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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Missingno. Master: Keith has hatched a lv.1 male Eevee with Egg Move [Tickle]!
" what is Eon going to evolve into?" Willa was asking as she and Keith were led through the Hatchery.

"That's right, I never mentioned this, did I?" replied Keith. "Eon doesn't want to evolve. She wants to become stronger than any Eeveelution, and more versatile than the whole lot of them, all without evolving."

"Indeed?" murmured Willa, glancing at the excitable Shiny Eevee. "You definitely have some unique Pokémon," she said. "I've never known Pokémon to live up to their potential so much without needing to evolve. I still remember first seeing Hermione in battle," she added with the slightest of chuckles.

"I remember that, too," Keith grinned. "You were blown away when I told her to use Horn Drill."

"I mean, I've known it's possible to teach Pokémon moves they can't normally learn," smiled Willa. "After all, mother's Aurorus was able to help Yanmega learn Icy Wind. But to teach a Weedle moves like Horn Drill, Ice Beam, Liquidation, Dragon Claw... You truly are a skilled Trainer," she said to Keith.

Keith smiled modestly. "Heh... I mean, I still got a long way to go if I'm hoping to be a Pokémon master someday," he said. "But thank you," he added. "You're a skilled Trainer yourself."

"I would argue that I've got an even longer way to go," replied Willa. "But... thank you," she smiled.

Keith smiled back, but the couple hadn't time to do much more than exchange a quick kiss before they finally arrived at the room. Cyanide was in there, as was Pom, and there too was the Egg, with cracks already starting to form. As they entered, a brief eye movement was all the acknowledgement they got from Cyanide, for she was utterly transfixed on the Egg. Eon ran forward and sat right between her parents, looking at the Egg in excitable curiosity.

The next few moments were an unbearable wait, as more cracks formed on the Egg... and then the Egg lurched! And again! And again! Whatever was inside was putting up one hell of a fight on the shell! And that fight was finally won as a bundle of brown fur practically exploded out of the Egg, crying out cutely and triumphantly as he landed on the floor. Eagerly, he looked around, smiling as he saw his proud parents and excited older sister, and charged at them all in the world's cutest Tackle attack that quickly turned into a heartwarming family hug... which in turn then turned into an absolutely adorable play fight between the two Eevee. However, the newborn quickly found himself outmatched- as Eon's Tackle overpowered his own, she then shot a Flamethrower into the air.

"Vuiiii..." Eevee murmured wonderingly, eyes sparkling in awe at the sight of his older sister shooting flames from her mouth. "Vui vui!!" he declared, before immediately trying to copy what his older sister was doing, Of course, there were no flames coming from his mouth, but the little guy looked very determined.

"Heh," chuckled Keith. "Gee, I wonder what this little guy wants to evolve into?"

At this, Cyanide finally turned to greet her Trainer, though her gaze lingered on Willa, this being the Umbreon's first time ever meeting her. "Breon?" she questioned.

Willa gave a polite bow. "Hello, Cyanide," she said.

Keith stood beside Willa. "Cyanide, this is Willa," he said. "We met while you and Pom were in here, and... well, we decided to start going out. So... what do you think?" he asked.

For a moment, Cyanide seemed to be trying to figure that out herself. She circled Willa intently, sniffed at her, looked her in the eyes as though trying to read her mind... and finally, after a few tense, silent moments, she spoke up. "If you make him as happy as Pom makes me, then that's good enough for me. However," she added, her eyes flashing dangerously at that point. "If you dare break his heart, I swear I'll-"

"OK, enough, Cyanide, I ain't translatin' da rest o' dat!" Meowth interrupted, looking slightly nauseous. He turned to Keith, looking exasperated. "Youse gots ta stop lettin' Fatale and Cyanide hang out," he added. Then, he turned to Willa. "But ya gets da general gist of it- she's cool wit youse as long as ya truly make Keith happy."

Keith smiled and put an arm around Willa. "Then we have no problem here," he confirmed. Willa smiled at this, and once she was certain the Umbreon was OK with this, she scratched behind Cyanide's ears. "Ah, but let's not forget this little guy," Keith added as the newborn Eevee raced up to him. Keith was quick to scoop him up in his arms, chuckling as the Eevee's movements Tickled him mercilessly. "We got a name?"

Cyanide nodded. "Breon. Umbreon!"

"She's sayin' dis little guy's name is ta be Leo," translated Meowth.

"Leo, hmm?" Keith said, looking at the hotheaded Eevee in his arms. "I like it! Leo you shall be!" Then, Keith turned his attention to the other Normal-type present in the room. "And Pom," he said. "Anytime you want to see them, you know where to find us. Or in fact... maybe we could come and visit, if that's OK."

It was unclear which of Keith's ideas the others were reacting to, but Cyanide, Eon, and Leo were all exclaiming enthusiastically at the notion of their family getting together, regardless of who was visiting whom. Satisfied with this, Keith selected a Poké Ball with which to officially catch Leo, and filled out all the necessary paperwork, before they finally left. But was it home they were leaving for...?

OOC: Claiming this little brown bundle of fluff. Naming him Leo, putting him in my one and only Premier Ball, and declaring his Ability to be Anticipation.
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