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Originally Posted by Naru View Post

Dynamax Boss Cacturne
Health Gauge: 0%
Shields Up: 0
Status: Strong Sunlight

Olivia rushed to the side of her fallen Charmander, scooping up the small dragon in her arms as the other trainers did not relent in their assault. With the strong sunlight and barrage of fire attacks, the creature hardly had a chance to react. Angered cries erupted from it's mouth before Boreas the Snom sauntered forward. His health was low, but his spirit was strong. The tiny creature let out another blast of Struggle Bug, causing the massive Cacturne to scream before gradually shrinking down to it's regular size --- falling forwards.

The sun continues to shine, and the gym leader runs forward, checking on the once large creature. Cheers ring out among the raiders, and the gym leader smiles. "I'll let this fella get some rest and send him back on his way." He looked at the den that the energy had sprouted from, concerned that other wild Pokemon may fall victim to it. "Thank you for your help," He smiled, looking at the trainers around him and presenting each of them with various goodies for their efforts.

For their efforts in defeating the Max Raid Boss Cacturne, the trainers are awarded the following:
50 Watts
x1 TR Seed Bomb
x1 TR Foul Play
x3 Rindo Berries
x2 Colbur Berries
The battle was getting intense and heated- literally, between the harsh sunlight and the onslaught of Fire attacks. Cacturne was getting angry, but before it could do much more than cry out in said anger, one Pokémon came forward, heedless of its dwindling hit points- it was Snom! The Worm Pokémon unleashed a Struggle Bug attack, much like it had been doing throughout the fight, but this one was the straw that broke the Numel's back- Cacturne fell forward, shrinking back down to its normal size as a result of the super effective move. Keith breathed a sigh of relief, while Leo exclaimed triumphantly, still every bit as fired up as he was when the battle began.

Keith smiled and chuckled, walking up to the Fire-type and petting him, taking in just how much fluffier Leo's fur was now. "I'm not gonna lie, Leo, I had my doubts," he said. "This seemed like a pretty big battle to just throw you into right after evolution. Bad pun fully intended," he added with a smirk. "But you erased any of those doubts- you were amazing out there. No question about it now- this was the right time for you to evolve," he smiled. "I'm proud of you."

"Flaaaaaaaaare~" Leo cheered, jumping up at Keith. He was intent on jumping into Keith's arms, but had momentarily forgotten that he was a little too big for that sort of thing now. Unable to act in response to Keith's hastily stammered protests, Leo ended up knocking his Trainer to the ground, though if the way the two of them started laughing was anything to go by, Keith was fine.


Willa couldn't help but smile. Partly because the Snom she had initially doubted had in fact landed the finishing blow, but mostly because of how awesome Keith was against that Cacturne. Leo, too, for that matter- the newly-evolved Flareon's first battle since evolving, since learning Flamethrower, and he'd still pulled it off beautifully. She remembered, Leo had hatched not long after she and Keith had started dating. It was surreal to see him growing up like this. She was still understandably displeased at not getting to take part in this, but for the moment, she wouldn't let this little detail bother her. It was a known fact that randomly Dynamaxing Pokémon such as this were likely to still be a thing moving forwards, after all- she'd surely have plenty of chances to help out.

*Obtained 50 Watts!*

*Keith received a TR59 Seed Bomb!*

*Keith received a TR81 Foul Play!*

*Obtained 3 Rindo Berries!*

*Obtained 2 Colbur Berries!*

Thanks for the goodies, Naru, as well as this most perfect opportunity to finally evolve Leo into Flareon! Glad I could be of help against Cacturne, and looking forward to doing more raids in the future! For now, I'll be using my TRs on Hermione the Weedle and Zoom the Furret respectively.

*Hermione learned Seed Bomb!* (link to Bond)

*Zoom learned Foul Play!* (link to Bond)
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