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King Ghidorah- Laying exhausted in the snow, you feel reinvigorated as your new Swinub surprises you by evolving into a Piloswine! It had been separated from its mother for no more than a day and was already showing impressive development. Its connection to you was obviously growing as well, as it promptly makes use of its newly found strength. Before you know it, your cling to Piloswine's back as it ploughs its way through the thick snow. What would be incredibly exhausting for you is relatively easy for Piloswine, even if it has to lug your tired arse with it.

You do your best to get comfortable, although it is indeed a struggle to. You take comfort in your progress though as Piloswine is making good time and you're getting close to your destination. However the determined Ice type comes to a halt as the path leads through a small pass, the rock rising up on either side. It could just be getting tired, or perhaps it senses something isn't right. Your eyes are drawn upwards instantly as a harmony of howls threatens to bring an avalanche down on you. Sure enough, three Midnight Lycanroc stand atop the pass, wait, no make that four! You didn't spot it at first, but a fourth Midnight Lycanroc is blending in with the snow, its normally deep red fur a pale grey. It seems the pack got ahead of you somehow and now stand between you and your goal. You'd almost lost Bisharp to a Rattata, fighting four Lycanroc was surely going to be even worse!
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