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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post

Dynamax Boss Doublade
Health Gauge: 0%
Shields Up: NA
Status: NA

Looking to finish things with fiery fury, the remaining raiders engulf the Doublade in a shroud of flames. The intensity of the blaze is almost enough to singe the eyebrows of the raiders, surely it was enough to defeat the Doublade? A powerful wave of energy pulses through the flames. The Dynamax energy empowering the Doublade was being released. As the flames subside, the Doublade is nowhere to be seen. It had fled upon defeat, but there is no doubting this was the last time the villainous Pokemon would show itself.

Gym Leader Jared leads the cries of congratulations as the raiders emerge from the den. A sea of clapping onlookers fills the courtyard with a cacophony. The professor pushes his way through the crowd, presenting all of the raiders with their rewards, always grateful for their assistance.

For all of their hard work in defeating the Raid Boss Doublade, the participating trainers are awarded the following items:
50 Watts
1 TR Gyro Ball
1 TR Shadow Ball
3 Babiri Berries
2 Kasib Berries
Terri smiled confidently- Doublade was screwed and they knew it. The Fire Blast and the Max Flare both dealt massive damage, leaving an opening for Terri and George to land a final blow, adding their own fire to the molten mix. And as the flames subsided... Doublade was gone, nowhere to be seen. Totally defeated, devoid of Dynamax energy, more outmatched than last time, Doublade had fled.

"It's gone," George remarked, though he still sounded wary.

"Yeah," Terri nodded, though with a smile. "But... I feel like it might be gone for good this time. At least, I hope so..." With that said, she walked over to her Malamar and hugged him. "You were great, George," Terri smiled. Grateful for his Trainer's praise, George hugged her back, before the professor started making his way through to hand out rewards to the brave Trainers who took on the Doublade. It was a nice assortment, but Terri wasn't too concerned with them- getting to face her fear and coming out on top was reward enough. Still, all residents of Sludge Wave Coast were set up to share the same Watt account, so that was another 50 Watts added to that, and they also just shared any berries they got with each other, so there was that as well. And then there were the Technical Records. Shadow Ball- Terri had a few Pokémon that could make use of that. Gyro Ball not so much- maybe when XXXXX was lower in level, sure, but it knew that move now. Even still, Terri figured that the one for Shadow Ball might be better suited to the same person she gave her Ghostium Z to. And the TR for Gyro Ball? She'd find a use eventually. Or at least find someone who would have a use for it.

*Obtained 50 Watts!*

*Terri received a TR52 Gyro Ball!*

*Terri received a TR33 Shadow Ball!*

*Obtained 3 Babiri Berries!*

*Obtained 2 Kasib Berries!*

Thanks, TKF! Both for the cool stuff and for the opportunity for Terri to take on this Doublade once more, I think she really needed that. Right now, though, I'll be using my TRs for Gyro Ball and Shadow Ball on my Togedemaru and Polar Pattern Vivillon respectively.

*Battery learned Gyro Ball!

*Vivillon learned Shadow Ball!* (link to Bond)
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