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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
sixdragons_in_atrenchcoat- Forced to go back the way you came, you make the uncomfortable reverse trip. If it was difficult getting through going forward, it was almost impossible to get through going backwards. You manage it eventually however and after a quick breather, you prepare for the charge through the smog.

Shirt pulled around your face, you charge head first into the toxic smog. Your eyes sting and your legs burn as you race up the steep hill, holding your breath for as long as you can. Just when you're about to pass out, you break free of the smog. You collapse in a patch of dried grass, Gible slumping down beside you. Was this all really worth it? So far you hadn't even come close to finding something you wanted, what was the chances you find something on your third and final go? Struggling to find the energy, you roll over onto your hands and knees. You stretch one hand out, only to quickly recoil it with a painful screech. That was hot! What had you touched?! Standing up, you carefully pull back the grass to reveal another egg. This one is bright red, with yellow circles spread across its surface. Was this it? Was this the one? It seems your touch has stirred whatever is inside, as the egg has begun to rock back and forth. You and Gible watch in excitement as the egg hatches, revealing a small insect-like Pokemon. The grass around the newly hatched Pokemon promptly ignites, causing you to jump back in alarm. The hatchling doesn't seem to mind however and slowly crawls out of the smouldering remnants, eager to get acquainted with its new trainer.

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Male Sizzlipede
- 1 TM Flamethrower
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Pair of Magical Elf Ears (Held Item)- This item allows the holder to use the move ‘Trick’ as long as the user holds this item. This item magically returns to the original holder at the end of the battle.

Congratulations on finishing your Galar Release Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.

"Gible… Come on..." Dracen pulled himself up, determined to keep going. The Gible seemed to have taken the smoke harder than he thought. Blinking fast, he reached out, hoping to find his partner. Suddenly, he brushed something smooth and round, like an egg. He paused, reaching back. He found it again, but as he grasped it he cried out in pain. "Gah! it's burning hot!" Cradling his hand, he blinked furiously, the world swimming back into clarity. Gible laid next to him, coughing mildly. Dracen pulled him close. "Gible, look! I found an egg!" He pointed at the place he had found the egg. They looked together at the little patch of grass, which was smoldering gently around the crimson egg in the center. Gible burbled happily. "You like this one?" Dracen smiled. "You know, I do too." There was a sharp crack from the egg then. "Whoa! I think it's hatching!" Dracen scrambled forward. He tried to pick up the egg carefully with his shirt, but it caught fire. He dropped it with a yell. "Waa!" The egg fractured then, and it burst with a flash, dropping its contents into the grass. The tiny little creature looked up at Dracen with his fiery orange eyes, his mustache-shaped antennae twitching. The grass around him blazed hot, crumbling quickly to ash. "siiiiizzzz..." he said, his voice like bacon on a hot pan. "siiizzzzz, lipeeede!" Dracen smiled at the little Pokémon, Pokeball in hand. "Hey little... Sizzlipede? Would you like to come with us?" Sizzlipede hissed and spat like a campfire. "Is that a yes or a no...?" Dracen cocked his head at the little Pokémon. Gible toddled over to Sizzlipede, yipping and waving his arms. Sizzlipede looked disinterestedly at the Dragon-Type. He skittered over to the Pokeball and nudged it with his head, opening the device and jumping inside amidst a swirl of blue energy. Dracen held the Pokeball with both hands. "I guess that was a yes... We did it, Gible! We caught a new partner!" Gible squawed, jumping up and down. "Alright, come out! Sizzlipede!" Dracen tossed the Pokeball down and Sizzlipede popped out, antennae flickering. It hissed, already ready for a fight. "I'm going to call you... Myris!" Gible attempted to hug Sizzlipede, jumping back with a yelp. "Careful, Gible!" Sizzlipede turned to Dracen, spitting and spluttering. "You sound kinda funny, new friend!" Dracen chuckled. "But I think you're awesome!" Sizzlipede made a sound like a dying engine, flailing its antennae. "Do you like me? Do you like your new name?" Sizzlipede chittered, a snarly noise, though he seemed happy. "I'll take that as a yes!" Sizzlipede skittered over to Dracen, stretching out his head. He began to steam. Dracen tentatively reached out a hand, and found that Sizzlipede was pleasantly warm. He stroked his new friend's head, smiling. Sizzlipede stared at him, eyes glittering. "I think we're going to get along just fine." He stood and found that in the ash of the grass, there was a small pile of items. He scooped these up and returned Sizzlipede to his Pokeball. "Cmon, Gible!" He said. "I'm getting a bit tired of this heat!"
Lv.1 Male Sizzlipede, name Myris, in a Pokeball. He can create a lot of White Smoke when he wants! Knows Ember and Smokescreen.
TM Flamethrower
3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
1 Pair of Magical Elf Ears
Dracen, Dragon Trainer

Cy, Bug Trainer

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