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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Florian and Faustus both loved Summer, though each for their own reasons. Faustus the fire-type appreciated the warm weather, and would often sit at the window with an egg cradled in his arms to take in the sun's rays. Florian seemed indifferent to the change in temperature, though he seemed to have a particular enthusiasm for hunting out the season's tropical fruits, and would often vanish for days at a time to seek out particularly worthy treats for the baby Pokemon in the brothers' care.

In one of Florian's many ventures outside the Hatchery, the little green monkey had found a bushel of truly rare and excellent fruit - multi-colored, heart-shaped specimens the likes of which Miss Lulu had never seen before. The quiet, contemplative Faustus had taken the fruit from his brother without question to begin preparing it for ministrations to the young ones, though Miss Lulu felt it her responsibility to research the fruit's properties before allowing her simian companions to feed it to the babies.

Miss Lulu's research seemed to match the observable effects when she finally gave the Pansage and Pansear permission to feed the little ones their strange and unusual fruit - the plant, long since thought extinct, was thought to assist in the growth and development of young Pokemon (a property which unfortunately led to its over-harvesting and subsequent extinction). A true superfruit, the plant was nutritious, sustaining, practically magical...

But after dividing a berry into thirds and trying it with her pair of Pokemon, Miss Lulu and the brothers all had to admit - it tasted awful.

Faustus, ever the problem-solver, would not let the taste deter him. With Florian's help, he tried devising edible recipes for the latest batch of Summer babies.

For the first of the hatches - a caribou-like creature with strange and hypnotizing antlers - Florian tried slicing the fruit and seasoning it with ingredients found in the forest, while Faustus added... sugar. Lots of sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Perhaps it lowered the health value, but it would all balance out, right...? The baby Big Horn Pokemon was not impressed, as the taste was still so horrible that the poor little deer-like creature reflexively kicked twice in displeasure, missing Faustus' face by mere inches.

The second of the hatches - a baby sea otter - was treated to a sort of impromptu agua fresca, with the hopes that the recipe would dilute the taste. This attempt is immediately, reflexively, shot back in Florian's face, as the little blue hatchling underestimates the force with which he spits out his drink. Looks like he's well on his way to developing a powerful water gun...

The third of the hatches - a dark, fiery hound adorned with bone-like features - would be given grilled slices of fruit with dollops of whipped creme on top, which Faustus tried to mold in the shape of flames. The pup would soon turn vision into reality, reacting to the taste by quickly setting the whole dish on fire... much to everyone's dismay, as the smell of the fumes was just as terrible, by all accounts.

The fourth hatchling - a little grey bug, only about a foot tall - was given a small, healthy salad with bits of fruit mixed in. Surely, a bug-type wouldn't say no to some healthy fruit and greens, regardless of how it tastes... Right? The Scatterdust Pokemon does indeed take a few nibbles, and seems to really make an effort to eat the food placed in front of her, before eventually turning away and looking for something... anything... else that she could eat.

The fifth of the babies, who had been in no hurry to emerge from her egg, gave the brothers plenty of time to whip up a complex pastry featuring fruit filling, fruit glaze and bits of fruit baked into the crust. The little sloth-like creature lifted her head and took one, long sniff, before making a face and going back to sleep. Florian, visibly dismayed at the baby's refusal, tries a bite of their creation - and immediately respects the slacker Pokemon's decision.

The final hatchling would have been treated to dark chocolate cookies with fruits baked inside as a sort of surprise filling, had the baby mole Pokemon not quite literally drilled himself under the hatchery floor to escape the malignant smell his small, pink nose had picked up beneath the dark chocolatey exterior. Faustus, very hesitantly, tries a bite of his creation, and immediately throws it out the window.

Now left with six hungry hatchlings and a lot of inedible food, the red and green monkey go to their beloved Miss Lulu with big, sad eyes, looking for assistance. A couple of tarts, jams, puddings and smoothies later, and the Hatchery Attendant finally admits defeat and goes back to the old standby... Human-made Pokefood. At least the babies were happy, now. Miss Lulu sighs to herself and, looking at their massive pile of failed attempts, wonders if perhaps some stray Grimer or Trubbish could use some extra nourishment...


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The Hatchery doors opened up as Keith and Willa came walking in, hand in hand. "...what sort of surprise is this, anyway?" she was asking.

"Well, I can't exactly answer that while keeping it a surprise, now can I?" Keith grinned. "All I can say is, I'm pretty sure you're gonna like it. This way," he added, leading the way to a different part of the building- for once, Keith wasn't there for the sake of any of his own Pokémon getting involved with breeding. No, the Egg that they'd been caring for for the past week was from a completely different source.

Willa said nothing, instinctively starting to doubt whether she'd honestly love this surprise Keith kept trying to build up, but she did not voice any such concerns, trying to push them out of her head- she knew by this point she could trust Keith. Once they'd arrived at the counter staffed by Miss Lulu, Keith inspected the Pokémon that was brought forward, all the while keeping it obscured from Willa's view... and then, with a small smile, Keith stepped aside, allowing Willa a look at the baby Bug-type. Willa's eyes widened ever so slightly, and though she knew very well what this was, she took out her Pokédex all the same.

"Scatterbug, the Scatterdust Pokémon. A Bug-type," droned the device. "Scatterbug's body is covered in powder that regulates its temperature, allowing it to live in any region or climate. It fends off bird Pokémon with Stun Spore and Poison Powder."

Willa turned to look at Keith, who smiled at her. "Do you like it?" he asked. "I remember, about a month ago, when you told me about how you and your dad would-"

"-would go and watch the Vivillon migrate," Willa finished, nodding, tears in her eyes. "It was perhaps the one thing we always made sure to do together- Dad was never as big on battling as me or Mom... he and I never really shared the same interests, but we both loved seeing all the different kinds of Vivillon. I... I always wanted one of my own... Th-thank you," she murmured, throwing her arms around Keith, who, sensing she needed this, hugged his girlfriend back. The embrace lasted for a minute or two, and only broke apart due to the Scatterbug crawling curiously up Willa's arm.

"Scatter?" chattered the Scatterdust Pokémon, looking at Willa.

Willa gave Scatterbug a small, friendly smile. "Hello, little one," she murmured. "Would you like to come along with me?"

"Scatter? Scatterbug bug!" Scatterbug responded happily.

"Heh, I take that as a yes," Keith chuckled. Even as he spoke, Willa was producing an Ultra Ball and gently tapping Scatterbug on the head with it. The newly-occupied ball barely even shook before clicking shut.

"A 'yes' it is, indeed," Willa agreed, smiling at the Ultra Ball in her hand. "Dad would have loved to know I got this... I wonder which pattern it'll become?" she wondered out loud. "More to the point, how did you get this?" she asked Keith.

"Well, I actually know a Trainer from Kalos," Keith replied. "He was one of the ones who Professor Sycamore asked to do this Friend Safari event here in Fizzytopia a few years ago- Remy's his name. Got in touch with him, asked him to help make this happen, and Vinny had to call in a favor as well. I got the Egg last week and dropped it off here for Miss Lulu to take care of, and, well, here we are."

Willa was speechless. Far from disappointment, she was blown away by the thoughtfulness, by the clear effort that had gone into procuring it, all so she could finally get her Vivillon to remind her of her father. When finally she did respond to Keith's words, it kept their mouths busy for a good minute or two, in spite of the thoroughly nonverbal nature of said response.

When the kiss broke apart, Keith noticed another Pokémon nearby- Ricin, his Alolan Grimer, had oozed in after them at last, and was looking up shyly at the pair of humans. "Griiiiimer, gri gri Grimer," he gurgled quietly.

Keith smiled and chuckled. "I was getting to it, Ricin, don't worry," he assured the Poison/Dark-type. He then turned to Miss Lulu. "My Grimer wants to give his compliments to whoever made all that food that was just outside the window," he said. "Whatever was in it, Ricin loved it. I've never seen him eat so vigorously in my life before."

OOC: Thanks, Marion! Claiming the female Scatterbug in Ultra Ball #7 out of 10, no nickname, and declaring her Ability to be Compound Eyes.
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