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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post

Dynamax Boss Doublade
Health Gauge: 0%
Shields Up: NA
Status: NA

Looking to finish things with fiery fury, the remaining raiders engulf the Doublade in a shroud of flames. The intensity of the blaze is almost enough to singe the eyebrows of the raiders, surely it was enough to defeat the Doublade? A powerful wave of energy pulses through the flames. The Dynamax energy empowering the Doublade was being released. As the flames subside, the Doublade is nowhere to be seen. It had fled upon defeat, but there is no doubting this was the last time the villainous Pokemon would show itself.

Gym Leader Jared leads the cries of congratulations as the raiders emerge from the den. A sea of clapping onlookers fills the courtyard with a cacophony. The professor pushes his way through the crowd, presenting all of the raiders with their rewards, always grateful for their assistance.

For all of their hard work in defeating the Raid Boss Doublade, the participating trainers are awarded the following items:
50 Watts
1 TR Gyro Ball
1 TR Shadow Ball
3 Babiri Berries
2 Kasib Berries
It was perhaps inevitable. Between the Gible and Paine, the Doublade's last bastion of defences was downed, and the twin sword pokemon responded with ruthless efficiency, as a pair of Max moves rained upon the two. The Gible was fortunate: the max Steelspike, while powerful indeed, didn't make as great an impact as expected thanks to the dragon being equally Dynamaxed. Alex's Gothitelle, on the other hand, wasn't as lucky: between the damage she had sustained overall and the strength of the Max Phantasm heading for her, she knew that this would put her down for the count, but in the end her work here was effectively done: the Doublade would be wide open for a three course meal of sun boosted fire assaults.

And so it was that the psychic pokemon crumbled before Alex, but despite his concerns he knew the fight was lost, if the confident smirk Paine gave as she was knocked to the ground was any evidence. Indeed, with the Malamar back on its feet and the Gible having enough Dynamax power for one more Max Flare, as well as the Vulpix's own Fire Blast backing it up, it was as though the infernal assault had utterly vaporized the Doublade, leaving nothing in its wake but a scorch on the rock floor. Of course, the truth was simpler, and the bested Doublade had merely retreated, never to show its face to humans again after the humiliation it faced today.

The gym leader was of course thankful for the support as well as some professory sort of dude who handed Alex a similar batch of rewards, the black discs this time housing a couple of nifty moves he would get some use out of. The extra Watts he would invest in someday, but for now he could take another breather.

The girl with the Malamar seemed especially proud of the victory, as if she had some sort of personal grudge to settle with it, while the other trainers were grateful as well. Alex however was still a little puzzled by the Gothitelle's actions, and as he left the castle that was the NeoKnight Gym, he gazed at the chocolate ball that housed the psychic pokemon, and after heading into the woodland surrounding the gym for some seclusion, released the Astral Body pokemon, giving her a stern stare that asked a single question: Explain yourself.

The Gothitelle's three word answer was enough to leave Alex Blackhall, Demonbreaker, completely stunned. What knowledge the psychic pokemon possessed, those three words were pretty much all that he needed to hear to understand exactly what Paine's gist was, and why she sought to participate in a dangerous endeavour. Those three words told him what role she truly was playing there, and what his next port of call was, and her next plan of action.

'Renegade has awoken.'

He was going to need reinforcements.


Collecting the aforementioned goods, with my thanks for the battle.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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