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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Missingno.Master- Surely Vivillion was joking, right? She was knocking back another egg? Maybe it was her psychic senses at work, or maybe she just had a strong gut feeling? Regardless of the reason, you respect her choice. The Bug/Flying type seemed displeased with the abandoned house in general at this point and promptly departs, flying straight back out the way you'd came in. You quickly follow her, rushing out onto the soft sands of the beach, where you were originally planning to search anyway.....

The hurried search along the beach begins. Villivion uses her powerful wings to blow away sand, hoping to reveal something buried beneath. That leaves you to search under all the umbrellas and chairs. You find a myriad of things, empty sunscreen bottles, the top half of a bikini, an old bucket and spade, but no egg. Vivillion isn't having much luck either, her search through the sand bearing no fruit. Still eager to find what she is looking for, she decides to do a scan of the water. Maybe there was something concealed within the shallows? It isn't long before she begins to circle something, prompting you to rush over and investigate. Wading ankle deep in the warm water, you soon spot the egg, partially buried in the sand. It's a dark purple colour and just a little bit spikey! You carefully pick up the egg, making sure not to prick yourself, which gets difficult when the egg starts to glow and shake!

Before you know it, the egg has hatched and you find yourself holding onto a strange spiky Pokemon. As sparks crackle along the Pokemon's spines, you look to Vivillion, wondering whether she approved of the Pokemon that had hatched for you.

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Male Pincurchin
- 1 TM Wild Charge
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Pair of Magical Elf Ears (Held Item)- This item allows the holder to use the move ‘Trick’ as long as the user holds this item. This item magically returns to the original holder at the end of the battle.

Congratulations on finishing your Galar Release Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.
Willa didn't know what had gotten into Vivillon, but her generally distrustful nature tended to not extend as far as her Pokémon. Especially her Vivillon- a gift from her boyfriend, a beautiful reminder of her deceased father, and during their vacation in Alola, she nearly died saving their lives. To say Willa trusted Vivillon was an understatement, so if Vivillon didn't want anything to do with the previous two Eggs, neither did Willa.

The search resumed, this time on the beach. Willa turned over abandoned umbrellas and chairs, while Vivillon scoured the sandy surface with great Gusts of wind.

"Ugh," Willa muttered, hastily dropping the bikini top she'd found. She turned to see how Vivillon was doing... and spotted her circling a spot near the water. "Vivillon?" she called. "You found something?"

"Viiiiiivi! Viiiivillon!" trilled Vivillon in response.

This was good enough for Willa. She approached the spot Vivillon was circling, and as she waded in the ankle-deep water, she finally saw it- dark purple, half-buried in the sand, and inexplicably spiky, but absolutely, undisputably, an Egg!

Willa gave a small smile as she picked up the Egg- the smile was due to remembering when Keith taught her the right way to pick up a Qwilfish without running afoul of the spikes. She found that similar technique went far here as well, and was able to pick it up relatively effortlessly and completely painlessly... and then nearly dropped it out of shock and surprise as it started to glow and shake in her grasp! Both Willa and Vivillon looked on in wonder as the Egg began to change shape...


Keith almost missed the sound of his front door opening because of an inconveniently-timed sneeze, but he heard it nonetheless. "Willa?" he called. "Is that you?"

"Indeed," Willa replied with a small smile, walking into the living room. "How are you feeling?"

"A little better," Keith smiled back. "That soup definitely helped, it was delicious."

"And you have been resting, right?" Willa asked, though still with that small smile.

"Yeah," Keith nodded. "Even if I had tried anything, Peeves and Liliana have been taking it in shifts to patrol the entrance hall so I wouldn't be able to get away with anything.

"You're welcome!" Peeves called from the entrance hall. Willa couldn't help but give the slightest of giggles at this, the sound of which further pronounced the smile on Keith's face.

"So where'd you go, anyway?" Keith asked. "You've been gone a while, and Meowth's been awfully quiet about the whole thing, and you know how unusual that is for him."

At this, Willa's sly smile spread wider across her face. "Well... I know how much you wanted to check out that Galarian Egg invasion," she said. "So... I brought a little bit of it to you."

Keith's eyes widened, as did his grin. "You didn't," he said.

Willa grinned, producing an Ultra Ball. "I did," she replied.

"...I love you," Keith smiled. "What's in the ball?"

"Well, I think I'll just show you," said Willa, tossing the Ultra Ball into the air. And from within emerged a dark purple creature, small and slightly spherical in stature, studded with several sharp sparking spines. It landed on the coffee table, glancing curiously at Keith.

"...A Galarian Pyukumuku?" Keith guessed, producing his Pokédex, which quickly proved him wrong.

"Pincurchin, the Sea Urchin Pokémon. An Electric-type," droned the device. "Pincurchin stores electricity in each of its spines. Each spine remains electrified if broken off for up to three hours."

Pincurchin looked at Keith. "Curchin curchin? Piiiiincurchin!" he declared happily.

Keith and Willa chuckled at Pincurchin's jovial demeanor, but Pisces, the Blue-Striped Basculin swimming in the aquarium, snorted with badly-suppressed laughter Not derisive, snarky laughter, either- whatever Pincurchin said, Pisces apparently found legitimately hilarious.

At that moment, Meowth came stumbling into the living room, laughing his tail fur off. "Hah... whoo.. who's da comedian?" he chuckled weakly.

"Huh," grinned Keith. "I guess Pincurchin here is something of a comedian. I like a Pokémon with a sense of humor."

"Curchin pin, Piiiiiiiincurchin!" Pinchurchin replied. "Pin Pincurchin curchin!" This elicited more laughter from Meowth and Pisces, which Pincurchin seemed to appreciate greatly.

"Oh, great," Myrtle complained as she floated through the wall and into the room. "Just what this team needs. More puns."

"Hah! Pincurchin, I think you and I are gonna get along just fine," Keith grinned. "Ah, but you need a nickname, don't you... Hmm... y'know what? I'm gonna call you Fred," he decided. "You OK with that?"

'Pincurch? Curchin! Piiiiiiincurchin!" declared Fred. His tone of voice was rather agreeable. Even Willa gave a small smile and the slightest of chuckles.

"Heh. You approve, I take it?" Keith asked with a smile.

"Well, yes," nodded Willa. "Just... I get that reference," she said. "All he needs now is a twin brother named George."

"...Thanks, Willa," Keith said a little more quietly. "Like... You didn't have to do this for me."

Willa shrugged. "I never felt like I adequately thanked you for Vivillon, and this seemed like a perfect chance to do that," she replied. "And... I know you were sad about having to miss out on this," she added.

For a few moments, the couple simply smiled at each other wordlessly. "Thank you," Keith said to Willa. "I'd be moving in for a kiss right about now, but I don't think you want to catch this cold."

"...if I did catch your cold, though," Willa began. "Would you take care of me as I'm doing for you now?"

Keith smiled. "Absolutely," he replied.

Willa smiled back. "Then screw it, I'll take my chances," she said simply, before moving in and kissing her boyfriend.

Willa used Ultra Ball!






All right! Pincurchin was caught!
*Obtained 3 Rare Candies!*

*Obtained the Magical Elf Ears!*

*Willa obtained a TM93 Wild Charge!*

Thanks, TKF! Cool event, and while I didn't get what I was specifically after, I am not disappointed in the slightest! Claiming my male Pyukumuku in this Ultra Ball (#9 of 10), naming him Fred, and declaring his Ability to be Electric Surge. And using my new TM on my Skiddo.

*Skiddo learned Wild Charge!*
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