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Willa's grin vanished faster than anything edible within ten feet of a Swalot. She hadn't figured on the chest spike, and winced as Magikarp struck that instead, tumbling into the water from the impact. And then came the Extreme Speed, which Magikarp could not possibly hope to evade, even if he wasn't reeling from that rather unpleasant meeting with Lucario's chest spike. Magikarp was thrown backwards across the pool, hitting the side right near where Willa stood and falling back into the water.

Willa knelt down- she had begun to tear up, and despite her very best efforts, these tears could be seen by anyone looking. "I'm sorry, Magikarp," she whispered.

"Karp, Magikarp!" Magikarp responded firmly. Willa stopped looking down at this, instead looking at Magikarp, who didn't look anywhere near as pathetic as his attempts at attacking Lucario. "Karp, karp, Magikarp karp karp!"

"Bas! Basculiiiiin!" Pisces roared from her position in Keith's arms.

"Yeah, youse gots dis!" Meowth cheered.

"Both of you got this!" Keith chimed in.

Willa had her doubts about this, but couldn't help but give a small smile and a shaky chuckle. Magikarp had already shown all of his moves. All two of them. One of which was infamous for doing absolutely nothing. Lucario was going to wipe the battlefield with them and she knew it. And yet, as she opened her eyes once more, it was a look of determination, of confidence, that Magikarp saw. "...Keith's never steered us wrong yet," she chuckled. "Magikarp, it's your call. If you want to keep this going, I'm with you all the way."

"Magikarp!" Magikarp smiled, performing a quick Splash to show his enthusiasm. And yet, as he turned to face Lucario once more, he knew, knew that Willa's obvious concerns about this battle were not unfounded. He was no fool, he knew the limitations of his kind, knew how much harder he had it because he was so small... but it was having a Trainer like Willa, who believed in him, worked with him, did her best to help him realize his full potential, it was that that let him have such confidence, such determination in the first place. And now, he knew, it was high time that said confidence finally paid off.

Magikarp's body began to glow brightly as he most wisely swam away from the edge of the pool. The transformation was swift and drastic as the body lengthened and grew dramatically. Willa, Keith, and Meowth all looked on, mouths agape, as the wondrous event took place. Pisces, on the other hand, didn't look the least bit surprised, and was smiling proudly as her friend proceeded to evolve. And finally, with a shrieking roar, the glowing faded, revealing the diminutive Magikarp to have become a mighty ! Not only was it no longer small in any sense, it actually looked as though it might be a bit bigger than was usual for its kind. Grinning excitedly, Willa consulted her Pokédex, even though she knew damn well what this was.

"Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokémon. A Water and Flying-type, and the evolved form of Magikarp," droned the device. "Gyarados is immensely powerful, capable of destroying entire cities if it goes on a rampage. It is rarely seen in the wild."

Willa smiled up at Gyarados after consulting the Pokédex's now much larger list of moves he knew. "You ready to keep going?" she called up to the Water/Flying-type, who gave a shrieking roar and a nod in response.

"Dis is pretty awesome," Meowth purred, watching his Trainer's girlfriend so confidently commanding this humongous sea serpent.

"Yeah, it is!" Keith grinned.

"Bascu! Basculiiiiiiin!" Pisces bellowed her support.

Willa gestured forward towards Lucario. "Use Hydro Pump!!" she commanded.

What? Magikarp is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Magikarp evolved into Gyarados!

*Gyarados learned Bite!*

*Gyarados learned Flail!*

*Gyarados learned Leer!*

*Gyarados learned Twister!*

*Gyarados learned Whirlpool!*

*Gyarados learned Ice Fang!*

*Gyarados learned Brine!*

*Gyarados learned Scary Face!*

*Gyarados learned Dragon Rage!*

*Gyarados learned Hydro Pump!*

*Gyarados learned Thrash!*

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