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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Missingno. Master- You enter the Hatchery, eager to see what has hatched from the birthday egg you’d left to incubate. The Hatchery seems to lack its normal energy, there was no sign of Miss Lulu anywhere. Something leaps from the shadows, bumping into your bottom! The happy Pokémon bleats, it seems the Hatchery was still operating after all!

You’ve hatched a Male Skiddo!
One of the most prevalent aspects of life as a Pokémon Trainer in Fizzytopia, or indeed life as a Pokémon Trainer just in general, was that sometimes, your day just didn't go according to plan, whether for better or for worse. And today was one of these days for Keith Masters and Willa Carnet. The couple had been enjoying a hike in the Clawmark Mountain Range, along with some of their Pokémon. Meowth, of course, had been on Keith's shoulder, and also accompanying them was Lenny, Keith's Weavile, whose Egg had been discovered in this very mountain range years ago. In addition, a pair of Grass-types were among them as well- Artemis, Keith's Budew, along with Willa's Dartrix, they themselves a couple as well. Only now, a particularly strong Sweet Scent had caught their attention, and Dartrix, with her girlfriend riding on her back, was flying off in the direction from which the scent was emanating, both too entranced by the aroma to heed the calls of their Trainers. Lenny and Meowth were likewise drawn in by the aroma, though not entranced to the same extent as the Grass-types were.

Through the mountain trails Keith and Willa chased their Pokémon. Off the beaten path, weaving between trees, scrambling over big rocks, defying gravity as they traversed the steeper parts of the terrain.

"You're very good at this," Willa remarked to Keith, following the pair of them making their way across a particularly rough and uneven patch of rocky terrain.

"Heh- that comes from growing up in Lavaridge," Keith grinned as they continued onward. "Mt. Chimney's Jagged Pass is very aptly named, and I used to climb that thing almost every day as a kid."

At long last, they came to a large plateau, lush with green grass. Keith and Willa looked around with interest, before a bleating sound reached their ears, and something leafy came charging their way. Before either of them knew it, Willa had been Tackled to the ground.

"Wha- Willa?! You OK?" Keith asked, wheeling around and offering a hand to help up his girlfriend.

"...I'm fine, yes," Willa nodded, accepting Keith's help and getting back up.

Keith then saw what had knocked Willa over- a Pokémon of some sort, standing on four legs with leaves growing on its back. Horns protruded from its head, and it was bleating happily. Curious, Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed it at this newcomer.

"Skiddo, the Mount Pokémon. A Grass-type," droned the device. "Skiddo has a placid disposition and is thought to be one of the first Pokémon to live in harmony with humans. As long as it has sunlight and water, it does not need to eat."

"Oh! Skiddo, there you are!"

Keith and Willa looked- a young woman had come running, and judging by the happy bleating the Skiddo was doing by way of a greeting, he recognized her. "Is this your Skiddo?" Keith asked the woman.

"Sort of," the woman replied. "Skiddo lives here at our ranch. I'm sorry, I should explain- my name's Flora, and it's me and my family here running this ranch. Mainly, we breed Grass-type Pokémon up here."

Willa raised an eyebrow. "In the mountains?" she asked.

"It might not seem ideal on paper," conceded Flora. "But in such unfavorable terrain, it's only the strongest, most hardiest plants that thrive. Therefore, it's a good place for Grass Pokémon breeders who want to raise strong, hardy Grass-types. Skiddo are some of the most common Pokémon at our ranch- they're already pretty well-suited for the mountains- but we're always trying to work with others as well. This Skiddo didn't hurt you, did he?" she added to Willa.

"No, I'm fine," Willa shook her head. "He was simply greeting me, wasn't he?"

Flora smiled. "He was indeed," she confirmed. "This Skiddo's a friendly one, and is always the first to greet newcomers. Unfortunately, he's a bit... headstrong. His greetings tend to end up involving his Tackle attack. Um, by the way... are those yours?" she added, pointing up to where Dartrix and Artemis were circling above the general area of the ranch.

"Yes- well, the Dartrix is mine," said Willa. "The Budew is my boyfriend's. I'm Willa," she added.

"Keith Masters," Keith introduced himself. "Those two smelled something sweet and they just started coming this way, couldn't be stopped."

"Ah- that'll be the Bounsweet," nodded Flora. "I apologize- we've had a whole bunch of Bounsweet Eggs hatch earlier, and they were all using Sweet Scent at once. We've found that the Bounsweet bred at our ranch have much stronger Sweet Scents, with especially potent effects on Grass-types. Would the two of you like to come and visit?" she added.

Keith and Willa exchanged looks, then turned back to Flora. "Sure," they replied simultaneously.

Flora then proceeded to give them both a tour of the ranch, complete with an introduction to her parents who owned the ranch, and a lunch comprised largely of dairy products made from Skiddo milk, and judging by how thoroughly the visitors consumed everything before them, it was safe to say they enjoyed it.

"Mmm. By Arceus, that's good," Keith grinned as he polished off the last of his glass of Skiddo milk. "Meowth, what'd you think?, Meowth?" He looked over at Meowth, but only saw the Scratch Cat Pokémon snoozing contently in front of his totally empty dish. "...he liked it, then," he shrugged. "Nothing makes Meowth need to nap more than a really good meal."

"Yes, this is very good," Willa added.

"Well, thank you kindly," nodded Flora's father. "Now then, maybe leave Meowth to sleep in here, and come with us to see the Pokémon we raise here?" he offered.

Keith and Willa exchanged looks, then turned back to the breeders. "Sure," they replied simultaneously.

And so they were shown some of the ranch's other Grass-types. There were numerous Skiddo, of course, but they were far from the only ones. There were the aforementioned Bounsweet, a number of Bellsprout, some Oddish, even some Steenee, Weepinbell, and Gloom. There were some Snover, as one might expect for a mountainous area, and some quite rugged Ferroseed, and even some Tangela and Pansage. While Meowth was still snoozing away in the kitchen, Dartrix and Artemis joined in on the tour, enjoying the sights (as well as each other's company).

"I must say, this Budew and Dartrix both seem very well-trained," Flora's mother was saying at one point. "And I'm speaking from my professional opinion as a breeder of Grass-types. You two must be talented Trainers."

"I wouldn't say that about myself quite yet," Willa said modestly. "Though that is what I strive for, so I thank you for your compliment. Keith is the real talented Trainer," she added with the smallest of smiles, while Keith gave a sheepish chuckle and a grin in response. Then Willa heard the same bleating from before- the Skiddo that had greeted them was looking up at her.

"Well, that Skiddo sure seems to have a high opinion of you, lass," said Flora's father. "Skiddo are highly intuitive Pokémon, too- excellent judges of character." At this, Willa gave a small smile, petting the Skiddo's head.

This moment, however, was cut abruptly short as Flora came running. "Ma, Pa, come quick!" she exclaimed, out of breath and frantic. "There's thieves! Stealing the Pokémon!"

"Lead the way,' said Flora's father at once, and they all followed Flora out to the fenced-in area where the Skiddo were roaming. Or at least, where they were roaming- as Keith, Willa, and the others arrived on the scene, a man and a woman in garish red outfits were standing beside a large truck, watching carefully as a pair of Manectric herded numerous Skiddo into the back of said truck, chasing them, scaring them with Flamethrower and Flame Burst attacks to force them towards the truck.

"Hey!" bellowed Flora's father. "Those ain't y'all's Skiddo! You give 'em back!" And he hurled a Level Ball as he spoke. "Herdier!" he exclaimed as the Loyal Dog Pokémon materialized before them. "Take Down!"

The woman smirked. "Thunderbolt attack," she said to the Manectric. And though Herdier threw itself forward with great force, the sizzling lightning bolts the Manectric subjected it to were too much for it to handle, and it collapsed on the spot.

"Herdier!" exclaimed Flora's father, rushing out to tend to his wounded Normal-type.

"Gah... who are those clowns?" exclaimed Flora.

"Team Turnback," Willa responded, visibly seething with fury. "They're rotten, evil people who'll stop at nothing to achieve their nefarious goals."

"They want to bring the old Elite Four back into power," Keith added.

"They what?!" exclaimed Flora's mother. "Those horrible people? They kept trying to pressure us into selling our ranch so they could turn it into some mass-producing Egg mill for their Egg House! Oh, they must be stopped!"

Keith and Willa exchanged glances and nods at this, and took off running. Over their heads, Dartrix flew as well, with Artemis on her back.

"Gah," grunted the male grunt upon seeing this. "It's Masters and the traitor. What do we do?"

"We have our orders- we must get these Pokémon back to headquarters," stated the woman. "We flee. If they follow, that only means they have to face our colleagues back at headquarters. They can't beat us all at once."

"Right," nodded the man, and with that, they both withdrew their Manectric, climbed into the truck, and raced away at once.

"Oh, crap," groaned Keith as the truck pulled farther and farther away from them. "How do we catch up now?"

Willa had no answer, but before she could so much as make this clear, a loud, determined bleating caught her attention- the same Skiddo from before was looking up at her again, and this time it looked angry.

Willa nodded. "Then let's go," she said simply, climbing onto the Skiddo's back. She was used to riding her Doduo, so it wasn't too difficult for her. In fact, the only reason she wasn't already pursuing the truck on Doduo now was because she hadn't brought it with her. Keith, however, had a form of transportation on hand and ready, and was soon being held aloft by Hedwig, his Crobat, keeping pace with Willa, Skiddo, Dartrix, and Artemis with ease.

The chase proceeded along a twisting, curving mountain road, and despite all of the twists, turns, and bumps, the truck was really moving, and was able to keep pretty far ahead of them.

"Keith! Let's take out the tires!" Willa called up to her boyfriend.

"Right!" Keith called back, turning to the pair of Grass-types. "Artemis, use Pin Missile!" he ordered.

"Dartrix! Fury Attack!" commanded Willa.

"Budbudew dew!" squeaked Artemis, taking aim with her bow as best she could, and generating pins of pure energy which she shot off in rapid succession.

"Dartriiiiiiiix!" trilled Dartrix, letting fly an equally rapid succession of blade quills, which, thanks to Long Reach, were more than sufficient to be used for Fury Attack.

However, the attacks had no effect. It was clear that Team Turnback spared no expenses for their missions, for the truck's tires weren't harmed in the slightest by Pin Missile or Fury Attack.

"Gah... it's no good!" Keith grunted.

"What do we do..." Willa worried.

Artemis and Dartrix were equally concerned about this as well. "Budew Budew," Artemis murmured to her girlfriend.

"Triiiiix," Dartrix nodded in agreement. Exactly what they said was not clear to their Trainers, but the general gist came through a split second later as both Pokémon glowed brightly. Artemis's stems moved into more armlike positions, the ends blossoming at last as spikes jutted out of her head. Dartrix grew larger, gaining a more impressive wingspan. And the glowing faded away, revealing the formidable duo of and !

"Did they just- what the- Look at Artemis!" Keith exclaimed, for the Roselia was absolutely not the normal color scheme for her kind as her mother had been.

"They both just evolved into Roselia and Decidueye!" Willa exclaimed. Skiddo bleated in acknowledgement while still charging relentlessly forward.

And then, just like that, it came back to Keith- his previous encounter with the Decidueye species, back in Goldenridge City. He knew what it was able to do now that it had evolved, and he knew that that could be their key to stopping those thieves. "Willa!" Keith called. "Tell Decidueye to use Spirit Shackle!"

It was a move Willa had never heard of before, much less had any semblance of certainty that her Pokémon even knew it, and therefore it was a mark of how much she trusted her boyfriend that Willa called out to Decidueye immediately. "Use Spirit Shackle!" she commanded.

Decidueye had to land, but thanks to the nearby trees, this wasn't an issue. In an instant, she was taking aim, her wings and new vines allowing her to make a natural bow out of her own body, which she then used to fire a ghostly arrow with grim precision. At first glance it appeared to miss, merely striking the ground adjacent to where the truck was at that moment, but it had in fact struck the shadow the truck was casting, and seemed to be tethering the truck in place, the spinning tires kicking up dust as the grunts tried futilely to get away.

Swearing like sailors, the grunts exited the truck to see what was going on just as Keith and Willa arrived on the scene, neither one of them looking too happy. Hedwig was glaring at them disdainfully, though that was more to do with her Trainer's evident disdain for these crooks, whereas Skiddo looked livid.

And Willa knew this, too. "Skiddo! Growth!" she commanded. Skiddo bleated in response, a greenish aura coming over its body as it grew in size ever so slightly.

The grunts gritted their teeth and sent their Manectric back out, but it was at that moment that Decidueye landed before them, Artemis standing on her shoulder. The couple glared at the Turnback Grunts, though Keith's attention for the moment was on his Roselia- when side by side with Decidueye, the resemblance in color scheme was uncanny. Both her roses were a vivid red, and her body was a mixture of brown and green not unlike that of her girlfriend. And the way she now expertly wielded her bow with her roses only furthered the Decidueye resemblance.

"Overheat!" the grunts commanded at once.

"Use Ancient Power!" Keith ordered Artemis.

"Phantom Force!" Willa commanded Decidueye after quickly consulting her Pokédex.

One Manectric never got off its Overheat- Artemis had shot a spear of primal energy, aided by her bow, landing it with precision and speed for great damage, landing a critical hit thanks to the Laser Focus she'd employed without needing to be ordered. Meanwhile, Decidueye vanished completely (the Roselia landed safely and expertly on her feet, undeterred by the sudden disappearance of her girlfriend). And then, an arrow quill appeared from out of nowhere and shot down that same Manectric.

And now Willa and Skiddo turned to the truck. "Tackle attack!" ordered Willa. And Skiddo did not need telling twice! The Mount Pokémon, aided by Growth, was able to plow right into the truck's back doors, damaging the lock so severely that the other Skiddo were able to burst out as one. And then, the entire herd, led by the one whom Willa had started commanding, turned on the Turnback Grunts with identical angry looks.

"...uh-oh," murmured the male grunt.

The Growth-powered Skiddo gave a loud, commanding bleat, and the entire herd charged at once, the grunts and their Manectric caught up in the spontaneous Skiddo stampede, butted and trampled by numerous Tackle attacks. And when it let up, all four victims were totally unconscious.

The rest was fairly easy. Flora and her family took things from there, tying up the grunts and withdrawing their Manectric so they were all set for the police to take them away. Hilariously, soon after this, Meowth came sleepily ambling out of the farmhouse, asking what he missed, prompting Keith to fill him in on the fairly major disturbance he'd missed out on. And somehow, Meowth was OK with that, especially considering things went alright.

"I can't thank you enough," Flora's mother said as Keith and Willa were saying their goodbyes. "You stopped those thieves and saved our Skiddo."

"We're mighty thankful," agreed Flora's father. "Y'all need anything anytime, just let us know, alright?"

Skiddo was showing his gratitude as well. The Grass-type walked up to Willa, nuzzling her and bleating happily.

"...Say now," Flora's father said. "Miss Willa, might I ask something of you?"

"What would it be?" asked Willa as she petted Skiddo.

"Well, see, that there Skiddo, like my little girl says, is pretty headstrong," he explained. "Comes on a little strong at times, and that tends to deter most Trainers what might've otherwise taken an interest in him. But you two seem to get along mighty fine. Don't mean to impose on you or nothin', but what would you think about takin' Skiddo with you?"

Willa looked down at Skiddo. "Well, it's really not up to me," she said. She produced an Ultra Ball from her bag, then crouched down and held it out to Skiddo. "I'll have you if you'll have me," she offered. However, if there was any doubt as to what Skiddo wanted, it was swiftly exterminated; Skiddo wasted no time tapping the Ultra Ball with his head. It barely even shook before pinging to relay a successful catch.

"I'll take that as a yes," Keith chuckled, smiling. "Looks like the family grows even more."

"Indeed," Willa agreed as she stood up. "Welcome to the team, Skiddo."

It was then that they departed the ranch, continuing their mountain hike, but with one addition- once they'd gotten back to the trail, Willa sent Skiddo back out and rode on its back.

OOC: After taking entirely too long to actually write all this up, finally claiming my Skiddo. No nickname, and declaring his Ability to be Grass Pelt. Oh, and evolving my Budew and Dartrix while I'm at it.

What? Budew is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Budew evolved into Roselia!
What? Dartrix is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Dartrix evolved into Decidueye!

*Decidueye learned Spirit Shackle!*

*Decidueye learned Phantom Force!*

*Decidueye learned Leaf Storm!*

*Decidueye learned U-turn!*

*Decidueye learned Shadow Sneak!*
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