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Originally Posted by Prof.Enigma View Post
Naru Gets this Sunflora for exchange of a candy
Spoiler: show

Name: Frey ( Male )
Level: 1
Pokeball: Pokeball
Obtained: Traded from 134
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Solar Power
Held Item:
Evolution: No further evolution

Attacks: Absorb, Flower Shield, Growth, Pound {Ingrain, Grass Whistle, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf, Worry Seed, Giga Drain, Bullet Seed, Petal Dance, Natural Gift, Solar Beam, Double-Edge, Sunny Day, Leaf Storm, Petal Blizzard }

TM/HM/TR: Flash

Move Tutor(MT):

Egg Moves(EM): Morning Sun

Shadow Moves(CM):

Custom Moves(CM):

Unnatural moves(UM):

Advanced Moves(AM):


Contest Stats: ( Pokeblock/Poffin like/dislikes: Likes Dry , dislikes Sweet )

Trading Enigma 1 Rare Candy for his Male Sunflora. Naming him Marigold. Thank you!

*Trade Closed*

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