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With both of Keith's Pokémon asleep, they were easy targets, and Danny capitalized on this, with both Slowpoke and Hoothoot landing hits on Aletri. This did not wake him up, but he grunted fitfully in between snores as a result of the damage he was taking.

At last, Keith extracted his hand from his backpack, and it was clutching his Blue Flute. Wasting no time, he put the glass flute to his mouth and started playing some classic Pokéflute music. And the effect was instantaneous- Aletri and Ricin's eyes snapped open, and they scrambled back to their feet- well, Aletri scrambled back to his feet, Ricin simply lessened his resemblance to a puddle. "Drud druuuud!" Aletri declared.

"Grimer!!" added Ricin.

"Excellent!" Keith grinned. "These guys are good, so let's show them how good we are!"

"Grimerrrr!!!" Ricin agreed, sounding more pumped up than ever before, and a split second later, Keith realized why as a brilliant blue glow came over the Alolan Grimer's body.

"Wait, what?" Peeves demanded from his seat in the audience.

"Oh!" Willa exclaimed softly, taken aback by this turn of events.

"Ricin's evolving...!" Keith murmured.

Indeed, Ricin's sludgy form grew bigger, more toxic crystals jutting out all over his body. The transformation was a quick one, and before Keith knew it, the glow faded away, revealing the brilliantly multicolored form of a ! "MUUUUUUUUK!" Ricin bellowed triumphantly.

"Ha haaaa!" Keith cheered. "I knew you were doing good, Ricin, but to think you were that close to evolving!?" As he spoke, he took out a purple Pokédex and opened it up.

"Muk- Alola Form- the Sludge Pokémon. A Poison and Dark-type, and the evolved form of Grimer," droned the device. "Muk is normally quiet and docile, but goes into a rage when sufficiently hungry, at which point it will even smash up its Trainer's furnishings and devour them."

"Alright, then let's do this!" Keith grinned. "Ricin, blast them with Poison Gas! Aletri, use Synthesis!" he ordered.

"Druuuuuud," grinned Aletri, spreading his wings, with a glance at the sunlight pouring in from the windows in the room. Between his species's natural affinity for taking in sunlight as energy, and his mother being an Ivysaur, the Druddigon was more capable than most of his kind at restoring his own vitality in this way.

"MUUUUUUUK!" bellowed Ricin, exhaling billowing clouds of poisonous gases towards both Hoothoot and Slowpoke.

What? Grimer is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Grimer evolved into Muk!

*Ricin learned Venom Drench!*
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