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Originally Posted by Naru View Post
Trading my Level 1 Female Absol to Missingno. Master for 1 Rare Candy. Stats are as follows:

Absol | Female | Naughty Nature
Level 01 | Dark | Traded
Holding: Nothing | Pokéball: Poke Ball
Bond 00 | Contest Stats: [00/00/00/00/00]

Super Luck [This Pokémon has it's Critical Hit ratio of moves raised]


Spoiler: show
Natural Moves
Perish Song, Future Sight, Me First, Razor Wind, Detect, Feint, Scratch, Leer, Quick Attack, Pursuit (10), Taunt (13), Bite (16), Double Team (19), Slash (22), Swords Dance (25), Night Slash (29), Psycho Cut (37), Sucker Punch (45)
Egg / Move Tutor Moves
TM / HM Moves
Icy Wind, Blizzard
*Trade Opened*
What seemed to be a perfectly normal afternoon at Sludge Wave Coast was getting underway. Keith Masters sat in the living room of the Poisonous Palace, idly flipping through the TV channels, with several of his Pokémon sitting around (well, standing, in the Camerupt's case, but you get the picture).

"Wow," Keith yawned. "It's like all the TV studios get in touch, and are all like, 'OK, his girlfriend's gone shopping, boring programs, go, go, go!' Heh," he chuckled. "I swear to Arceus, there's never anything good on anymore-"


"WAH!" Keith exclaimed, dropping the remote control, before regaining his composure- Phantump had materialized right in front of him. "Phantump?!" Keith gasped. "What the-"

"Keith, Keith, please help!" Phantump interrupted urgently. It was then that Keith realized that Phantump was in a considerable state of distress, stump stained with tears just below the eye holes. "It's Willa!"

Keith's eyes widened. "What happened?" he asked quickly.

"They- they ambushed her on the way to the store," Phantump said, trying to not cry. "The- these guys in ugly red uniforms-"

"Team Turnback," Keith hissed. "Phantump, what did they do?"

"They took her away, I should've followed, I was just so scared," sniveled Phantump. "I'm sorry..."

Keith pulled Phantump into a comforting hug as he stood up. "It's OK, Phantump," he said. "You did the right thing, telling me. We'll get her back. Meowth!" he shouted sharply, causing the dozing Normal-type on the arm of the couch to abruptly stop dozing.

"WAH!" Meowth exclaimed, jumping up. "Hey, wat's da big idea wakin' me-owth up like dat!? Dis betta be an emergency-"

"Team. Turnback. Took. Willa," Keith seethed, cutting through Meowth's grumbling like a knife through very annoyed butter.

"...dat'd qualify," Meowth finished meekly, jumping onto Keith's shoulder.

"Hey. Hat man," came a voice. It was Vinny, Keith's Camerupt, stepping forward. "If them Turnback goons really got Willa, I can help," he stated. "I recently got someone on the inside. They's supposed to be helping me collect intel on 'em, but I'll get the word that if they gotta blow cover to protect Willa, then they should do just that."

Keith nodded. "Thank you, Vinny," he said. "Alright- let's get moving!" he added to Meowth and Phantump, already selecting several Poké Balls and attaching them to his belt.


"Oh!" Willa gasped as she was slapped in the face, quite rudely and abruptly awoken. The last thing she remembered was reaching for her Ultra Balls, and seeing one of the Team Turnback grunts send out a Breloom... Spore. Of course. She blinked- she was in a dark room, with half a dozen grunts standing in a circle around the chair to which she was, of course, tied up. She cast a disdainful scowl their way. "...If you want to try and recruit me again, I'll save you the trouble and tell you no right now," she stated.

At this, the grunts chuckled. "Yeah, somehow we figured that'd be the case," smirked the one standing right in front of Willa. "You made that clear back at Masters's place."

Willa's scowl became even more disdainful. "Oscar," she sniffed. "We really should stop running into each other like this."

"Oh, I don't know," Oscar smirked. "I'm thinking your presence here is most opportune. After all, Masters has become the number one enemy of the organization, the boss wants him dealt with... we need to trap him, and to trap him, we need bait."

"And you think I'm the right bait," Willa said, keeping her voice as even as possible, while inside she knew they had nailed it- if anything would get Keith to come running faster than the promise of a battle, it was the need to rescue a loved one."

"No, see, we know you are," said one of the other grunts. "You don't think we've worked it out by now? You and Masters are a thing. He'll come running as soon as he works out what happened."

"And what makes you think he will?" Willa retorted. "Any number of things could conceivably happen to me. What makes you so sure he'll connect this to you losers?"

At this, Oscar gave an absolutely sinister chuckle. "Oh, Willa... You didn't think we just didn't notice that Phantump, did we?"


"This was the place?" Keith asked Phantump urgently, who nodded. They were on a dirt road, just on the outskirts of Yupien City, trees and bushes lining either side of the road. "Alright, then- Hermione, get Willa's scent and lead the way," Keith instructed the Weedle he'd sent out.

"Weeedle," Hermione nodded, sniffing the ground around her. Then, after catching a whiff of a familiar smell, she jabbed her tail stinger between two of the trees. "Weedle! Weedle Weedle!" she declared.

"She says Willa must'a been taken dat way!" Meowth translated as Hermione crawled onto Keith's other shoulder.

"So that's the way we're going," Keith declared, plucking a Poké Ball off his belt and enlarging it.


"So we get to pass the time a little," sneered one of the grunts, who had an Absol by his side. "Maybe get a little payback."

"Yes, yes, excellent point," nodded Oscar. "After all, we can't very well condone desertion, now can we?"

"Not at all," smirked the other grunt.

"Absol!" added Absol. However, as Willa glanced at Absol, she could have sworn that it... winked at her? It happened so fast she couldn't be sure.

Willa said nothing. She wouldn't give her captors the satisfaction. But inside, she was worried- whatever they had in mind, their planned retribution for her deserting Team Turnback, that wasn't gonna be fun. And... even deeper down, there was the nagging doubt... what if Keith didn't come for her? They were relying on it for their plan, and it seemed totally out of character for him... but then again, snobbishness seemed totally out of character for her former classmates back in Kiloude, up until Diantha stepped down from being Champion...


"This is the place," Keith stated, dismounting his grey Scolipede.

"'s a shack in da middle o' da forest," Meowth said flatly. Indeed, they had arrived at a rather shoddy-looking wooden house, but Hermione was insistent that Willa had been taken in there.

"It's the perfect place to hide out inconspicuously," Keith replied.

Meowth turned to look at Keith. "...Ya do realize dis has gotta be a trap, right?" he asked.

Keith turned to Meowth, holding up a Red Cyber Ball. "Yes. Yes I do," he replied. "That's why I took precautions."


"Grrgh, you stupid Absol!" exclaimed the Grunt. "Stop going easy! Icy Wind right to the face! I can't make myself more clear than that!"

"Sol," grunted Absol. By this point, Willa was becoming more and more convinced that Absol had indeed winked- all of its Icy Winds had been subtly redirected to just barely graze her, every miss made to look like an unfortunate accident outside of the Absol's control. It was a commendable effort, Willa acknowledged, but how long could Absol keep this up without arousing suspicion? And even then... even with it going easy on her, Willa was already shivering from the cold.

At this point, however, Oscar's phone rang, and he answered it immediately. "Greg? What news?" he asked. "Has Masters been sighted yet- wait, what? He WHAT?!" he screamed into the phone. "You incompetent nincompoops! You had one job! And you can wipe that stupid smirk off your face!" he added to Willa, who indeed was now looking quite smug.

"And why would I do that?" Willa inquired. "It seems, after all, that your plan has hit a snag."

"Oh, just you wait," Oscar seethed. "We're going to kill your boyfriend while you watch! The men upstairs might not have done their jobs, but we're far more competen- what the?" he muttered, trailing off as a loud thumping sound erupted from the door. Then there was another one. And another. Cracks formed in the door frame and the surrounding wall. "What in the-"

"Salazar! Megahorn!!"



The next thing any of them knew, something had smashed right through the door (and the surrounding wall), throwing up more dust than a Hippopotas with the stomach flu. And as the dust settled, there stood a grey Scolipede with piercing red eyes, and riding on its back was a man wearing a cowboy hat. The man jumped down, glaring at the gathered grunts, and he looked livid. "Get. Away. From my girlfriend," he said. He spoke quietly, and yet everyone present could clearly hear every syllable, and moreover, the calmness of his demeanor was more of a "before the storm" sort of calm.

Willa smiled. "Took you long enough," she quipped.

"Traffic was a nightmare," Keith smiled back. "Big holdup just upstairs, but... we cut through it well enough."

"Pawn," came another voice, as a Pawniard rose up into the air by way of Magnet Rise. There was a crazed look in her eyes as she brandished bloodstained blades at the grunts.

"Yeah, we heard," Oscar frowned. "You got a little rough with our guards, apparently."

"They were given a choice," Keith shrugged. "Get lost, or get skewered. Most of them took us seriously. The ones who didn't were very quick to change their tune."

"Enough of this!" exclaimed the grunt with the Absol. "Absol, attack them!"

"Absoooool!" Absol exclaimed, turning and blowing an Icy Wind... at the grunt!

"AAAGH! WHA- YOU STUPID-" screamed the grunt, trying to make himself heard over the howling winds. Keith realized in that moment- Absol was the inside agent Vinny had planted.

An all-out battle ensued, with the grunts sending out various Pokémon all at once. A Grovyle, Hakamo-o, Pangoro, and several Raticate were among them. "Salazar! Dragon Breath!" Keith commanded. "Meowth, Fury Swipes!"

"Absol!" Willa called to the Dark-type. "Cut my ropes!"

"Ab- SOL!?" Absol began to respond, before Hakamo-o blocked its way.

"Use Icy Wind!" Willa called out.

"Aaaab... SOLLLLLLL!" Absol responded, unleashing the first completely accurate Icy Wind it had let loose all day, bombarding Hakamo-o in an onslaught of frigid wind.

"Alright- now!" Keith whispered to Meowth. The Normal-type crept up behind the chair Willa was tied to, and with a singular Scratch, sliced clean through the ropes. At the same time, Phantump floated over to her, handing her the bag Team Turnback had confiscated from her. A quick glance inside confirmed that its contents had been completely untouched.

At that moment, Salazar's Poison Jab had finished off the Grovyle. Most of the gathered grunts had chosen to flee at this point, many of them influenced in their decision by the psychotic Pawniard who had roughed up some of their slower-witted colleagues. With all that done, Keith and Willa just looked at each other for a moment, before running forward and becoming locked in a tight embrace, each holding on as though afraid of losing the other.

"I'm so glad you're OK," Keith murmured emotionally. Willa couldn't even say anything in response, merely holding onto Keith as though for dear life as tears rolled down her face.

Alas, something had to happen to interrupt this touching moment. In this case, it was the sound of something being sent out. Keith and Willa broke apart, to see that Oscar, the only grunt left in the room with them, had sent out a formidable-looking Palossand. "This ends now!" he declared. "I will end you both- with both the number-one threat and the traitor dealt with, I will most assuredly get that promotion to admin!"

Absol, however, stepped in front of the couple. "Absol!" she declared.

"Absol?" Willa murmured. "Keith- the Absol, it was with one of the grunts, but it-"

"I know," Keith nodded. "We owe Vinny big-time, I'll just say that."

Willa nodded back. "Then I think we should try and end this with one attack," she grinned. She dug her Z-Power Ring out of her bag, with the Icium Z set into it, and slipped it onto her wrist. "Absol has some powerful Ice moves..."

Keith grinned back. "I'm game," he replied.

"Me-owth, too!" Meowth purred.

"Palossand! Sand Tomb!" commanded Oscar.

"Use Me First!" Willa ordered.

"Sol!" Absol growled. Her horn glowed brightly, and before Palossand could act, a swirling cyclone of sand sprang up all around it. They all knew this wouldn't hold it for long, though, and so they acted fast, crossing their arms before them, Willa's Icium Z reacting at once.

"Prepare for trouble!" Willa stated.

"Make it double!" Keith added.

"Meowth, dat's right!" Meowth chimed in.

Following this, the three of them made the basic movements that started off any set of Z-Move poses- moving their arms up, out, down, then crossing them again, this time with them held out before them, left wrist over right. Absol seemed to already know what was coming, and gave an approving smile.

"Feel the chill!" Willa stated as she moved her hands to start the Icium Z pose.

"As we aim for the top!" Keith added, copying these movements as Willa was making them.

"As we stop at nuttin' ta reach..." Meowth chimed in, imitating these moves with his front paws.

"...the coldest, highest pinnacle!" the three of them exclaimed simultaneously as they finished the movements. Z-Power flowed, not just from Willa, but from all three of them, into Absol. The Dark-type grinned, feeling the power, feeling it boost her Blizzard to unfathomable levels of strength.

Willa grinned. "Absol, are you ready!" she called out. When she saw Absol nod, her grin widened. "Then we'll use..."

"Sub... zero... Slammer!!!" the trio exclaimed at once.


Absol surrounded itself with its Z-Power!

Absol unleashes its full-force Z-Move!



Keith and Willa walked back upstairs to the ground floor of the forest shack, hand in hand. Once they were off the staircase, they resumed their hug from before. Oscar wasn't about to bother them this time- the blast from Subzero Slammer had knocked him on his back, and he had passed out just as his Palossand had done. Keith had already called the police, and knew they would be there soon.

"...thank you," Willa whispered. "I... I'm not proud of this, but... there was a moment, just a brief moment, when... when I started to doubt..."

"...whether I would come for you?" Keith finished. As Willa nodded, seemingly unwilling to look him in the eye, Keith gently turned her head so that eye contact was unavoidable. He didn't look hurt or offended in the slightest. "I can't pretend that's not hard to hear, but at the same time, I know you too well to take too much offense to that."

Willa gave a shaky chuckle at this. "It's... it's stupid, I know," she said. "I know you well by now... I wasn't surprised when you came bursting in... but I was so relieved. I... Keith, I'm so lucky to have someone like you. I... I love you," she said, the last three words sounding as though they had taken a great deal of willpower on her part to admit.

Keith's smile widened as he looked into Willa's eyes. "I love you too, Willa," he said.


The police had arrived not long after that. Keith and Willa had both given their statements to the officers, and Oscar and Palossand, both still unconscious, were carried away. The time, then, came for Keith and Willa to leave, but as they headed for the door, it swung open- Absol, who had left earlier, was back, looking up at Willa. "Sol?" it murmured.

Willa smiled. "Thank you, Absol," she said. "You were a tremendous help."

"Yes," Keith nodded in agreement. "If you hadn't been on our side, who knows what might have happened.

"Absol," murmured Absol. She seemed grateful for the praise, and yet also somewhat uncertain.

Willa knew what to do. She knelt down beside Absol and started digging through her bag. "Absol, if you like, you can come and travel with us," she offered, pulling an Ultra Ball out of her bag and offering it to the Disaster Pokémon. "What do you say?"

"Ab..." murmured Absol. Then, she gave a smile. "Sol!" she declared, tapping the ball's button with her head. Once the sphere had sucked her inside, it barely wobbled before clicking shut.

"Awesome," Keith grinned. "I think you and Absol are gonna make a great team."

"I think so too," Willa smiled. "Now... what say we go home?"

OOC: Trading 1 Rare Candy to Naru for her Absol. No nickname, declaring the Ability to be Super Luck, and housing her in Ultra Ball #2 of 10.

*Trade Closed*

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