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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
Lil'twick: Festivities abound, you opt to enjoy yourselves with three activities that seem best for your squad of fairies, and while Honey and Sprinkles headed for the wreaths and the Togetic and Carbink ventured towards the feast, you decide to go with Cott and Souffle to the Exeggutor to entertain the pair.

The Exeggutor chuckles as the Igglybuff takes a hold of one of the streamers and begins to bounce around him, and with a gentle flick of the tail head the balloon pokemon is launched into the air with a gleeful squeak, drifting around the smiling heads of the tree, while the Swirlix scampers around with you, clearly enjoying himself as the coloured ribbons are tied around the grass pokemon. While your size meant you didn't have as much fun as the other two, you nevertheless kept an eye on the pair and felt they were in good hands, and taking a moment to bow out, you are briefly stopped by the tail head, who looks up at you with a small grin before taking a quick whirl around and motioning you to look up. Doing so, you quickly notice the ribbon floating down and catch it, while the Exeggutor asks you keep it to remember the brief yet spirited time you spent with it, citing that it had been a while since he last saw someone like you.

From the Exeggutor Decoration, Cott and Souffle gained 2 levels, and you received a Binding Band!

Moving along, you decide to check up on Honey and Sprinkles, and find a number of plants gathered to get you started on your own wreath. A few of the longer flowers to form the base, you are pointed out here and there by a Roselia who picks out the best plants for a sturdy body, and once you get going your artisanal skills are deftly demonstrated. Pinks, whites, greens and reds, there's even a few small mushrooms here and there to really bring out the colours, and the very scent of it was wonderful to say the least. Honey buzzes cheerfully while Sprinkles certainly seems to have forgotted all about the harrowing trip here, and by the time you're finished your wreath, you find it's a bit smaller than expected.

"Oh, don't worry about the size," the Roselia quips, "it's the spirit that matters, and you have a spirit that's bigger than any wreath we can make. It may be small, but it is just as beautiful as that cake you and Flabebe made for the prince. Hold on one moment, I think we can help you out there with cleaning up." A couple of minutes later, your wreath is hanging on the walls of the grotto with others, your name spelled out on a small plaque beneath it, and a small leaf satchel is presented to you as well as a quick lesson by the Roselia to the pair of pokemon.

From the Wreath Wrapping, Honey was taught the Tutor Move Signal Beam and Sprinkles was taught the Tutor Move Synthesis, and you obtained a Floral Satchel!

Inside the Floral Satchel are Two Tinymushrooms and Three Silver Leafs, worth a total of $500.

With the festival going well, you feel the slight pangs of hunger and venture towards the feasting table where Custard and Carrot are, and very quickly your attention is grabbed by the Raticate and Munchlax, both with satisfied smiles on their face.

"Ah, you must be the Leo your Togetic was telling us about! Wonderful friends you've made, boy," the rodent comments, before taking a bite from one of your eclairs. "And might I say, a splendid baker at that. Why, I had to tell myself to stop after a few of your shortcakes, such was the gentle melt in the mouth texture and honey!"

"Likewise, although I will say that the cupcakes were a little on the soft side, but certainly not a dealbreaker," the Munchlax states, a little more critical. "I would say a couple more minutes in the oven would have hardened them up a little, though I did enjoy the nanab loaf, which complemented the nectar dip wondrously." With praise thrown around, you spend a while discussing your creations with the gourmets, listening to their tips and even enjoying a couple of your delicacies while heeding some sage advice, and when you're done talking the Munchlax and Raticate look at each other and nod.

"Before you head off, we feel that you should be rewarded for such fine provisions to the Prince's Bloom, as should your friends. Here, don't be shy!" they happily say, handing you a small basket of assorted sweets with grateful nods as you accept it. Custard and Carrot come to your side, curious as to the contents of the basket and generally having had their fill of the sweet treats offered.

From the Fruitful Feasts, Custard and Carrot gained 2 levels, and you received the Gourmet's Hamper!

The Gourmet's Hamper contains Five Fruit Poffins, which share the effects of a Yummi Gummi granting one Bond per poffin, and Three Marzipan Crackers, which function similar to Rare candies, granting the consumer one level.


With all the hustle and bustle, the party is definitely in full swing and the atmosphere is electrifying, almost literally as the leafy ceiling above you glows with a warming, unearthly light, and as you marvel at it your attention is grabbed by a small poke at your cheek, and you find the source of said poking to be the Flabebe from earlier.

"Ah, Leo! You made it! The Prince is due to arrive shortly, and I'm excited, but also a bit nervous! What if the Prince doesn't like the cake? What if he's too busy?" The fairy's panic reaches a pitch when a pair of Floette begin to blow on some grass whistles, the melody high pitched yet soothing enough to grab the attention of everyone in the grotto.

"My apologies, friends, may I have your attention please! Today is a special day for us all, and it would be my pleasure to give you the honour of announcing the arrival of the Prince!" The two fairy pokemon drift to the side as a leafy screen is parted, revealing one somewhat different Floette to the applause of the audience. With blue body and antennae, and gently holding a beautiful yet haunting red flower, in stark contrast to the cheerful flowers of the other Floette. The Prince looks around the grotto, a small smile on his face, yet for some reason when his gaze meets yours you feel a sudden surge of sadness, fleeting yet profound, and as the gaze is broken that feeling of something not being completely right lingers.

"Thank you, friends," the Prince speaks, calm voice oddly deep, "even in this dark time, you come together to make my day of bloom so much brighter. From the smallest of Oddish to the tallest of Exeggutor, the friendliest of Cutiefly to the grumpiest, but wisest Shiftry, each of you can always be counted on to put a smile on my face." Turning his attention to the cake, his reaction is unexpected.

"Mother of Mew, that's a big one..." he whispers to himself, eliciting a few quiet chuckles from the crowd while he inspects it from a few angles, before taking a razor-sharp leaf blade, and cutting into the cake as the entire grotto goes deathly silent, the only sound being the gentle rasp of the leaf as it finishes cutting a slice of your masterpiece, and the world watches with baited breath as the Floette takes a bite of the cake, Flabebe trembling uncontrollably...

"...mmm, very nice...reminds me of my younger years when I lived with humans..."

A ruckus of applause and cheers erupts as the royal seal of approval lands, as does Flabebe upon your hand, having fainted from the shock of it all. As the Prince takes another bite, one of the Floette beckons you forward, seemingly keen on letting the prince meet the baker. Shall you?
(OOC: Claiming rewards. Ty Raves)

Leo watched with bated anticipation as soon as the prince arrived. The joyous atmosphere came to a halt as high pitched grass whistles blared through the grotto. There was certainly a degree of nervousness as the Prince's subjects waited for their leader to arrive. And Leo too, was waiting for that moment.

Though, it didn't take long, as a Blue Floette, carrying a flower that hes never even seen before, descended into the grotto. Never before had silence felt so loud for Leo. This was a Pokemon to be revered, respected. The way he held himself was different than any other Pokemon, or even leader, the boy has seen. Leo could tell that small body had years of wisdom.

It certainly was a sight, watching as the Prince made his little speech before looking over the cake. Still, Leo could feel that something was wrong here. That sadness... It wasn't natural. Each second started to feel like a minute, each minute an hour. Time itself seemed to slow as the Pokemon inspected the cake. And then it flowed again, as the razor leaf cleanly cut through the cake.

Leo didn't really know how to react as the Prince ate his slice. The baker could see the melancholy on the Floette's face. It was obvious he was enjoying the cake, but it was bring up memories, and it certainly wasn't helping out with the general mood. There was something deeper going on here, Leo could feel it in his gut.

Though that was easily masked by the reaction of the crowd. Cheering, applause, and general jubilee. The festive mood soon returned as the Pokemon gathered resumed the festivities. Still, was it really okay to drown out the worries of the world? Then again, that's what Team Skull did. A blissful lie was always better than the truth.

Still, as a baker, it was his duty to introduce himself. He was glad the Prince enjoyed the cake. It was certainly worrisome, and he felt his career was on the line if things ended up disastrously. Following the Floette, Leo hedded over to the prince and introduced himself.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it your highness. I'm Leo, and..." Leo snapped up in the air, causing his Pokemon to swiftly return to him. "This is my team. Well, more like a family, but they all helped me make the food in their own way. And even this Flabebe helped. Honestly without her help I wouldn't have been able to make the cake. It's a pleasure making your acquaintance."

He tried sounding formal. Certainly something he wasn't use to, but he hoped he left a good enough first impression.

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