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No, I did not forget about Vileplume Day! I simply didn't remember until after I went to bed last night, and this is the first time I've had access to my laptop since then. Man, I'm glad it's the weekend! So yeah- one of the earliest members of my team, and in fact, the first permanent fixture of my team that wasn't my starter- happy birthday to James, my level 100 Vileplume!

*James learned the Egg move Tickle!*

*James learned the MT move After You!*

*James learned the TM move Secret Power!*

*James devoured the Birthday Poffin!*

*James's Contest stats each rose from 60 to 70!*

*Whoops! James's Bond is already maxed out, so he... uh... devours the Birthday Gummi anyway because he's basically a Munchlax with petals... and while it has no effect, he's still satisfied with the taste, so... yay?*


But wait- there's more! May's birthday open up for me with four in a row, and we're already on the second of those four! Happy birthday to Luna, my level 24 Swoobat!

*Luna grew to level 25!*

*Luna learned Attract!*

*Luna grew to level 26!*

*Luna grew to level 27!*

*Luna learned the MT move Zen Headbutt!*

*Luna learned the TM move Swords Dance!*

*Luna ate the Birthday Poffin!*

*Luna's Contest stats each rose from 60 to 70!*

*Luna ate the Birthday Gummi!*

*Luna's Bond rose from 49 to 51 50!*
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