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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Trading my lvl 30 Female Toxtricity to Missingno. Master for 8 Rare Candies, $3,500, 1 Red Cyber Ball and 1 Green Cyber Ball

Toxtricity (Amped)
Gender: Female
Level: 30
Ability: Punk Rock
Moves: Belch, Tearful Look, Nuzzle, Growl, Flail, Acid, Spark, Eerie Impulse, Acid Spray, Leer, Noble Roar, Charge, Shock Wave, Scary Face, Taunt, Venoshock, Screech, Swagger

Trade Open
"You know," Keith called out over the noise around them, "somehow I never pictured this kind of Pokémon as being so loud!"

"Oh, yes," Terri responded loudly. "But Perform prides himself on being different in that way."

"Is it much farther?" Willa chimed in, also speaking loudly.

At this, Terri turned to the Mr. Mime who was leading the trio, who called back to them. "MIME MIME, MIME MIME!!" bellowed Perform.

"He says not much longer!" Terri translated.

Keith and Willa sighed in relief- they were all riding on the back of Keith's Scolipede, who was following Perform, Terri's Mr. Mime. Perform seemed to be miming the act of riding on a motorcycle- and judging by his movement and the loud engine roaring sounds, he was doing a little more than merely miming it. None of the Trainers present knew what exactly this was about- all they knew was that as soon as Terri had mentioned to Perform that Keith specialized in Poison-types, the Mr. Mime had insisted on leading them all back to where Terri had caught him- the Cacophony City Limits. And as they drew near, music could be heard, loud and wild, as though someone was going to town on an electric guitar. This brought a broad grin to Perform's face, and he sped it up, riding right into a clearing, where a strange purple and yellow Pokémon was strumming its odd guitar string-like protrusions stretched across its chest, creating the guitar-esque sounds.

Perform jumped off the invisible motorcycle, landing right in front of the odd Pokémon, while an explosion sounded, presumably from where the invisible motorcycle crashed. "MIME!" grinned Perform.

The Pokémon stopped at once, the sound stopping with it. "Tricity!!!" she grinned, and the two of them embraced on the spot. Keith, intrigued by this new Pokémon, consulted his Pokédex.

"Toxtricity- Amped Form- the Punk Pokémon. A Poison and Electric-type, and the evolved form of Toxel," droned the device. "It claws the protrusions on its chest to generate electricity, which makes sounds like the strumming of a guitar. It chugs stagnant water to absorb toxins."

"Poison... and Electric?" Keith murmured with great interest.

"So this is what Perform wanted you to see?" Willa murmured. She observed the Mr. Mime and Toxtricity. "...they appear to have known each other," she added. "Perhaps even..."

"...oh, they're in love," Keith smiled, even before Perform and Toxtricity started to, prove him very, very right. "I'm guessing Perform's gonna want me to catch her so it doesn't have to be goodbye.

Perform, who neither of them noticed had come up beside them suddenly, pointed to Keith. "MIME MIME!" he declared.

The Toxtricity stepped over to them, eyeing Keith as though sizing him up. "Tox..." she murmured. "Toxtricity..." Then, her eyes lit up as she noticed Keith's Z-Ring. "Tricity?!" she exclaimed. She grabbed Keith's arm and brought it up so she could get a better look at the Z-Ring, and the Poisonium Z set within.

"Heh, you like that, huh?" Keith grinned.

"Perform's been telling me about her," Terri said, her Mr. Mime back by her side. "They met long before either of them knew me, and they've been inseparable since they were babies. Apparently she's why Perform has such an appreciation for being loud."

"MIME, MIMEMIMEMIME MIME MIME!" Perform chimed in.

"Heh, well, then, it'd be a shame to separate you two," Keith smiled. "Terri lives on the same piece of land that me and Willa do," Keith said to Toxtriity. "If you come with me, you'll get to see Perform all the time."

"Tricity..." Toxtricity nodded thoughtfully. Then, she grabbed Keith's hand and shook it quite forceful. "Tox tricity!" she declared. Then, ignoring Keith's exclamations of protest, she dug a clawed arm into his bag, and extracted a singular Luxury Ball. "Tox...Tricity tox!" she declared. Then, she glanced at Keith, realizing just how much of this she was trying to decide for herself. "Toxtrici?" she added somewhat sheepishly.

But Keith was chuckling. "It's all good, Toxtricity," he said. "And I got just the nickname for you, too- I think Roxie is the perfect name for you." Willa gave Keith a smile at this, knowing by now that Keith had long been a fan of Roxie's music and Poison-type expertise in equal measures.

"TOX TRICITY!" Toxtricity exclaimed in response. She threw her head back and started strumming an epic guitar solo on her protrusions. Perform took this opportunity to accompany her, banging away on an invisible, yet very much audible, drum set. And then, as it drew to a close, the Toxtricity brought her head forward and headbutted the Luxury Ball she'd placed in Keith's hand. She was sucked inside, and the ball wobbled in place for a moment before falling still.

"Heh," Keith chuckled. "I guess I just caught a Toxtricity!"

"An interesting Pokémon," Willa stated, smiling at her boyfriend. "Congratulations."

"Thanks," Keith smiled back. "Terri, Perform, thank you both for bringing us out here," he added.

"It's no problem," Terri responded with a polite bow.

"MIME MIME MIME," added Perform, giving an overly-dramatic bow.

OOC: Trading 8 Candies, 3,500, a Red Cyber Ball, and a Green Cyber Ball to TKF for his level 30 female Amped Form Toxtricity (who is already in a Luxury Ball and thus has 10 Bond to start with). Nicknaming her Roxie and declaring her Ability to be Punk Rock.
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