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Lil' Bluey

Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
A red envelope containing $500
A tray of jaozi, including one special dumpling that will teach a Pokemon a natural EM or MT move upon consumption!
2 x New Year Candies (the same as Rare Candies!)
1 x Cherish Ball

Thank you for your services to Fizzytopia, and we wish you a fortunate year!
Year of the Rat, huh? Maybe this year I'll finally find one...

Picking up:

1x Red Envelope (contains $500)
1x Tray of Jaozi (teaches EM/MT Move)
2x New Year Candies
1x Cherish Ball

Feeding the special dumpling to Minccino to teach her MT SHOCK WAVE, because a chinchilla kinda counts, right? *shot*

Happy Lunar New Year! <3
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