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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Missingno. Master: You have hatched a Male Applin!
The sun was shining brightly on Fizzytopia one cool, clear morning in February. And currently out and about experiencing this late winter morning was none other than Keith Masters, with a yawning, mildly annoyed Meowth hitching a ride on his shoulder. "Wat are we doin' out here at da crack o' dawn anyways?" Meowth yawned. "Ya never bothered ta explain why ya got me up dis early."

"Ah, yeah, sorry about that," Keith chuckled sheepishly, though he kept looking determinedly around. "Was so excited to get out here and start looking, didn't occur to me you wouldn't know what I-"

"Will ya can yer apologies and start explainin'?" Meowth interrupted. "Ehh, sorry," he added, shaking his head. "Ya know I ain't exactly a mornin' Meowth."

"No offense taken," Keith replied. "Straight into it, then- we're after a Pokémon."

Meowth glanced down at the sphere in Keith's hand- white on the bottom, yellow and black on the top, with the colors on the top forming a stylized letter H. "...who'd ya bring?" he asked. "Six? Fred? Mel? Millicent?"

"Hm? Oh- none of those, this Ultra Ball's empty," Keith replied.

"Empty? Since when do ya- oh. Ohhhhh," Meowth purred, the pieces fitting together in his mind. "Dis ain't fer youse, is it? Wat's today, da 13th?"

Keith grinned. "Exactly," he replied. "Tomorrow will be my first Valentine's Day with Willa, and I want to give her something special."

"A Pokémon, though?" Meowth asked. "Ya got one in mind?"

"In fact, I do," Keith stated. "Evidently, some people in the Galar region believe that if you give this certain Pokémon to the one you like, you'll be together forever. And I know Willa knows at least a little about the Galar region, so I think she'll understand once she sees it," he smiled.

"Alright, dat's so sweet I ain't even mad ya woke me up no more," Meowth relented with a small smile. "I'm guessin' it loves apples, den?" he added, glancing around. True enough, they were surrounded by apple trees on all sides.

"You have no idea," Keith chuckled. "Elseways we wouldn't have come to Applewyrm Grove. Now keep a close eye on these apples..." he murmured, eyeing the inanimate fruits intently.

Meowth did as told, not sure what exactly he was looking for... not until he saw one of the apples on the ground seeming to move around of its own volition! "Wat da?!" he exclaimed, pointing a paw at the suddenly mobile apple. "Wat is dat?!"

Keith looked where Meowth pointed, and grinned triumphantly at what he saw. They were now seeing it moving away from them, and thus Keith could see a small wormlike body poking out of the backside of the apple, moving it forward. What Meowth had initially taken for leaves on a stem seemed instead to be its eyes. "That's it!" he exclaimed, holding out his Pokédex.

"Applin, the Apple Core Pokémon. A Grass and Dragon-type," droned the device. "It hides from bird Pokémon by pretending to be nothing more than an apple, having burrowed into one as soon as it was born."

"So dat's wat couples in Galar give to each otha?" Meowth asked.

"That's the one," Keith nodded. "I'm catching that Applin for Willa! Alright, Meowth, you're up!"

"WAH! Me?!" Meowth exclaimed indignantly.

"I didn't bring any other Pokémon!" Keith declared. "Now come on- it's getting away, give it your Icy Wind!"

"...fine," Meowth sighed. He jumped down off Keith's shoulder, and exhaled a frigid gust towards the Applin, who shrieked and wheeled around to face its opponent at last.

"We've got its attention!" Keith grinned. "Meowth, Fury Swipes, let's go!"

"Time ta slice youse up!" Meowth exclaimed, lunging at Applin, claws outstretched. In response, Applin pulled its eyes and tail into the apple, and no matter how much Meowth tried, he couldn't seem to do much of anything to the apple.

"It used Withdraw!" Keith exclaimed.

"Gee, ya tink? "Meowth muttered sarcastically, still resolutely swiping away.

"APP!" Applin exclaimed, suddenly poking its eyes and tail back out in an attempt to Astonish Meowth.

"Nuttin' doin'," Meowth purred, landing a few hits with Fury Swipes at last. "Youse ain't hittin' no Normal-type wit a Ghost move!"

"That's telling 'em, Meowth!" Keith grinned. "Now follow up with Hidden Power!"

"Take dat!" Meowth screeched, unleashing a volley of purple orbs of pure poisonous energy, all of which slammed into Applin with greater force than usual, thanks to Meowth's capabilities as a skilled Technician. This sent Applin rolling backwards and slamming into a tree.

As Applin tried to right itself, Keith turned his hat backwards with his free hand, and enlarged the Ultra Ball. "I got it from here, Meowth!" he declared. "Now! Go, Ultra Ball!" he called, hurling the sphere. It struck Applin and pulled it, apple and all, into its spherical innards. The ball slammed shut as it landed on the grass, and it wobbled in place. Keith and Meowth eyed it intently... until at long last, the Ultra Ball fell still, giving a low-pitched ping. "Yes!" Keith grinned, scooping up the Ultra Ball. "I just caught... an Applin!"

"Meowth, dat's right!" Meowth chimed in.


The following day was Valentine's Day, and by Arceus, Keith and Willa were very much aware of it. They had plans to spend the entire day together, and so they did, first getting coffee together at the nearest Starboks. Yes, in the morning- Willa was willing to get up earlier than usual for her for this. They spent the rest of the morning at home, after which Keith set up a lovely picnic lunch outside (the weather was most accommodating here, being fairly warm for winter), after which they went out to see a movie, and for a while just rode around aimlessly on Salazar's back together, the grey Scolipede perfectly fine with the exercise. Then, they went out for a nice dinner at a very nice Kalosian restaurant.

"Today was wonderful," Willa smiled as she and Keith walked hand in hand, finally reaching Sludge Wave Coast. "I've never had a Valentine's Day this amazing in my life."

"It was wonderful for me, too," Keith smiled back. "Though there's still one more thing I want to do," he added. "I, uh, I got you something."

"I got you something, too," Willa responded. She reached into her bag and produced a paper bag, which she handed to Keith.

"What have we here?" Keith murmured. He accepted the bag and peered into it, his eyes lighting up as he did so. "Lava Cookies!" he exclaimed.

"Homemade," Willa said with a small, proud smile. "At your family reunion, I asked if your mother would be willing to share her recipe, after I saw how much you enjoyed her homemade Lava Cookies-"

"...these were made from Mom's secret recipe?" Keith murmured. "Oh, man. Now you gotta know she approves of you- she doesn't share her recipes with anyone!" He took out one of the Lava Cookies and bit into it. "...delicious," he murmured, eyes wide as he finally swallowed it. "Willa, these are delicious, thank you," he smiled. "Now," he added. He held the bag of Lava Cookies in one hand, and with the other, plucked the Ultra Ball off his belt, clicked the button to enlarge it, and tossed it into the air. "Applin, come out!" Keith exclaimed.

Willa gave a soft gasp as the Grass/Dragon-type materialized in Keith's outstretched hand (the Ultra Ball fell to the ground beside them). Smiling at his girlfriend, Keith held out the Applin to her. " you know what they believe in Galar?" Willa asked.

"That if you give an Applin to the one you love, you'll be together forever? I may have heard something to that effect," Keith grinned. "I wasn't just out for an ordinary walk yesterday morning- I had been trying to track down a place where Applin were known to appear, and that's where I went yesterday. Caught this Applin, and it's all yours."

Willa gently accepted the Applin, smiling at Keith. A small smile, as per the norm with her, though as far as Keith was concerned, the most beautiful of smiles he'd ever had the good fortune to lay eyes upon. "...thank you," she finally murmured. "I love it. I do." She then turned her attention to the Pokémon in her hand. "Hello, little one," she murmured. "I'm Willa."

"App! Applin!" Applin chattered in response. Keith smiled- Applin already sounded as though he had warmed up to Willa. He took this opportunity to pick up the Ultra Ball off the ground and hand that to Willa as well, who happily accepted it, even though she didn't opt to withdraw Applin. Instead, she stowed the Ultra Ball in her bag, and used her free hand to hold Keith's free hand as they walked the rest of the way back home.


A little over a month later, Willa was sitting in Keith's living room, watching TV. As she did so, Applin and Jangmo-o were having a harmless training battle. Neither of them knew many moves at the moment, so Willa wasn't worried about anything getting ruined- it mostly considered of Applin blocking Jangmo-o's Tackle with Withdraw, and Jangmo-o using Protect to guard against Applin's Astonish.

At that moment, Keith walked into the living room. "I have returned," he announced. "And as this armful of fruit can attest to, I have been successful," he grinned.

"Oh, that's a lot of apples," Willa smiled. "It certainly seems as though you were successful."

"App?" Applin chirped. At the word "apples", Applin's curiosity was piqued. He looked over at Keith, and spotted it. A greenish apple, right on the top of the pile Keith was carrying. Filled with sudden determination, Applin rolled over to Keith, past a bewildered Jangmo-o, and shouted suddenly, performing a picture-perfect Astonish on Keith. The move had its intended effect, too, for at this unexpected outburst, Keith exclaimed and dropped the apples on he floor. Wasting no time, Applin lunged at one apple in particular, exiting his old apple and burrowing into the new one.

"Applin!?" Willa exclaimed. "What are you... Keith, I'm sorry about that," she murmured. "I don't know what's come over..."

"Hmm..." Keith murmured, eyeing the Tart Apple intently. "I have a theory as to what thi scould be about..." As he and Willa listened closely, they could hear determined chewing sounds from within the apple. And then, dead silence, during which Keith and Willa started picking up the other apples. Willa reached for the apple with Applin in it, just as the apple began to wobble in place. Cracks formed in the apple's skin, with bright blue light peeking out from said cracks. The greenish portions of the apple's skin started turning a bright red as this took place. And then, quite suddenly, the apple burst open and rose into the air. Keith and Willa could only look on in surprise and shock as the brand new flapped its apple wings to get into the air. Shocked, Willa produced her Pokédex in pursuit of more information.

"Flapple, the Apple Wing Pokémon. A Grass and Dragon-type, and an evolved form of Applin," droned the device. "Eating a sour apple induced this evolution in Applin. It flies on wings of apple skin and spits a potent acid.""

"Hah, that's pretty cool," Keith smiled. "Wow, I guess it's a good thing having Applin around ended up making us hungry for apples, isn't it?" he chuckled. "Who knows how long it'd have taken us to figure this out otherwise?"

"Indeed," Willa nodded, smiling as her newly-evolved Flapple resumed his battle with Jangmo-o, this time forcing the Dragon-type to Protect itself against a newly-learned Wing Attack. Willa knew things were gonna be interesting moving forward with Flapple.

OOC: Picking up my brand new male Applin in Ultra Ball #4 of 10. No nickname, Ability will be Bulletproof. And promptly using my Tart Apple on him to evolve him into a Flapple. Thanks! Also, picking up my Parasect.

What? Applin is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Applin evolved into Flapple!

*Flapple learned Wing Attack!*

*Flapple learned Recycle!*

*Flapple learned Growth!*

*Flapple learned Twister!*
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