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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Congratulations everyone on a successful raid! With everyone back on the Springtide Isle, the Springtime Pyukumuku has seen fit to reward all the trainers of Fizzytopia!

Everyone (even those who didn't participate in the RP Event) may claim the following rewards:
1 Type Egg of Choice
3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies

While the Easter Mega Lopunny has made itself scarce and disappeared without a trace, the giving Pokemon has left some extra presents for the trainers who came to the aid of the new Spirit of Easter.

Retrieval Team

Naru- Morgana gained 2 levels, Ahri gained 2 levels. You have been rewarded with a TM Ally Switch!

I hope you all enjoyed the event! Feel free to claim your rewards at your own convenience. Happy Easter from the Springtime Pyukumuku, Easter Mega Lopunny and the Snorlax King!
Happy Easter to all!

☆ Claiming a Fairy Type Egg
☆ Claiming my Chocolatey Rare Candies (delicious!!)
☆ Morgana grew to Level 42!
☆ Ahri grew to Level 24!
☆ Picking up TM Ally Switch

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