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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Myahoo- You and the rest of your Pokemon quickly rush to Spirit's location. She had indeed found an egg. Not just any egg, it seems she found the egg you'd been looking for! You weren't even certain it would be here, but the Rowlet had managed to find it. Maybe she had a hidden connection with the egg? She was found on the Isle as an egg as well, perhaps that was what had drawn here to it? It didn't matter though, she'd found it, now it just had to hatch!

Why wasn't it happening? Spirit had hatched quickly from her egg, barely giving you a chance to think. This egg wasn't even moving! All eyes were on it, waiting for a crack, a shake, a squeak, something! It isn't long before you start getting concerned, was there something wrong with the egg? Your Pokemon don't seem to know what is going on either, they're as confused as you. You all start thinking of ways to help the egg hatch. Wildfire moves in closer, using the heat from his flames to try and encourage the egg to hatch. No luck. Wildwing perches atop the egg and attempts to incubate it. No luck. You reach down and touch the egg again, hoping contact with a trainer would prod it into hatching. No luck.

Spirit has an idea. She hoots at you all, taking to the air and flapping her wings. What was her problem? Wildfire catches on quickly, he turns away from the egg, giving it some space. Was Spirit trying to give the egg some privacy? You decide to give it a chance. The four of you turn your backs and it isn't long before you hear some action. Cracks and cries come from the egg, you resist the urge to turn back around. The burst of light signals the final stage of the hatch and you and your Pokemon turn around to great the new arrival. The shy pony is still lying in the bed of flowers, her beautiful mane and tail the same colour as the strange flowers. She gives a timid whinny, it seems she is a bit nervous.

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Female Galarian Ponyta
- 1 TM Psyshock
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Pair of Magical Elf Ears (Held Item)- This item allows the holder to use the move ‘Trick’ as long as the user holds this item. This item magically returns to the original holder at the end of the battle.

Congratulations on finishing your Galar Release Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.
The four waited eagerly for the egg to hatch, but moments passed and the egg remained still. They exchanged hesitant and confused glances. Was it okay? It wasn't making any sound and it hadn't moved at all. Did the Meowth bring duds, in addition to the actual ones? Was this a leftover egg from Easter? No, Melissa didn't think it was. But then why wasn't it hatching?

Wildfire glanced up at her and then scooted closer to the egg, flaring his flames in case the egg was cold. Nothing. Wildwing fluttered atop the egg and hunkered down, trying to warm it up like she had been warmed by the Delibird in Delibird Ridge. Still nothing. Melissa reached out and rested a hand on the egg. "Why won't you hatch?" she asked softly, starting to become concerned. She hoped the Pokémon inside was okay.

Spirit hooted a suggestion. Wildfire pointed out that it didn't matter for her. Spirit replied that it wasn't her hatching again, was it, and then took off, giving the egg plenty of room. Wildfire rolled his eyes, but gamely turned his back on the egg and told them to give it some privacy. Melissa raised an eyebrow at him as she turned around too, but had to admit that Spirit had the right idea when the sounds of cracking eggshell hit her ears. Wildwing shuffled her wings as Wildfire clambered into her lap, helping Melissa resist the urge to look. There was a final flare of light and then Spirit swooped down to land in front of the Galarian Ponyta.

Melissa almost dumped Wildfire out of her lap in her hurry to turn around and her new Ponyta ducked her head further into the bed of flowers. She timidly whinnied a greeting that Wildfire and Spirit cheerfully returned, while Melissa stared in awe. A tail and mane the same color as the top half of the egg, a white body lighter than Blitz, cloudy forelocks, and a unicorn's horn. Even though Melissa had seen them in the camera trap in Galar's Glimwood Tangle, it definitely didn't compare to the real thing.

"You are adorable," Melissa said, watching the Ponyta's ears flick towards her and then away. "That's Spirit. She came from here too, but a while back." Spirit hooted encouragingly. "That's Wildwing. She's also relatively new to the team." Wildwing obligingly chirped a welcome. "And this is Wildfire." Her starter waved. The Ponyta blinked and peeked out as Melissa hummed. "What do you think of the name Mirage?" The Ponyta flicked both ears forward and whinnied. "Like that name, huh? Well, c'mon, Mirage. Let's go see what there is to see."

Collecting one Lv. 1 Female Galarian Ponyta in a Pokéball, 1 TM Psyshock, 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies, and 1 pair of Magical Elf Ears. Thanks!
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