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Trainer Name: Dracen
Starter Pokemon: Gible, male, Lv. 5, Rough Skin, moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Iron Tail
Background: His parents didn't approve of his becoming a pokemon trainer, so he spent most of his time outside the house or tinkering with his homemade machines. One day he happened on a cave and decided to explore it. He heard a fight going on and found a solitary Gible being attacked by a swarm of Zubat, though holding its own well it had many injuries. Risking his own safety, Gnarl saved the Gible and caught it in a homemade Pokeball (if that's allowed), and together they explore. He wears a tooth of Gible's, which fell out, on a string around his neck. In it he's carved a space for Garchompite, for the future.

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