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Originally Posted by Naru View Post
[INDENT]‘Twas the day of Fizzymas, not a creature was stirring… not even a Pokemon. Actually, it seems a little quiet around the tree this year. Perhaps everyone is still asleep? No matter, that only gives Father Fizzymas and his gang of Stantler more time to deliver everyone’s gifts. A small glimmer of light in the sky gave way to a sleigh, piloted by a rather large, but still jolly looking Pyukumuku with a large beard tapped under it's mouth. However, the Pyukumuku was just an unpaid intern for the Delibird of Fizzymas, who sat leaning against the presents with his feet up. The sleigh was being pulled by eight graceful Stantler, each working together to ensure the presents were delivered safely. At the front of the sleigh was the smallest Stantler of all, with a glowing red nose to light the path of the sleigh.

The sleigh begins to near the center of the Fizzytopian Capital, the Pyukumuku giving a gleeful squeal as it realizes that soon it will be able to throw presents down the those waiting below. This absolutely beat it's boring office job of accepting and replying to all the letters that the Delibird of Fizzymas got! The people of Fizzytopia were just beginning to awaken, each coming out of their houses and apartments still in their PJs --- gleeful at what awaited them under the tree. Slowly, presents began to fly down from above, landing in the arms of everyone who arrived by the tremendous and lavishly decorated Fizzymas tree.

Looking up, trainers were able to spot the sleigh twisting around in the sky --- ready to return to the North Pole for another year. The Pyukumuku leaned out of the sleigh and gave a hearty:

"Pyukuku Kuku! Pyukumuku muku!" to all the trainers below.

Merry Fizzymas to all! And to all, a good night.

As quickly as it appeared, the sleigh vanished into the snow filled sky. Leaving trainers with their presents in their arms.

Those gathered by the tree received the following:
  • 5x Christmas Rare Candies (works the same as a normal Rare Candy)
  • $1,000
  • 3x Mysterious Gummis
  • 1x Xmas Ball
  • 1x Red Cyber Ball
  • 1x Green Cyber Ball
Everyone may also select ONE between the following options![list][*] 1x Special Christmas Treat:
  • Gingerbread Man (Teaches CM Can’t Catch Me)
[*] 1x Custom Christmas Held item:
  • Aegis of Frost
[*]Last but not least, one of the following one-use magical plushies!
  • Magical Fizzymas Delibird Plushie (Teaches TM Present)
Following the Christmas party earlier in the month, it was a relatively quiet, calm Christmas at Sludge Wave Coast. Keith and Willa had a small group of people over for dinner. Gavin and Terri were among them, of course, and while that was intended to be it, just before the group sat down to eat, Keith heard the doorbell ring. "Huh," he remarked. "Wasn't expecting anyone else. Lemme see who that is." And he made his way out to the front doors and opened them up. "Hello- MMMPH!?"

"AAAAAABOMAAAASNOOOOOWW!" bellowed the reason Keith was unexpectedly muffled; an Abomasnow had come barreling in and wrapped him in a hug.

"What the- Jack?!" Keith laughed as he extricated himself from the jolly Abomasnow's grasp. "What are you doing here-"

"There's my boy!" came a voice Keith was most definitely not expecting. His grin grew even wider as an older couple came in, walking around the Abomasnow, with a Blastoise bringing up the rear.

"Mom?! Dad?!" Keith exclaimed. "What the- I- you didn't tell me-"

"Well, your father wanted it to be a surprise," replied Keith's mother, with a gentle smile. "And Jack here was very much excited at the process of seeing you again."

"Not to mention," grinned Keith's father, "perfect opportunity for your mom and me to meet this girl of yours."

"Heh, yeah, can't blame you for that," Keith nodded. "Come on in, come in- you actually kinda walked in on Christmas dinner, but we got plenty of room!" And he led the way back to the dining room. "Alright, uh, we got some unexpected guests here," Keith chuckled. Guys, meet my parents- Patrick and Leona Masters." With that, Keith's parents walked in, smiling at the others. Patrick Masters looked quite a bit like Keith, though definitely had a larger build to him, mostly muscle though also with something of a belly. Leona Masters was quite thin, with shoulder-length brown hair. "Mom, Dad, these are friends of mine, Gavin Golurkson and Terri Alph, and this," he added, walking over to Willa and taking hold of her hand. " my lovely girlfriend, Willa Carnet."

"Well, hell, good to meet you two," grinned Gavin. "Kinda saw you during that videophone call last Christmas, but we ain't actually met, I don't think." As he said this, he got up and shook both their hands.

"Very nice to meet you three," Terri said, addressing the Abomasnow as well.

"Ah, yeah- and that there's Jack, an Abomasnow I used to own," Keith added. "Gets pretty heavily into the Christmas spirit. He's been living with my parents now."

"It's... it's nice to meet you," Willa said, voice betraying the slightest hint of nervousness at meeting her boyfriend's parents. Keith, sensing this nervousness, kept hold of Willa's free hand.

"And you, dearie," Leona said kindly. "Keith's told us much about you."

"All good, I hope?" Willa said in a would-be-joking manner, while legitimately nervous as to what the answer would be.

"M'boy seems to think the world of you," boomed Patrick, with a smile. "And as far as I'm concerned, that alone makes you all right by me."

And from there, the Poisonous Palace's Christmas dinner commenced for real. Patrick and Leona's arrival, while unexpected, was ultimately well-received by all. Keith was able to show his parents some of his more recently-acquired Pokémon, Chance got... well, a chance to finally meet Patrick's Blastoise, and Jack and Battlus seemed to hit it off fairly well as well. But the real highlight of the evening was when Helena finally got to meet her birth parents in person. It was an emotional moment, with both parents trying to not start crying as they apologized profusely for having to give her up. And Helena let them know in no uncertain terms that she did not hold it against them whatsoever. Keith pointed out that for a Banette to be able to say such a thing was a very big deal, to which Helena nodded her agreement. It was truly a happy evening, and when at one point Helena ended up calling Leona "Mom", neither she nor Patrick could hold back the tears. Willa hit it off with Keith's parents as well, to her immense personal relief, considering her prior nervousness. Between all that and the heartwarming exchange of gifts, it truly was a Merry Christmas for everyone at Sludge Wave Coast.

*Obtained 5 Christmas Rare Candies!*

*Obtained 1,000!*

*Obtained 3 Mysterious Gummis!*

*Obtained the Christmas Ball!*

*Obtained the Red Cyber Ball!*

*Obtained the Green Cyber Ball!*

*Obtained the Gingerbread Man!*

*Obtained the Aegis of Frost!*

*Obtained the Delibird Plushie!*

Using the Gingerbread Man on my Duskull and the Delibird Plushie on my Seviper.

*Chip learned Can't Catch Me!*

*Marvolo learned Present!*

Merry Christmas to all.

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