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Originally Posted by Naru View Post

Trading sixdragons_in_atrenchcoat my Level 8 Male Espurr for 1 Rare Candy. Stats are as follows:

Espurr | Male | Relaxed Nature
Level 08 | Psychic | Adopted
Holding: Nothing | Pokéball: Poke Ball
Bond 00 | Contest Stats: [02/00/00/00/00]

- (Lv. 25) - >

Keen Eye [This Pokémon's evasion cannot be lowered. It ignores opponent's evasion buffs.]


Spoiler: show
Natural Moves
Scratch, Leer, Covet, Fake Out, Disarming Voice (06), Confusion (09), Light Screen (13), Psybeam (17), Psyshock (25), Reflect (30)
Egg / Move Tutor Moves
Signal Beam
TM / HM Moves
Charge Beam
*Trade Opened*

Well aren't you a little darling! 1 candy: http://
*Trade Closed*
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