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Originally Posted by Naru View Post
Emi - Content with your findings (although heavily curious exactly what sort of Pokemon could lay an egg on the ceiling), you decided to be on your way. Nestling the egg in your arms you made your way to the entrance of the cave, curious if the warm air that permeated from beyond the cave would somehow affect the icy coating that seemed to bind with the shell of the egg. You felt comfortable with the egg, and somehow you felt as though it would be a suitable team member for you.

As you approached the cave entrance, feeling the sun from the Springtime Isles beckon your skin once again you closed your eyes, holding the ice en-coated egg up to the light. The egg leap towards the outside, straight out of your arms. Upon hitting the ground, the entire egg shattered, giving way to a small white worm with an icy coating around it's body. You glanced at the creature, your two Pokemon just as enraptured by it as you were. The small worm quickly slid across the ground, hurriedly making it's way to a tree in the distance. It slammed it's body against it, knocking down various berries and gorging with vicious intent. For such a small creature, it certainly had a tremendous appetite. Seemingly satisfied, it closed it's eyes and began to snore. Was this truly the Pokemon you wanted for your team?

You shrugged to Daphne and Scylla, making your way over to the tree and gently prodding the chubby worm. It gave an unhappy gurgle, resuming it's nap. Well, you supposed this thing was yours now. Hopefully you could afford enough food to feed it...

You obtained:
- Lv. 1 Male Snom
- 1 TM Ice Beam
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Pair of Magical Elf Ears (Held Item)- This item allows the holder to use the move ‘Trick’ as long as the user holds this item. This item magically returns to the original holder at the end of the battle.

Congratulations on finishing your Galar Release Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.
The woman was definitely quite surprised when the egg suddenly decided to jump out of her hands. She hadn't even excited the cave for more than a couple of seconds before its leap of faith. The egg shattered as it hit the ground, leaving ice encrusted egg shell fragments everywhere as a Pokemon stared at the world. It was a pretty white caterpillar covered in an icy shell, and the woman only get to look at it for a precious short while before it rammed one of the nearby trees, an assortment of berries falling out of it. It then proceeded to gorge on the berries rather quickly before deciding to have a nap. The woman walked over to it and picked it up, holding him close to her.

"My what a hungry little thing. Don't worry, I'll make sure to take good care of you. You'll get lots of yummy food with me~." The woman coo'd as Scylla and Daphne approached the sleepy Snom. They didn't really know what to make of it, and it didn't look like anything that special to them. It was just a caterpillar. But the woman kept holding it close to her and taking little snacks to the Snom, who ate even while it was sleeping. Maybe it had some kind of infectious cuteness? Was Scylla's position as the team baby in danger?

Well no, but she sure thought so. The quartet walked away, before finding a basket filled with other goodies. Candies, a TM, and a pair of elf ears. The woman snatched them up and put them in her purse, not caring if they were meant for her or not, and continue onwards.
(Claiming my rewards. Thank you so much Naru!
Using the Rare Candies to Level Daphne from Level 17 to Level 20.)
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