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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Trading the following to MM for a combined 5 Candies:

Nickname: Brinzer
Gender: Female
Level: 35
Bond: 0
Ability: Water Absorb
Nature: Mild
Birthday: December 25
Obtained: The Hatchery
Level-up Moves: Sing, Growl, Water Gun, Mist, Confuse Ray, Ice Shard, Water Pulse, Body Slam, Rain Dance, Perish Song, Ice Beam
EM/MT Moves: Ancient Power, Dive, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Drill Run, Freeze-Dry, Heal Bell, Hyper Voice, Thunderbolt, Whirlpool, Zen Headbutt
TM/HM Moves: Hail, Surf

Level 1 Female Rowlet, no extra moves.

*Trade started*
Cadaver Forest... For years, the forest was dreaded by all, and not without reason- those brave enough, or fool enough, to venture inside scarcely made it out alive. The few exceptions told chilling, harrowing tales of just barely surviving a life-threatening encounter with a vicious, savage, bloodthirsty vampire. The forest's infamous body count led to its ominous, foreboding name. And yet, several years ago, this forest's grim reputation did not stop one Keith Golbatson Masters from venturing within and straight-up catching the Vampire of Cadaver Forest. Although Fatale was the sole inhabitant of the forest, this was strictly due to her habit of exsanguinating anyone within the forest, and now that she was no longer a threat, other Pokémon came back and called the forest home. Swarms of Dustox, flocks of Hoothoot- primarily Pokémon that preferred the dark. One Gavin Golurkson would often tell about how he caught his Shiny Dustox within these woods.

Keith Masters walked through the forest, marveling at how much it had changed in recent years. The Meowth on his shoulder was much more relaxed than he was last time they were in here, now that he knew there to be no vampire to worry about. And Willa Carnet was with them as well, walking beside Keith and marveling at the forest as well. "A beautiful place," Willa murmured. "Though wouldn't Fatale like to see her old home as well?" she inquired.

"Ehh... hard to say," Keith shrugged. "Part of me thinks so, but part of me things she'd just try and suck all the blood out of everything present- for countless years since before I caught her, this was her territory and hers alone, she was like a Crawdaunt in a lake. I... didn't think it was worth taking the risk just yet."

"You said Fatale's come a long way since you caught her, though," said Willa, looking at Keith intently.

"And she has," Keith nodded. "But that doesn't mean she doesn't still have a long way to go. I consider myself extremely lucky she trusts and listens to me."

"I get the feeling it's not so much luck so much as it is skill," stated Willa, with the slightest of smiles. "I've seen you command her in battle. She trusts you as readily as Yanmega trusts me."

Keith smiled back, and opened his mouth to reply, when a hooting sound echoed all around. "What the-" Keith murmured, looking around. "Was that a Hoothoot?"

"Ain't sounded like no Hoothoot ta me," Meowth murmured, likewise looking around. "But I dunno wat it could'a been, in dat case..."

"Hm," Willa murmured, also looking around. "Whatever it is doesn't seem willing to show itself. But out of shyness, or..."

"...or is it just waiting for an opportunity to strike?" Keith finished. Willa gave a single nod, as this was indeed what she'd been getting at.

The hooting repeated itself again, and as before, it was echoing too much for the couple to discern which direction it was coming from. The trees around them rustled, as though a wind was blowing through their leaves. Except no wind seemed to be blowing. And yet, they could see leaves flying about. And then, just as they registered this fact, the leaves changed direction and flew right towards them!

"Gah!" Keith exclaimed as he saw this. "Meowth, Fury Swipes!" he ordered. Meowth nodded and sprang off Keith's shoulder, and with quick, deft movements, his sharp claws reduced the leaves to harmless shreds.

By this point, however, Keith and Willa stood back-to-back, the Kalosian Ace Trainer certain that those leaves were but a distraction. And sure enough, while Meowth was slicing through the arboreal assault, something small and round shot out of the trees right towards them! Willa had an Ultra Ball at the ready and she threw it at once. "Mawile!" she exclaimed, unleashing the Steel/Fairy-type, who wheeled around, brandishing her massive steel jaws, her Ability of Intimidate shocking the newcomer enough to make it fall to the ground.

"What the-" Keith began, turning to look. The Pokémon Willa had just stopped from attacking them was a small, light brown bundle of feathers, seeming to wear a green bow tie. Despite its small stature, however, nothing about this Pokémon seemed weak. Flapping its tiny wings to get back into the air, it hooted at Mawile- the same hooting they'd heard before! Willa had already produced her Pokédex and was scanning the newcomer with it.

"Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon. A Grass and Flying-type," droned the device. "Rowlet glides silently to approach its targets, then lashes out with vicious kicks before its target knows what hit it. It also attacks by firing sharp feathers at its enemies."

"So a Rowlet was trying to attack us," Keith stated. "Then those leaves were a Leafage attack, weren't they?"

Willa nodded. "A diversion," she confirmed. "Rowlet intended on attacking you from behind while Meowth was dealing with Leafage."

"Mawile," Mawile remarked, almost approvingly.

"Ehhh," groaned Meowth. "Mawile's likin' Rowlet's underhanded tactics."

"Naturally you would, Mawile," nodded Willa. She had a small smile on her face, and as Meowth looked, he couldn't believe it- she had the same damn gleam in her eye that Keith so often got. "So let's show it what we can do. Iron Head!"

"Maw!" Mawile exclaimed, lunging at Rowlet. Rowlet, however, was not about to just take that- the Grass/Flying-type surged forward, an alarming look on her face as she hooted shrilly, the whole spectacle truly Astonishing everyone present. Mawile even flinched as a result, and the Iron Head stopped before it started. Intent on not letting up, Rowlet hooted loudly, letting fly visible sound waves from her beak. Mawile groaned as the Growl attack washed over her, lowering her power.

"Stay strong, Mawile!" Willa called. "Swords Dance!"

"Maw... Maw!" Mawile grunted. The Deceiver Pokémon spun around, determinedly powering herself up, cancelling out the Growl and then some.

Willa smirked. "Now," was all she said.

"Maw?!" Mawile exclaimed, sounding shocked by this. "M-m-mawwww," she sniveled, her eyes suddenly awash with Tears, so convincing that even Rowlet didn't suspect them to be Fake. Disarmed by this sudden turn of events, the Grass/Flying-type gave a concerned hoot and flew a little closer-

"Play Rough!" Willa commanded suddenly.

"MAW! WILE!" Mawile exclaimed, lunging. Before Rowlet could react, she was being pummeled relentlessly by Mawile! But with a shrill hoot, Rowlet let fly another Leafage, just to try and create some distance between herself and Mawile. Once this was done, Rowlet gave an impressed hoot, and Mawile smirked in satisfaction. The two continued to eye each other warily, however.

"I don't believe dis," Meowth sighed. "Rowlet's impressed by how sneaky and underhanded Mawile is."

"And Rowlet's impressed me as well," Willa stated. "A Pokémon with immense potential, for sure."

Rowlet, however, acted again, flapping her wings to whip up a Leafage attack. This time, however, the leaves whirled all around her, and when they settled down, Rowlet was gone!

"Wha- no, she didn't flee," Willa muttered. "She wants us to think that.. Mawile! Fairy Wind!" she ordered.

"Maw!" grunted Mawile, flapping her metallic jaw-like horns around to generate a mystical wind. Mawile practically spun in place, causing the wind to billow out in all directions. Rowlet, however, was not struck by the move- with a sudden hoot, the Grass/Flying-type shot some sharp feathers straight down from the foliage above their heads, aiming to land a gravity-fed Tackle attack on Mawile from straight above, while still maintaining a distance thanks to her Long Reach!

Willa grinned. "We got 'em! Ice Fang!" she commanded.

"MAW!" Mawile exclaimed, jumping up higher than she even looked capable of, and clamping her suddenly frigid iron jaws shut around Rowlet. Rowlet gave a shrill, pained hoot, and as Mawile landed on her feet and opened up, Rowlet rolled out onto the ground, hooting feebly, dazed by the extremely super effective move.

Willa's chance had come, and she wasn't about to blow it. "Now! Go, Ultra Ball!" she exclaimed, hurling a black, yellow, and white sphere right at the Rowlet. Keith and Meowth watched as Rowlet was sucked into the ball, and despite Rowlet's weakened state, she fought valiantly as the ball rocked back and forth, but ultimately it fell still.

"Nice!" Keith grinned as Willa picked up the Ultra Ball.

Willa gave a small smile as she regarded the Ultra Ball in her hand. "I think you'll do well with me, Rowlet," she stated. She turned back to Keith, the smile growing somewhat. "Thank you," she added. "Rowlet should prove interesting to work with."

"I can see that, yeah," Keith nodded. "I'm impressed- you were able to keep up with Rowlet's tricks flawlessly," he added.

"Working with Mawile's helped with that," smiled Willa, with a respectful nod to the Steel/Fairy-type. "The two appear to be kindred spirits, so I simply asked myself what Mawile would do with Rowlet's moves and capabilities."

"...You're awesome," was all Keith could say in response to that. Meowth rolled his eyes and gave a small smile as Keith and Willa proceeded to share a brief kiss following this. Said smile faded slightly as said kiss turned out to be... less brief. Meowth sighed. He'd allow them thirty seconds before telling them to get a room.


Later that day, Keith and Willa were on their way home. They'd left Cadaver Forest behind, they'd healed up at a Pokémon Center, and now the couple was taking a long walk along a beautiful beach.

"We just keep following this shore, we'll hit Sludge Wave Coast in no time," Keith was saying to Willa.

"Indeed," Willa replied. "Though... are we really in a hurry?" she added with a small smile. "I quite like this, after all."

Keith smiled back, taking hold of Willa's hand. "I don't think we're in a hurry," he replied.

To Meowth's relief, no kissing ensued on the spot. Instead, the pair of Trainers sought out some rocks to sit upon and gaze out at the sea. The sun would be setting soon, though as was the Fizzytopia region's east coast, they wouldn't be able to see the sun setting over the water. But even still, the sight was a beautiful one. Flocks of Wingull soared over the waves, some Seel were swimming by, and a couple of Krabby were idly wandering sideways along the beach. A Mantine jumped up out of the water at one point, and as it started to get dark, the lights from various Chinchou and Staryu lit up the sea beautifully. And then, as if to complete the beautiful picture, a magnificent sea creature surfaced, calling out with a musical voice.

Keith turned to look at Willa- she was awestruck by the entire scene, especially by the singing Lapras. As she noticed Keith looking, however, she blushed and tried to look less impressed. Keith chuckled, then kissed Willa on the cheek. "Hey, I don't blame you- this all looks amazing," he said.

" does," Willa admitted. "Especially that Lapras. They're supposed to be very rare in the wild, too." At this, Keith produced his Pokédex.

"Lapras, the Transport Pokémon. A Water and Ice-type," droned the device. "A gentle soul that can read the minds of people, it enjoys ferrying people on its back across the water. In the past, Lapras was hunted almost to extinction, though its numbers have since increased."

"Yes... we learned about that at Kiloude Academy," Willa nodded. "Protective measures that were implemented to preserve the Lapras population worked almost too well- in the Alola region in particular, there's actually an overabundance of wild Lapras. It's still rare to find one in the wild, but the species is no longer considered endangered."

"Well, not sure if too many of them is a good thing, but it's nice that they're not endangered anymore," Keith stated. "They are beautiful Pokémon." Willa nodded in agreement, and they watched as the Lapras swam around, listened to its singing echoing all around.

Alas, the beautiful scene was not to last. The tranquility was soon broken by the sound of a motor, quiet at first, but growing gradually louder as closer its source came. Said source turned out to be a pitch-black speedboat, practically invisible as the sun had gone down almost completely by this point. The lone person on board pressed a button, and what appeared to be a small cannon mounted to the bow fired a net out that ensnared the Lapras! Moreover, the net crackled with electricity, Lapras crying out in pain as the electrified net zapped her!

Keith and Willa, to say the least, were appalled. "What are you doing?!" they demanded simultaneously.

The figure on the boat glanced at them. "Please," he scoffed. "If you were to battle this Lapras and have your Pokémon use Electroweb, it would be no different."

"Oh, like hell," growled Keith. He threw a Fizzy Ball out into the ocean. "Hebenon, go!" he exclaimed.

Willa likewise threw an Ultra Ball. "Rowlet!" she called.

In twin flashes of light, Keith's Qwilfish and Willa's Rowlet materialized before them, both of them speeding off towards the pained, trapped Lapras.

"Rowlet, free the Lapras!" commanded Willa. "Tackle!"

"I'd advise against that," the man stated. "Unless you wish to subject your Rowlet to my electric net's effects as well."

Rowlet, however, was not about to let such a little thing stop her. She fired off sharp feathers with remarkable precision, slicing through the ropes without having to actually get near them.

"What?!" demanded the man. "What kind of a Tackle attack was that?!"

"One aided by Long Reach," smirked Willa. "Rowlet can attack without actually making physical contact.

"Gah," grunted the man as Lapras gratefully shook off the shredded remnants of net. "Alright, time for plan B, then. With what I'm getting paid for this, I can't fail."

"So you're a poacher, then!" Keith exclaimed. "Hebenon, Supersonic!"

"Qwil! Qwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil," Hebenon droned, unleashing piercing soundwaves that washed over the Pokémon poacher. He covered his ears in pain as Lapras swam away from him and closer to the shore. However, he seemed to maintain the presence of mind to throw a Poké Ball, for he did just that, sending out a Kingdra into the water. Without waiting for orders, Kingdra took a deep breath and let fly a powerful Dragon Breath right at the Qwilfish!

Keith fought back swiftly. "Hebenon! Hydro Pump!" he commanded.

"QwiiilFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISH!" bellowed Hebenon, letting fly a forceful, high-pressure stream of water that fought against the Dragon Breath, and eventually won out. Kingdra wasn't damaged much from this, but the Dragon Breath had failed completely.

"Good," grinned Keith. "Now follow up with Dazzling Gleam!"

Hebenon's eyes glowed brightly, and then his entire body gave off a brief yet powerful flash of magical light that sent Kingdra flying backwards, landing in the poacher's boat.

Growling, the poacher withdrew Kingdra. He pressed another button, but the cannon on his boat simply sputtered out a clump of leaves. "Wh- what the-" he stammered.

"Oh, yes," smirked Willa. "I took the liberty of having Rowlet clog up your little weapon with Leafage while my boyfriend incapacitated your Pokémon. Now, you will leave Lapras alone." At this, Lapras gave a cry of approval, smiling at Willa as she swam up to the shore, dragging herself onto the beach as best she could.

"No, I don't think I will," retorted the poacher. "That Lapras is a wild Pokémon, so I am well within my rights to make an effort to catch it, so technically I've done nothing wrong and you can do nothing to stop me!"

At this, Willa and Lapras exchanged looks, then nods. Willa produced an Ultra Ball and tapped Lapras's head with it, pulling her inside. The ball clicked shut without a struggle, and then Willa sent Lapras back out. "Now she's not," she smirked.

"...Fine!" exploded the poacher. "If I have to take that Lapras from you by force, then I will!"

"Yeah, that ain't happening," Keith declared. "Hebenon, use Psywave! Meowth, use Water Pulse!"

"Rowlet, Leafage!" commanded Willa. "Lapras, Freeze-Dry!"

In the face of such opposition, the poacher turned his boat hard to port and tried to escape, but Hebenon let fly a barrage of psychic power that held the craft in place. At this, Meowth let fly a sphere of water while Rowlet fired numerous leaves. And to wrap it all up, Lapras opened her mouth and let loose a ray of energy that washed over the poacher and his boat, causing him to cry out in pain as frost formed all over him.

"That should hold him," stated Willa. "We should take him to the police, shouldn't we?"

Keith opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything, a heroic call of "Leave that to me!" sounded. To Willa's astonishment, a heroic Swalot flew on the scene, clad in a red outfit which included a billowing Superhero Cape.

"Wha...?" Willa murmured.

"Heh, that's Captain Stomach," Keith grinned. "He's kind of a real-life superhero in the Fizzytopia region. Ginny's a huge fan."

"You did well, citizens," said the Swalot. "But I can take it from here, see to it that this crook gets his just desserts." With that, he proceeded to Bulk himself Up, his bloblike form gaining absurd muscular definition, after which he effortlessly picked up the poacher, exercising his superior Strength, and carried him off.

"...that was Crabbe, wasn't it?" Willa asked, breaking the silence.

"Is it that obvious?" Keith asked. "I mean, he really takes his secret identity seriously."

"It was mostly a guess, primarily based on how Crabbe tends to disappear at night," shrugged Willa. "Not something I would think anyone not living with you would figure out on their own." Then, she turned to Lapras. "So, I know you were fine with me catching you to stop that poacher," she said. "But if you wanted to come along with me, I would like that." In response, Lapras squealed happily and nuzzled Willa affectionately. Willa smiled at this. "Then welcome to the team, Lapras," she said.

"Hey, Lapras," Keith added, walking up. Lapras regarded Keith warily, but Willa gave a reassuring smile and nod. Following that, Lapras calmed down, allowing Keith to pet her.

Following this, it had gotten so dark that they really did have to head home. But rather than continue to walk, Keith and Willa instead elected to ride the rest of the way home on Lapras's back.

Trading 5 Candies to Mask for his level 1 Rowlet and level 35 Lapras.

*Trade Closed*

OK. *takes deep breath* Transferring Rowlet and Lapras into Ultra Balls #5 and #6 out of 10, discarding their old Poké Balls in the process. Not nicknaming either of them. Declaring Rowlet's Ability to be Long Reach and Lapras's Ability to be Water Absorb.
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