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Update for 8/19/19


Slowly walking around you walked around and motioned to treecko to dart the guard you were closest too, this one happened to be a woman and as soon as you dragged her behind the stalagmite, Lily started stripping the first layer of the woman's clothing and started changing into it...... not caring that she practically stripped in front of you.

Lily was smart to not talk much and when she took up the guards clothing it was clear that she was swapping places with the guard and helping you by walking around and having your treecko help her take a guard down, at this rate the two of you will get these guards out sooner and then could focus on the Claydol.

Inside Lily's head all kinds of thoughts raced, if they got more people freed they would have more and more help getting out of this hell hole and free the other captive children.... But what you had asked her bothered her a lot... if the lucario's memories were fading from his memory with out the Lucario doing it herself then that meant she and her mother were dying... because their life forces were intertwined. Which meant she had to hurry and throw away all her fear to save her mother.

Another question that popped into your head was really strange because you recalled at first that the woman who was the trainer of the lucario didn't seem to have any children up until you had met lily........ which begs the question if lily was adopted or not.... which didn't look plausible because she seemed to be a spitting image of her mother.......... so many questions with out a whole lot of answers.


The first problem stood at hand was that there were at least several people coming towards you, and you couldn't tell if they were friend or foe. Riolu could sense people but couldn't tell you much more than what direction and where.

The six people you gathered from town seemed to be the only ones who recognized that stone you were given when you went searching through town... unfortunately this wasn't the whole town because many just laughed at you and walked away when you tried to convey how urgent it was that they came...... Their story as to why they came but that was not here nor the time to explain as you still had to get into the camp where you were before you left.

The tent wasn't hard to find and it wasn't hard to sneak around the people in the camp.... turns out they were...... worse looking guards than what you first distracted and counted, perhaps from the mines?

You motioned for the people to jump down the hole and had riolu send images of your trainer down there..... Where was this mind to mind bridge when you needed it in town eh? could have been easier to get more people to come help you.


You flew around in circles after setting up your Fire Spinning shield hoping to get away from these persistent trainers and then you heard a commotion outside of your swirling flames... Curious you stuck your face out, hovering in place and then you saw two people throw something in the air outside the camp... First thing was that you thought was that you were going to have more problems on your claws but when they started attacking the main issue you thought that they could be of assistance to you.

Good, because you were tired and almost positive the guards you were carrying were going to wake up soon and start struggling on you making it harder for you to fly.... You needed to find a high cliff far enough away to set them down at along with these other idiots... now where to look?

What will you do?

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