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The Cryptopokologist

The sun was shining over Sludge Wave Coast, a beautiful day. The beauty of which was not lost on its residents, either- indeed, a certain couple was just finishing up a friendly battle using the outdoor battlefield just outside the Poisonous Palace.

"Finish it! Use Razor Leaf!" Willa Carnet called out. In response, her Skiddo bleated loudly, unleashing a flurry of foliage. The mute Seismitoad struck by these leaves collapsed in a heap.

"Tinnitus! Come on, get up!" Keith Masters called out, but the Water/Ground-type did not respond.

"Seismitoad is unable to battle!" declared Gavin Golurkson, the Shiny hunter from Orre who was serving as referee. "All three of Keith's Pokémon have been defeated, so the winner is Willa!"

"Hah... not bad at all," Keith grinned as he withdrew Tinnitus. "Still can't believe you managed to make it so I was down to Tinnitus against a Grass-type."

Willa gave a satisfied smirk. "It was an ambitious plan, but I'm pleased that it paid off," she said. "I... hope you weren't expecting me to go easy on you," she added.

"Are you kidding? I'd have been insulted if you did," Keith chuckled. "A battle's no fun if both sides aren't giving it their all."

Willa walked over to Keith, still smirking. "I couldn't agree more," she said, before grabbing him and pulling him in for a kiss. Keith, to put it mildly, did not object. As they broke apart, however, Keith could spot someone coming in on the main road that ran through Sludge Wave Coast, a teenage boy carrying his bag with one hand and what appeared to be a Poké Ball with the other.

The newcomer looked around, though as he spotted Keith, he gave a small nod and walked in that direction. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" he asked.

"Uh... not really," Keith replied, mild confusion evident in his voice. "We... just finished up with a battle. Uh... can I help you?"

"I certainly hope so," the boy replied. "You are Keith Masters, correct?"

"I am," Keith nodded, now with a hint of wariness in his voice- in his experience, total strangers knowing his name haven't really boded well for him. "May I ask-"


Keith's question was abruptly and loudly interrupted as Ginny flew in, held aloft by her Magnet Rise move, both blades aimed at the sphere in the newcomer's hand.

Meowth, who had been on Keith's shoulder the whole time, tensed up. "Ginny's sayin' dat's no Poké Ball- dat's a Voltorb!"

"Ah! Please, hold up, don't hurt me," the boy pleaded, hastily backing away. He dropped his bag and held up his hands. Indeed, the sphere he still held grew in size with the same whirring sound of a Poké Ball being enlarged, and at this angle Keith could now see the eyes. "Gigawatt is very tame, I assure you!"

"VOLTORB, VOLTORB," droned Gigawatt in agreement.

"Ginny, take it easy," Keith said. "At least let him talk, alright?"

"...pawn," muttered Ginny, backing off somewhat, but keeping a wary, distrustful eye on the boy all the same.

"Phew," the youth sighed in relief.

"Alright, well, I do apologize for my Pawniard, but before anything else, I do have to say I understand her suspicion," Keith stated. "You seem to know about me, after all, and I don't know you."

"Ah, yes, I can see how that might give the wrong impression," agreed the boy. "If I may introduce myself, then? Edward Starmie- you can call me Eddie if you like. In fact, I prefer it," he admitted.

"Starmie?" Keith repeated. "By any chance, would you be related to Oldman-"

"-to Oldman and Anna Starmie? Yes indeed, they're my grandparents," nodded Eddie. "I'm far from surprised that you know of them, given your experiences. You are not unknown to the cryptopokology community, Keith," he stated. "And as an aspiring cryptopokologist myself, I couldn't very well pass up an opportunity to ask you some questions."

"Uh, excuse me- can I just- uh- the fuck is cryptopokology?" Gavin piped up.

"It's the study-" began Keith.

"If I may?" Eddie interrupted. "Cryptopokology is the study of certain species of Pokémon which, while not recognized officially by any Pokémon League, nevertheless do exist. Sightings of such Pokémon tend to be few and far between, and oftentimes getting to see one for oneself entails attempting to glitch the very fabric of reality as we know it. These Pokémon, dubbed glitches by the ignorant and fearful, possess untold mysterious power far beyond what we would normally deem ordinary, or even possible. Beyond our comprehension, even, I would go so far as to say!"

"You're really into cryptopokology," Willa observed.

Eddie adjusted his glasses with a proud, passionate grin. "As I have been my whole life," he replied. Then, he realized something. "Excuse me- I know who Keith is, of course, but I didn't get any of your names?" he said to Willa and Gavin.

"Gavin Golurkson," Gavin said, offering a handshake.

"My name is Willa Carnet," Willa added. "Keith Masters is my boyfriend."

"It's a pleasure to meet you both," replied Eddie. "I, as I said, am Edward Starmie, though again, I'd prefer to be called Eddie. Now, uh, Keith? Is there somewhere we can sit down and talk?" he added, pulling a tape recorder out of his bag.


Some time later, Eddie's interview concluded, with the four of them seated in the Poisonous Palace's library. Willa had come along, as had Gavin, and they were joined shortly by Hermione, Keith's Weedle, as Eddie started asking Keith numerous questions. About the incident with Missingno. on Cinnabar Island when he was seven. About his encounters with Missingno. in the Fizzytopia region. About his Gastly capabilities, even- Keith was surprised that word of that had gotten out to the cryptopokology community, but was completely fine answering Eddie's questions nonetheless.

"Fascinating. Truly fascinating," Eddie murmured, putting away his tape recorder. "It seem I made the right choice in coming out to Fizzytopia, then."

"Oh, you're not from around here either, then?" Keith asked.

Eddie shook his head. "I'm from Cinnabar Island, born and raised," he replied. "As I'm sure you can surmise, that's generally where cryptopokologists like to study, but as you yourself confirm, sightings of Missingno. and other such Pokémon are not confined to the shores of Cinnabar, or even to the Kanto region. There's many things I wanted to look into- the Dynamax phenomenon, the numerous reports of Fizzytopian Pokémon learning moves considered unusual or even impossible for their kind-"

"Weedle Weedle," Hermione chimed in, and as though to drive Eddie's point home, shot an Ice Beam into the air. Then, she turned to one of her bookcases and used String Shot to retrieve a notebook, which she then pushed towards Eddie.

"Hm..." Eddie murmured as he looked at the cover. "'The potential connection between Missingno. and Dynamax'?" He flipped through the pages, looking progressively more impressed. "X-x above," he murmured. "Who wrote this?" He looked at Keith, who merely chuckled, shook his head, and pointed at Hermione. "You?" Eddie breathed.

"Hermione's gotta be the smartest Weedle in the world," Keith explained. "She dips her tail stinger in ink and writes with that, which, as you can see, resulted in it being permanently dyed black.

"This is phenomenal," Eddie stated, continuing to peruse the notebook before turning to Hermione. "May I keep this?" he inquired. "I'm hoping to establish a laboratory where I plan to study cryptopokology here in Fizzytopia.

"A laboratory, huh?" Keith murmured. "Hmm... what if we were to build you one right here in Sludge Wave Coast?"

"B-build me a laboratory?" Eddie stammered in disbelief. "I- well, I mean, I'd be most appreciative, but at the same time I couldn't possibly ask it of you-"

Willa smirked and chuckled. "You say that like it would stop this man," she said.

"How right you are, babe," Keith smiled at Willa, before turning back to Eddie. "It'd be my pleasure. My Pokémon and I would be more than happy to help," he insisted.

"I... well, then, certainly. Thank you," Eddie replied with a small smile. "Um... I would like to request one more favor, actually- I would like to challenge you to a battle, specifically against your Banette."

"Wh- OK, I'd ask which one, but I think I already know the answer to that," Keith chuckled. "Yeah, had a feeling you'd want to see Myrtle in action."

"Naturally," agreed Eddie, adjusting his glasses as he picked up Gigawatt, whom he'd set down on the table earlier. "Come, Gigawatt. We're to do battle."

"VOLTORB," droned Gigawatt.


"This will be a one-on-one battle between Keith Masters of Lavaridge Town and Eddie Starmie of Cinnabar Island!" Willa was saying as she stood off to the side of the outdoor battlefield. "Let the battle begin!"

"Alright, Myrtle, let's show 'em what we got!" Keith grinned at his Banette.

"Na-tu-ral-ly, Meat Sack," Myrtle retorted as she floated forward onto the battlefield.

"Go, Gigawatt!" Eddie called out as he rolled the Voltorb out onto the battlefield.

"VOLTORB, VOLTORB," Gigawatt droned.

Keith made the first move. "Myrtle! Water Gun!" he commanded.

"I had a feeling," smirked Eddie. "Now, Gigawatt, spin with all you've got!"

"VOLTORB VOLTORB VOLTORBVOLTORBVOLTORBVOLTORB," droned Gigawatt as the Voltorb proceeded to spin in place, repelling the water Myrtle was firing at it.

"Now we shall use Charge!" Eddie called out.

"TOOOOOOORB," responded Gigawatt, who stopped spinning and began to glow as it drew in excess electricity, powering it up while boosting its Special Defense.

"Slow it down! Icy Wind!" Keith commanded.

"Use Thunderbolt!" ordered Eddie.

Keith gritted his teeth as Gigawatt landed Thunderbolt before Myrtle had even started her Icy Wind- this was exactly why he wanted to slow the Voltorb down, he knew how fast they were! Nevertheless, after taking the supercharged Thunderbolt, Myrtle stubbornly let loose the Icy Wind, landing the first real hit on the Voltorb.

"Gigawatt, now use Eerie Impulse!" instructed Eddie.

"Phantom Force, go!" Keith commanded. And cackling evilly, Myrtle vanished into thin air, managing to avoid Eerie Impulse completely.

"VOL... TORB..." Gigawatt droned nervously, looking around for any sign of Myrtle.

"Steady, Gigawatt! Prepare for Spark attack!" Eddie called. And as Gigawatt crackled with electricity, Myrtle reappeared right behind it, ramming right into the Voltorb and sending it rolling across the battlefield. However, the electricity from Spark had impacted Myrtle as well and she grumbled audibly as she floated back over to her side of the battlefield.

"Meat Sack!" Myrtle exclaimed. "We might need to go all-out."

Keith nodded. "I agree. That Voltorb's tough, we need to be tougher." With that, he gripped the brim of his Mega Hat. "Myrtle!" he declared. "It's time to show our opponents, the true power of a Missingno.!" And he swept the Mega Hat from his head and held it up high. "Mega Evolve!!!" he commanded. And at once, the tendrils of energy erupted from both Key Stone and Banettite, connecting Keith and Myrtle, and inducing the incredible transformation into !

Myrtle's Banettite is reacting to Keith's Mega Hat!




Myrtle has Mega Evolved into Mega Banette!
Eddie looked on in wonder at the Mega Banette before him- the claws and legs consisting of the cursed energy were not their general shade of pink, but rather bore a pixelly pattern consisting of purple and orange (not unlike the color scheme of Eddie's shirt, glasses frames, and bag, for that matter), and black and white. "So even in death, the essence of the Missingno. finds a way to emerge," Eddie murmured. "Fascinating."

"Myrtle! Sky Attack now!" Keith commanded.

Eddie smirked. "Use Foul Play!" he ordered Gigawatt once Myrtle had fully charged up her move. And the two charged towards one another, Myrtle zooming down towards the Voltorb who was rolling right towards her. And then, without warning, Gigawatt picked up speed, too late for Myrtle to react, and she plowed into the ground, the force of her own attack used against her. Keith gritted his teeth, but the Mega Banette picked herself up, glaring at the Voltorb.

"Hyper Beam!" Keith called out.

"Thunderbolt!" Eddie exclaimed.

"VOLLLL TOOOOOOORB!" exclaimed Gigawatt, launching a sizzling bolt of lightning just as Myrtle wordlessly exclaimed and fired off a forceful beam of pure destruction from her mouth. The attacks collided in midair, creating an explosion that threw up more dust than a Hippopotas with the stomach flu. And when the dust settled, Willa was able to make the call.

"Gigawatt is unable to battle!" she declared. "The winners are Keith and Myrtle!"

"Nicely done, Myrtle!" Keith grinned as Myrtle reverted to her normal form.

"Was there e-ver a-ny doubt, Meat Sack?" smirked Myrtle.

Eddie, meanwhile, picked up his unconscious Voltorb. "You battled well, my friend," he said. "Take a good rest." And he withdrew Gigawatt into an actual Poké Ball, before walking over to Keith and Myrtle. "A fine battle," he said. "Myrtle, it was an honor to be able to test my skills as a Trainer against an actual Missingno. Thank you."

"I kicked your ass and you thank me for it," Myrtle smirked. "I think I'm go-ing to like you." And cackling at this, Myrtle flew off back into the house.

" that's Myrtle," Ketih chuckled weakly. "Not the easiest to get along with, but I think she truly enjoyed that battle. I know I did," he added. "You and Gigawatt aren't bad at all."

"You're very kind, but we have a long way to go," Eddie smiled modestly. "We- hmm?" he added, feeling something hitting his foot. He looked down, as did Keith, to see Hermione, pushing a Poké Ball into the side of his shoe. "Hermione?"

"Hermione, wha...?" Keith murmured, immediately realizing exactly wha.

"Weedle, Weedle," Hermione was saying in an apologetic tone as she bowed to Keith, before turning to Eddie, looking up expectantly. "Weedle, Weedle Weedle?"

"Hermione's sayin' she wants ta go wit youse," Meowth translated from his usual spot on Keith's shoulder. "She don't mean no disrespect," he added to Keith. "But she tinks workin' in a laboratory wit Eddie might be just da sort o' challenge her mind's been cravin'."

Eddie looked at Keith. "I would be happy to have her, but of course only if you're OK with it," he said. "The laboratory would be right here in town, too, and you'd be most welcome to visit whenever you like."

"I..." Keith murmured. He was at a bit of a loss for words. It wasn't the first time one of his Pokémon chose a different Trainer over him, but for it to be Hermione, that threw him for a loop. He'd had the Weedle for so long, he'd always figured that Hermione would end up going down in history as one of his strongest Pokémon. As these thoughts went through Keith's head, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and looked to see that it was Willa's. Keith gave an appreciative smile at this, then took a deep breath and turned back to Eddie. "A big part of being a Pokémon Trainer is doing what's right for their Pokémon," he stated. "Even if that means having to make a very hard decision. If this is really what Hermione wants... then I trust you'll take good care of her," he sighed. He bent down and picked up Hermione's Poké Ball, and handed it over to Eddie. "Just letting you know- her mate is my Drapion, so you can expect him to be visiting a lot," he added with a chuckle.

"That's perfectly fine," smiled Eddie. He crouched down and extended a hand to Hermione, who crawled onto it. "You have my word, Hermione will be very well taken care of," he promised. "Weedle as a species I know much about- Grandpa Oldman catches them in Viridian City all the time to show rookie Trainers how to catch Pokémon. At any rate, I will need somewhere to stay until the laboratory is complete. Does the Pokémon Center up the road rent rooms?"

"It does, but I'll go you one better and offer the use of my guest bedroom," Keith replied.

"Oh- well, that's even better, then. Thank you," Eddie replied. With that all said and done, Keith, Willa, and Eddie all went inside. With a new resident now moving in, Sludge Wave Coast was becoming all the more interesting.

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