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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Missingno.Master- You had the option of trying to prove the man's guilt or give yourself another chance at winning the competition. You decide that it would be too difficult to prove the man owned the Sharpedo, especially given the time restrictions. No, it was best that you concentrate on catching a bigger Magikarp, one that could beat his! You weren't going to catch anything else here though, you had to try your luck elsewhere. You send Decidueye out to search for larger Magikarp, which wasn't exactly hard since the one you had was tiny.....

The Decidueye begins to circle, so you and your Pokemon leap onto Lapras, Mawile holding the small Magikarp you had reeled in. You get to the spot Decidueye had picked out, but as you go to cast your line, you notice another nearby fisherman reel in the large Magikarp that Decidueye had spotted. Darn it! You weren't having any luck at all today. Decidueye continues the search, but time was running out. It seems to be getting hard for Decidueye to find the Magikarp, either all the larger ones were caught, or they'd wised up to the situation and gone deeper into the lake. You're about to cast your line, one last time, when suddenly a siren goes off, signalling the end of the competition!

Well, it looks like you're stuck with your little Magikarp. You head back over to the main area, the flock of competitors quickly assembles. Mariana's assistants collect the Magikarps, tagging them before placing them in a massive holding tank. While you await the award ceremony, you check out the other Magikarp. There truly were some monster Magikarp in there, their tremendous size put your puny one to shame. You even spot one Magikarp that is a golden colour, rather than the typical orange. Eventually you're drawn away from the tank by Mariana's voice, spread across the crowd via a Microphone.

"Congratulations to all competitors after another successful Magikarp Fishing Competition. Congratulations again to all of you who caught a Magikarp and better luck next time for those of you who did not." You look around the crowd, there were a number of competitors hanging their heads, disappointed that they had failed to catch a Magikarp. Perhaps they had been robbed by the Sharpedo? "Now for the awards! In 3rd place is Gertrude from Geosenge Town with a Magikarp measuring in at 1.5m long!" An older woman cheers, raising her old rod high into the air as she steps forward to collect her prize. "In 2nd Place, Youngster Derek from Twinleaf Town!" A young boy cries out excitedly, this was likely the biggest moment of his life so far. He accepts the prize with a tears in his eyes. "Derek's Magikarp came in at a 2.2m long! Finally our winner, setting a new competition record in the process with a Magikarp measuring in at 3m long, Kade from Vermillion City!" This contestant was no surprise to you. The man heads up alongside his Blastoise, collecting his prize with a massive grin on his face. He then snatches the microphone from and gives an impromptu speech.....

"Thanks everyone for coming along today. With practice, I'm sure you'll all become skilled anglers like myself. But when it comes down to the 'crunch', there can only be one champion and that's me!" No one cheers as he hands the microphone back to Mariana and heads off with his Blastoise.

"Ummm, thanks for that Kade, but may I remind everyone that winning isn't everything. That's why as a special award, I'd like to present this new fishing rod to Willa Carnet, for a valiant effort despite adversity." This time the crowd applauds as they part in front of you, clearing a path for you to go and collect your prize.

You're being presented a regular Fishing Rod
Willa, Spewpa, and Mawile all boarded Lapras once Decidueye started circling an area, but by the time they got there, a nearby fisherman had already reeled in the large Magikarp that the Grass/Ghost-type had spotted. Undeterred, Decidueye continued the search, with Willa refusing to give up as well, but ultimately, their efforts were futile. A siren went off, entirely too soon in Willa's personal opinion, signaling the end of the competition. Willa gave a sigh as they proceeded back to shore. She had a Magikarp to present for judging, but there was no chance of victory here. Hell, she'd just now seen a fisherman reeling in something objectively larger than what she had.

The certainty of defeat was driven home even harder when Willa saw the huge holding tank. Big, big, massive Magikarp within, putting her catch to shame easily. Some lucky fucker had even hooked a Shiny. Before it came her turn to hand over her Magikarp to be tagged and placed in the tank, Willa looked at the relatively diminutive fish she held, managing a small yet brave smile. "Well, we won't be winning today, but I thank you all the same, little one," she murmured. "You'll be a mighty Gyarados someday, I'm sure of it. I hope someday I get to see how much you've grown."

And then came the judging. Willa withdrew Lapras and Decidueye once the competition had ended, but Spewpa was still on her shoulder, and Mawile had actively refused to go in her ball, wanting to see the results for herself.

Willa did not even get her hopes up, though as she looked around, she saw a fair few competitors hanging their heads, as though similarly resigned to the notion of defeat. Were they, too, forced to hand over whatever tiny Magikarp they could fish up after Sharpedo cut their lines? Or... did they even get anything at all? It occurred to Willa that maybe not everyone whose line had been cut may have been able to work around the issue as she did. And then the winners were announced- third place was an older woman from Geosenge Town who must have been quite skilled, since her tool of choice appeared to be an Old Rod. Second place was a young boy who was beyond thrilled to have even come in second. And first place... Willa would be lying if she said she didn't see it coming, but all the same, she'd at least hoped someone might have managed to outshine that bastard... but no. Kade, as he was called, headed up along with his Blastoise to claim his prize, but was that enough for the smug fucker? Nope. Jerk had to rub it in by swiping the microphone and making an impromptu speech. Mawile seethed in fury at this man and his gloating, right down to the little "crunch" part, all but confirming it was his Sharpedo involved in the little matter without actually implicating himself. His speech was met with no cheering whatsoever. Mawile was hissing and jeering, and Willa, impassive as her expression was for the most part, had a fire in her eyes, betraying the boiling fury her calm expression otherwise hid so well. She had half a mind to sic Eelektross on that man right then and there, but she resisted the urge. Her mother always taught her, accept defeat gracefully. Not that she wanted to just let that Kade asshole get away with this, of course, but there was a time and place for everything.

After Kade left, Mariana turned out to not be done. She went on to remind everyone that winning isn't everything, and then, to Willa's great surprise, went on to present another award- a new Fishing Rod to none other than Willa, commemorating her valiant effort even in the face of adversity.

Willa's eyes widened ever so slightly as she heard her own name being called. Even Mawile was taken aback by this, and Spewpa just looked happy for her Trainer. As Willa proceeded forward, nodding appreciatively at those who stepped aside to clear a path for her, those who were actually applauding her, she couldn't help but give a small smile. She may not have won, but she was at least getting what she'd entered for in the first place- a new Fishing Rod to replace the one Gyarados had destroyed. It might not have been the fancy, flashy new model that Kade may as well have stolen, the undeserving shit, but honestly, it wasn't necessary. A Fishing Rod like this is what Keith had been using all along, it was with that sort of rod that he taught Willa how to fish. Willa could live with this.

At last, Willa reached the stage, small yet sincere smile in place as she accepted the Fishing Rod from Mariana. "Thank you very much," Willa said to the trial captain.

"Spewpa, Spewpa," Spewpa added happily.

"Maw..." Mawile murmured, still glaring in the direction Kade had gone. She was at least satisfied that Willa had gotten a Fishing Rod to replace Keith's old one, but the fact that Kade just got to get away with the Tauros shit he'd just pulled, that infuriated the Deceiver Pokémon. Willa should have outright won, and nobody would convince Mawile otherwise.

*Willa obtained a Fishing Rod!*
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