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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Missingno. Master- It seemed like you had yourself a new rival/enemy. Kade had one, despite your certainty that he had cheated his way to victory. You can't help but feel like you could have prevented that outcome, if only you'd gone searching for the evidence....

Mawile looks like she's about to go rushing off after the cheating piece of crap, but she stops when she notices Mariana making her way over. The crowd was already starting to dissipate but Mariana was still slow in her progress through the remaining contestants, many stopping her to get a photo with her. Eventually she makes it to you though, a smile on her face. "Sorry it took me so long to get to you, feels like everyone wants a piece of me sometimes. I'm also sorry we didn't find out who was responsible for disrupting the competition, I'll look into some preventative measures for next years competition. I hope that rod is a fitting replacement for the one my Gyarados broke, I'd also like to offer you something else. The Magikarp you caught is a bit too small to be released down stream with the others so it'll have to be released back into the lake. However, I'd like to offer you the chance to capture it first, I don't normally allow this, but given what I've put you through, I've decided to make an exception. Just make your way over to the tank and one of my assistants will help you out. Feel free to come take on my trial some time as well, it would be great to see you again."

Mariana waves you goodbye as she heads off to organise the clean up. You look over towards the tank holding the Magikarp, would you go and collect your catch?

You have the opportunity to catch a lvl 10 Male Magikarp. It is 0.5x the regular height and weight (this is redeemable at the Boutique.
Willa looked down at Mawile, who was grumbling to herself as she kept looking in the direction Kade had gone. "I know, Mawile," she sighed. "I feel like we could have done something different. What exactly, I can't say, but... well, perhaps in the future we will find an opportunity to see to it he gets what he deserves. And when that opportunity does come, Mawile, I will gladly work with you to make it happen," Willa promised.

"...Maw," Mawile gave a nod, satisfied with this for the time being. Something about how well Willa was taking this was definitely helping, too, since much of Mawile's indignation at the situation was on her Trainer's behalf in the first place.

It took time for Mariana to get through the crowd, with so many stopping her in hopes of getting a photo with her. This was something of a familiar notion to Willa, with her mother being a famous movie star and League Champion- numerous times she'd have to wait patiently while her mother made her way through hordes of adoring fans before Diantha could actually get to her daughter. Patience always paid off back then, however, and so Willa waited patiently here.

And by no means did said patience go unrewarded! Willa nodded as Mariana apologized for taking so long. "It's quite alright," she said. "I... must say, I know what you mean. Thank you," she added as Mariana promised to try and implement some preventative measures for the next competition. "I... regret that I have nothing concrete to go on for this, but I would definitely keep a very close eye on... Kade, he's called?"

"Maw! Mawile maw!" Mawile nodded emphatically.

The subject then turned to the Fishing Rod Willa was given. "It looks like it'll be perfectly fine, thank you," Willa smiled, holding the Fishing Rod. "I would have liked to win the grand prize for my boyfriend, but by no means do I think he'll have any objections to this," she stated.

And then, Mariana stated that she was offering Willa something else; the Magikarp she'd entered. It was too small to release downstream with the others, and while normally this would just mean it gets released back into the lake, but after all Wila had gone through today, Mariana felt an exception was in order. "I can catch it?" Willa murmured. "Thank you, Mariana. Sincerely, thank you. I'll take good care of Magikarp," she promised. "Next time we meet, I'll show you how much it'll have grown."

"Spewpa," Spewpa murmured wonderingly as Willa made her way towards the tanks.

"Indeed," Willa nodded. "I wasn't expecting to be allowed to catch the little Magikarp. I expect the two of you to help make him feel welcome," she added, addressing both Spewpa and Mawile. Mawile moreso than Spewpa.

But Mawile gave an uncharacteristically sincere nod. "Maw, Mawile maw!" she promised. Willa was mildly surprised by this, but accepted it without question. And true enough, Mawile's promise was genuine, though not entirely for the purest of reasons. Indeed, Mawile was still thinking about how best to get back at Kade, and came to the conclusion that helping ensure the healthy growth and development of this Magikarp would be a beautiful form of revenge- help see to it that Willa got something far better out of this than Kade could ever hope to get with his underhanded cheating. Even if Mawile herself generally condoned and outright encouraged underhanded cheating. She was complicated like that sometimes. But Willa wouldn't have Mawile any other way.

Spewpa had voiced agreement to this as well, and so Willa made her way over to the tank. She knew it was the right one- not only was the Magikarp absurdly small, but it also seemed to recognize her. "Karp?" it gurgled.

"Ah, miss Carnet," the assistant greeted her. "The trial captain's informed us of the exception. Are you here to claim the Magikarp?"

Willa nodded. "I am," she confirmed. She turned to the tank, giving a small smile to Magikarp, who looked somewhat excited. And once Magikarp was removed from the tank and offered to her, Willa spoke up. "It seems we're allowed to remain together, little one," Willa stated, taking an Ultra Ball out of her bag and holding it out towards the Water-type. "And I would love to have you on my team. What do you say?"

Magikarp did not say much in response, but as they say, actions speak louder than words, and in that regard, Magikarp said a mouthful; he wriggled out of a surprised assistant's grasp, and achieved admittedly impressive height with an impromptu Splash, landing right on the Ultra Ball's button. The ball opened up, and Magikarp, transformed into a mass of red energy, was sucked inside. The ball slammed shut and wriggled around a little in Willa's palm, though she got the feeling that this was more due to Magikarp's enthusiasm than any sort of true escape attempt, for indeed, the ball clicked shut within seconds.

Willa gave a small smile to the ball in her hand. "Welcome to the team, Magikarp," she murmured. "We'll make a great team, I know it." With that, Willa thanked the competition staff, sought out Mariana to thank her one last time, and then decided it was time to head for home.

...that was Willa's decision, anyway. Mawile, on the other hand, had come to realize that no, she freaking was not content to just let Kade get away with this, even just for the time being! The Steel/Fairy-type tugged on Willa's skirt to catch her attention. "Maw Mawile maw! Mawile wile Mawile!" she exclaimed.

Willa and Mawile locked eyes for a good moment, and then she nodded. "Then let's try and catch up with him," she said simply. It occurred to Willa just how satisfying it was to even just say that- she'd gotten herself convinced that she would be content with how things went, but ultimately? No. She'd let it slide when she had to focus all her efforts on trying to win the competition legitimately, and between getting a perfectly serviceable Fishing Rod to replace Keith's old one, and now having a Magikarp on her side, she couldn't say that that was a bad decision. But now that there were no more pressing matters at hand? It was fucking payback time. It was Mawile who had paid such keen attention to the direction Kade had gone off in, and so it was Mawile leading the way, with Willa following intently, Spewpa still on her shoulder. Her face betrayed nothing to this effect, but as she thought back to the blatant cheating, to Sharpedo's attack on Lapras, to his smug gloating victory speech, she grew steadily more angry at the cheating scumbag, something Mawile in particular could seriously appreciate.

Willa used Ultra Ball!





* *

All right! Magikarp was caught!
Claiming Magikarp in Ultra Ball #1 of 10, no nickname, declaring his Ability to be Swift Swim.
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