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Jirachi Zorchic's Wishlist

Jake Celeste carefully took the two plaques given to him. The tranquility of the shrine seemed to suggest a library-like quietness, and he wasn't compelled to disturb it. The Trainer inscribed his wishes on the plaques, leaving behind the bright blue glow of his aura, a sign of his status as an Aura Guardian-in-training.

Jake Celeste's Memakyu
  • Galarian Farfetch'd or its evolution (male)
  • Eevee or its evolutions (female)
  • Togepi or its evolutions (female)
  • Zorua or its evolution
  • Hisuian Zorua or its evolution
  • Inkay or its evolution
  • Sensu Style Oricorio
  • Rockruff or its evolution (male)
  • Salandit or its evolution (female)
Fulfilled Memakyu (In the order obtained; these cannot hatch from a Birthday Egg)
  • Riolu or its evolution (preferably male) Obtained a Lucario!
  • Charmander or its evolutions Obtained a Charmander!
  • Gastly or its evolutions (preferably male) Obtained a Haunter/Gengar!
  • Ditto Obtained a Ditto!
  • Shinx or its evolutions Obtained a Shinx!
  • Drilbur or its evolution Obtained a Drilbur!
  • Dreepy or its evolutions Obtained a Dreepy!
  • Treecko or its evolutions Obtained a Treecko!
  • Cutiefly or its evolution (male) Obtained a Cutiefly!
  • Sobble or its evolutions Obtained a Sobble!
  • Froakie or its evolutions Obtained a Froakie!
  • Noibat or its evolution Obtained a Noibat!
  • () Gligar or its evolution Obtained a (Shiny) Gligar!
  • Dratini or its evolutions (female) Obtained a Dratini!

Jake Celeste's Emakiss
  • Charizardite X
  • Gengarite
  • Sceptilite
  • Any Z-Crystal, especially Waterium Z
  • Pokédollars
  • Pokéballs
  • Luxury Balls
  • Rare Candies
  • Gummis
  • TMs and TRs, especiallyTR Aura Sphere
  • Fizzy Bubbles Custom Move-teaching items, especiallyGolden Fiddle

The Trainer hung up his plaques and took one last look at them before making a peace sign and leaving. He silently thought Thank you to the guard Gardevoir on his way out, as he knew that the Gardevoir species could use telepathy.

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