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Almost forgot my own birthday lol. Picking up my presents as well as celebrating Turtonator Day with my Turtonator, Vulcan!

x1 Heart Scale
1,000 Pokédollars
x5 Rare Candies
x2 Mysterious Gummis
x1 Luxury Ball
x1 TM Sandstorm to be taught to my Phanpy
x1 Magical Party Popper: Teaching Celebrate to my Aipom
x1 Birthday Egg

Vulcan has grown from lv.4 -> lv.7.
Vulcan has learned EM Revenge.
Vulcan has learned TM Flash Cannon.
Vulcan has increased All Contest Stats from 10 -> 20.
Vulcan's Bond has increased from 12 -> 14.

Thank you!
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