment at Sludge Wave Coast.

*Obtained 30 Watts!*

*Keith received a TR95 Throat Chop!*

*Obtained 2 Passho Berries!*

*Obtained the Colbur Berry!*

*Obtained 4 Rare Candies!*

Thanks for the stuff, Gary! Using my new TR on my Pawniard (with well over 20 Bond) and immediately cramming these Rare Candies down my level 20 Morelull's throat.

*Ginny learned Throat Chop!*

*Increase was elevated to level 24!*
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