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Originally Posted by Prof.Enigma View Post

Bide is gonna hurt, there is no doubt about that, but I am not gonna dig myself a grave with a z move that may or may not take smiley out.

So I closed in on Smiley, and Bite his tail, the supposed real part of the Wynaut family line.

Now his Bidding is gonna come, time to brace myself


I stopped and sniffed hard
"there's something buried here" I say, unsure, because it smelt like dug up dirt, strong and fresh, but no scent otherwise....

strange , very strange

I walk over to the spot and start digging

Smiley's gut feeling was right on the money. Maybe not in the way anyone present would have expected- everyone had been banking on a Z-Move, after all. But no- Wolfe went in for the big hit. A super effective Bite, which, in and of itself, wasn't too much. But what exactly said move was targeting, on the other hand...

Manchin roared his disapproval at what he deemed a dirty tactic, and Keith, Meowth, and Jack exclaimed wordlessly all at once. In contrast, Smiley made no noise, though his mouth opened wide in shock. The tail. The tail of the Wynaut family was the one part of the body from which it couldn't hope to successfully launch a counterattack. Smiley's instincts were screaming at him, just screaming at him, to take Wolfe down with Destiny Bond. But no- he was in the middle of Bide, he couldn't just switch it up like that! Smiley had to do this, had to do what for his evolution line was considered the impossible- turn an assault on his tail into fuel for a counterattack.

But could he? The pain from the bite was making Smiley sick, he was feeling the damage more than he'd ever feel damage dealt anywhere else. A critical hit and then some, to put it mildly.

"Come on, Smiley!" Keith called encouragingly. "After all the training you've done with me and Helena, you got this, I know you do!"

"Yeah, man!" Jack added. "Show 'em what you can do!"

"Ya gots dis!" Meowth was calling out.

"Ches! Naught! Ches! Naught!" Manchin was cheering.

Smiley took in all of this, the cheering of his teammates and Trainer- of his friends. As much as the pain of that Bite was resonating within him, so too was something else- a fierce determination. Determination clashed against sheer agony as the Wynaut struggled to channel the damage he'd taken, endure this latest assault despite the very nature of it.

"Wyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" Smiley cried out, trying his best to contain the damage, to channel it to fuel the Bide even further. "Wy Wynaaaaaauuuuuut! Wynaut Wynaut Wynaut!" And as this went on, the soft glow associated with Bide usage intensified. Or at least it seemed to at first- in reality, it was accompanied by an intense, far more significant glow that had nothing whatsoever to do with Bide.

Keith's eyes widened as he saw what was going on. From within the glow, Smiley could be seen getting taller. The weird protrusion on his head moved to the back and flattened out. The neck disappeared altogether, head and torso melting together as the arms moved further down until no longer could anyone wonder whether they were ears. The little skirt-like part vanished as two feet became four, and the tail grew a bit broader as a second eye sprouted. "...He's evolving!" Keith exclaimed.

And not long after this revelation came to light, the aforementioned transformation was complete, the newest glow fading away to reveal that the softer glow of Bide usage was still visible on the . "Wobbu! Wobbuffet!!" Smiley exclaimed triumphantly.

"Smiley evolved inta Wobbuffet!" Meowth exclaimed as Keith, grinning like a Wynaut, produced his Pokédex.

"Wobbuffet, the Patient Pokémon. A Psychic-type, and the evolved form of Wynaut," droned the device. "Wobbuffet nests in dark places with the intention of keeping its pitch-black tail hidden from sight. When two Wobbuffet meet, they become highly competitive and will engage in numerous contests to prove which has the better endurance."

"Haha!" Keith exclaimed gleefully. "Way to go, Smiley!"

"Two evolutions in one day," Meowth remarked. "Who'd'a thunk it?"

"You good to go, Smiley?" Keith asked.

"Wobbu!" nodded Smiley in response.

Keith nodded back. "Then let 'em have it!" he declared. "Double the damage!!!"

"Wooooo...BUUUUUUUUUU!!!" bellowed Smiley, the glow intensifying, building up, and culminating in a tremendous beam of pure energy, which would surely pummel Wolfe for huge damage, double that of what his attacks inflicted on the newly evolved Wobbuffet. And considering where that Bite was going, we're talking big damage.

Double big damage.

Lelo seemed to be able to tell that something was buried in a certain spot, going by smell alone. As she began digging, Tinnitus and Neville approached on either side of her, offering to help. Both of them could use their respective limbs to assist with the digging, of course, but Tinnitus felt like he could take it a step further, and possibly use Supersonic, see if the sound waves could loosen up the dirt any.

What? Wynaut is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Wynaut evolved into Wobbuffet!
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