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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
For all of their hard work in defeating the Gigantamax Snorlax King, the participating trainers are awarded the following items:
  • $1000
  • 5 Rare Candies
  • 5 Sitrus Berries
  • TR Body Slam
  • TR Hyper Voice
  • TR Uproar
Thank you for participating in the inaugural Dynamax raid battle! Please bear in mind that this system is a work in progress and we look forward to developing it more in the near future!
"YES!" cheered Keith and Willa simultaneously as the Gigantamaxing wore off, as the Snorlax King returned to normal.

"I don't believe it, they've done it!" the reporter was exclaiming. "The Snorlax has been defeated and the Eggs are safe! Captain Stomach and the various Trainers gathered today have truly shown the meaning of teamwork in defending Springtide Isle from this hungry beast!"

On the island itself, Captain Stomach breathed a sigh of relief. A number of odd-looking Meowth and normal-looking Delibird were working together to get their unconscious king away safely, after which some of the Delibird left some gifts as a token of apology. "A job well done," the bold blob stated impressively. "Truly, it took the combined efforts of us all to thwart the Snorlax King's greed." He gave respectful bows to some of the Pokémon- to the Kingler, whose frequent use of Wide Guard was so crucial to their survival of the mountainous monarch's more widespread moves; to the little Gible, whose Sand Attacks no doubt prevented some devastating blows from hitting their intended target; to the Togetic who played a wonderful supporting role with moves like Life Dew and Lucky Chant; and really, to everyone, just for hitting hard and wearing down that beast. Resisting the urge to wolf down all the Sitrus Berries right then and there, Captain Stomach took a stubby armful of goodies. "And now I must be off," he declared to the others. "But fear not- whenever someone goes back to the buffet of evil for seconds, I'll be there to deliver the indigestion of justice. Whenever evildoers partake in their nefarious appetizers, I'll be there to stop the main course! Whenever someone's had their fill of dastardly deeds, I'll be their to deliver their just desserts!! Until then... Captain Stomach AWAY!!!" And with that, he took off, Flying away with his Superhero Cape flapping behind him.

In a completely unrelated instance, Keith later walked into the kitchen alongside Willa, who was feeling much better. "I think it was Phantump's leaves," Willa was saying. "I feel completely fine now."

"That's wonderful," Keith smiled. "So let's- wha- where'd all this come from?" he added, noticing a small pile of money, Rare Candies, Sitrus Berries, and Technical Machines haphazardly piled up on the kitchen table.

"Swa-" Keith heard from just outside the kitchen door. As he looked, he saw Crabbe looking seemingly just as surprised by the pile of goodies as Keith had been. At this, Keith and Willa exchanged sly grins, both having a pretty decent idea as to who got them this stuff now.

OOC: Thanks for this cool event, Gary! I'm looking forward to more raid battles in the future!

*Obtained 1,000!*

*Obtained 5 Rare Candies!*

*Obtained 5 Sitrus Berries!*

*Keith obtained a TR01 Body Slam!*

*Keith obtained a TR42 Hyper Voice!*

*Keith obtained a TR35 Uproar!*

Using these TRs for Body Slam and Hyper Voice on my male Eevee and my Victreebel respectively (the latter of whom has more than 20 Bond).

*Leo learned Body Slam!*

*Goyle learned Hyper Voice!*

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