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As their Trainers set up their picnic, the pair of Grass-types were headed into the more heavily wooded area adjacent to the clearing. Willa's Rowlet soared silently between the trees, weaving almost effortlessly through the arboreal accommodations. She slowed down as she came to a particularly large tree, and swung her wings around, sending sharp feathers flying right at the trunk. The needle-like feathers embedded themselves in the bark, all concentrated in a surprisingly small area. Rowlet smirked her satisfaction at this, as best as one with a beak could smirk, and followed up by shooting numerous sharp leaves at the tree as well. The Razor Leaf likewise ended up embedded in the tree trunk, this time in a ring surrounding the feathers. Giving a small, satisfied hoot, Rowlet landed on the branch of a nearby tree, admiring her handiwork. "Not bad," she murmured to herself. "And Razor Leaf is just as easy to aim, too. Good to know, very glad I learned that."

At that moment, however, a single glowing star of energy came flying in Swiftly, embedding itself in the exact center of the target Rowlet's accuracy training had produced on the tree trunk. Rowlet turned her head almost completely backwards, and spotted the source, standing on a branch on another tree close by- a relatively large Budew, clutching a bow between her rosebud stems. She gave a small smile upon spotting the Grass/Flying-type. "Rowlet," she greeted her.

Rowlet would have returned the smile if her beak permitted that much in the way of facial expression changes. "Artemis," she responded. "You're getting better, I didn't even hear you coming. And nice job with the Swift."

"Don't be too impressed- Swift never misses its mark," replied Artemis. "But it barely had to change course at all, which I consider promising."

"Indeed," hooted Rowlet.

"I saw that Razor Leaf, though," grinned Artemis. "That's new."

"Just learned it yesterday," replied Rowlet. "Willa's been a big help to me lately."

"Yesterday?" repeated Artemis. "You're already an expert with it. I like that."

Rowlet gave a pleased hoot. "Learned another move recently as well," she said, giving a flap of her wings. Before Artemis knew it, a gust of Ominous Wind lifted her up off the branch she was on and propelled her forward. Rowlet then reached out with a wing and caught her as she flew near. "What do you think?" she asked.

For a moment, Artemis was at a loss for words. Everything about Rowlet had appealed to her and impressed her from the moment they'd met, and their shared love of archery had brought them very close together. And judging by the faint reddish tint visible through the feathers on Rowlet's face, she was... extremely pleased by this close proximity. Indeed, Artemis stood out to her even moreso than Mawile had done so, and she found herself wanting to spend more and more time with the Budew. Finally, Artemis decided on a way to express exactly what she thought. A simple yet effective way- she leaned in and kissed Rowlet on the beak. And the rush of emotions this triggered in Rowlet ended up triggering something else in turn. She couldn't exactly kiss Artemis back, since beaks tend to not come with lips and all that, but she embraced the Budew with her wings just as she started to glow brightly. Rowlet grew larger; Artemis felt the wings embracing her grow larger, longer, stronger; and before either of them knew it, Artemis was now kissing a !

"...So you feel that way, too?" Dartrix finally asked.

Artemis nodded. "I have for some time now," she confirmed. "And I've only become more certain with each of our training sessions as of late. But I had no idea that you felt the same way..."

"Well, it's all part of my battle style- I give nothing away to the enemy," said Dartrix. "That said... you are no enemy of mine," she added in a tone that suggested she'd be smiling warmly if only Dartrixian anatomy permitted such things. The newly-established couple said no more, merely choosing to enjoy each other's company for a good long while before they'd get back to their training.

What? Rowlet is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Rowlet evolved into Dartrix!

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