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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Season’s greetings, fellow Fizzytopians! Gather ‘round the great tree of Fizzymas, decorated with glistening lights, glittering baubles and ornaments, and twinkling tinsel. Atop the tree rests a beautiful shining Jirachi that represents well-wishes to all who come to celebrate and give holiday cheer. Below the evergreen boughs sits stacks upon stacks of colorful pres-

Wait, what? Where did all the presents go? I’m looking everywhere and there is nothing to be found! Oh well, I guess better luck next year, huh?

…As if I would let it come to that! Christmas can’t be cancelled, and I’m suspecting that this is the foul work of the dastardly Grinchleon, a mischievous little green rascal who has a penchant for turning himself invisible and taking what’s not his! Come, follow me to the Grinchleon’s lair and let’s all say “Bah, humbug!” to his holiday enmity with some good ol’ fashioned seasonal delight! To the Grinchleon’s lair!

It’s just a short hike away to the outskirts of the Fizzytopian capital, where an icy cave sits atop a lonely hill. As we carefully and quietly approach the entrance, a chilling wind howls across the land. The coast seems clear, so let’s peek inside. It’s dark so let’s light things up… Well what do you know? It’s all here! A mountain of exquisitely wrapped gifts featuring a myriad of colorful ribbons and paper nearly as tall as the cave itself. As we go to remove some of the presents from their tower, a skittering sound followed by a hiss erupts from behind. Turning around, there doesn’t seem to be anything there, but as if appearing out of thin air, a small green lizard materializes as his camouflage disappears. Watch out, it’s the Grinchleon!
The sneaky little thief dashes over and practically throws himself on the pile of presents, barely preventing a disaster as he stopped them from all toppling over. Now, now, what’s going on here? I demand an answer! The Kecleon seems at first a bit defensive, but is trying to hide his embarrassment and nervousness. He quickly runs to the back of his cave where he procures an assortment of Delibird-shaped cookies and begins handing them out to all who are here. Don’t tell me… you caused all this ruckus because you were lonely and wanted to celebrate the holiday with everyone?

The Grinchleon seems a bit apologetic as he nods, reflecting on his misguided actions. Well, why didn’t you just say so? As the saying goes, it’s Merry Christmas to all, and that includes you! There’s plenty of cheer to go around, so let’s put the past behind us already and get this party started! The Delibird of Fizzymas has already arrived, so it’s time to hand out the presents!
All who come to spread holiday cheer may receive the following items:
  • 5x Christmas Rare Candies (works the same as a normal Rare Candy)
  • $1,000
  • 3x Mysterious Gummis
  • 1x Xmas Ball
  • 1x Gingerbread Ball
Everyone may also select ONE between the following options!
  • 1x Special Christmas Treat:
    • Blueberry Slushie (Teaches CM Brain Freeze)
    • Gingerbread Man (Teaches CM Can’t Catch Me)
    • Very Hot Cross Bun (Teaches CM Crossfire)
    • Cranberry Vodka (Teaches CM Firestream)
    • Magical Snowflake (Teaches CM Ice Barrier)
    • Snow Globe (Teaches CM Razor Snow)
  • 1x Custom Christmas Held item:
    • Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer
    • Aegis of Frost
    • Northern Star Bangle
  • Last but not least, one of the following one-use magical plushies!
    • Magical Vanillite Plushie (Teaches TM Frost Breath)
    • Magical Delibird Plushie (Teaches TM Present)
    • Magical Grinchleon Plushie (Teaches TM Camouflage)
Snowflakes softly descending upon an unsuspecting landscape. Flocks of Delibird taking flight. And a general feeling of happiness and cheer. All signs pointed to the same inevitable conclusion- that it was Christmas time once more. And as was tradition, Trainers from all corners of Fizzytopia gathered to celebrate, and receive gifts from the Elite Four. One such Trainer was approaching now, a pair of Normal-types accompanying him, with each occupying a different shoulder.

"Ahh, I love this time of yeah," Keith grinned, as the humongous Christmas tree came into view.

"Vee vee!" added the white-furred Eevee on Keith's shoulder. Eon's tail wagged wildly in anticipation.

"Yeah, I gotta admit, I love me some Christmas," Meowth agreed.

Keith nodded in agreement, but before he could say another word, a voice came from behind him. "Holy shit, a Shiny Eevee! And I recognize that fucking hat, too- Keith?"

Keith wheeled around. "Gavin!" he grinned, exchanging a fistbump with Gavin Golurkson, the Shiny hunter from Orre. "Good to see you, man. How's it going with Aipom?"

"Eh, he's the same purple neck pain as ever," Gavin shrugged. "But hey- check out what I got thanks to Aipom making me chase him into the Adoption Center," he added, indicating a Pokémon flying behind him.

Keith looked with interest- Gavin had pointed out a Dunsparce, and definitely not one with the same coloration as Violet. "A Shiny Dunsparce?" he murmured. Then, his eyes widened in recognition. "...No way," he whispered. "Dunsparce?"

"Sparce sparce!" chirped Rui, flying into Keith's arms, whereupon to Gavin's astonishment they enjoyed a tearful reunion.

"...Someone gonna fill me in here?" Gavin asked following a lengthy silence.

"Me and this Dunsparce go way back," Keith grinned. "She used to be on my team, back in times of hard decisions. Never stopped regretting giving her up. But she seems to be in good hands now, at least," he added.

"Heh, damn straight," Gavin grinned. "Rui here is a joy to have around."

"Hello!" came yet another familiar voice at this point- the voice of Terri Alph. She approached the pair of older Trainers, hand in hand with her girlfriend Laugh.

"Hey, Terri. Laugh," Keith greeted them. "Gav, you remember Terri and Laugh."

"Good to see you again, Gavin," Terri said politely.

"Fros Froslass," added Laugh.

"...How ya doing," Gavin responded, looking back and forth between the human and the Froslass. "So, are you two, uh... y'know..."

Terri gave her trademark mysterious smile, and shared a kiss with Laugh. "We are," she said, confirming Gavin's unspoken suspicion.

"Huh," murmured Gavin. For a moment, he looked unsure what to even make of this, but then he shrugged. "Eh. It ain't hurting me. Long as you two are happy, I don't see why there oughta be a problem. Good to meet you both." With that, he and Terri shook hands.

Following this, the trio made their way to the big Christmas tree, but upon reaching there, a sudden, horrific realization came to light- the presents were gone!

"What?!" Keith exclaimed loudly.

"Oh, no!" Terri cried out.

"Motherfucker!" Gavin swore. "Wh- you can't just up and steal Christmas like this!"

Swearing aside, Gavin's sentiment was agreed upon by all present, and so they set off. Out to the outskirts of Yupien City, up a lonely hill upon which stood an icy cave. And within the icy cave... the presents! All of them! And before anyone could attempt to retrieve them, a Kecleon appeared out of nowhere, stopping the towering pile of packages from toppling over. The Grinchleon was clearly responsible for the theft, but before the fingers of accusation could be pointed too much, the Grinchleon eventually began handing out Delibird-shaped cookies. It soon became clear- he was just lonely, and by stealing the presents, hoped to get some people to celebrate Christmas with.

Nobody could stay mad at him after that. All the presents were, well, present and accounted for, after all. Even Gavin's look of fury softened considerably. And as the goodies were handed out, it was Gavin who first said something out of the trio.

"...Much as I don't like the way he went about it, with the thievery and whatnot, I can't exactly blame him," said Gavin. "I mean, who among us ain't want to just have company to celebrate Christmas with?"

"I agree," nodded Terri. "It's only natural. I used to celebrate Christmas with my family every year before coming out to Fizzytopia. Now it's just me and my Pokémon... well, and Laugh, of course," she added with a smile. "This'll be our first Christmas together."

"Yeah, it's just me and the team this year, too," nodded Gavin. "Dad sometimes comes out to visit, but he ain't able to make it this year. Family gathering at home." He shrugged, as though indifferent, even though his eyes told a different story. "I mean, Pokémon Center cafeterias ain't got that bad a selection."

"Very true," Terri agreed.

Keith looked at them both. "...You're gonna be staying at Pokémon Centers tonight?" he asked.

"Well, yeah," shrugged Gavin. "Ain't got a place of my own. Been staying in PMCs every night since I came here."

"I mostly camp out," Terri added. "But I'll take a room at a Pokémon Center if the weather's bad.

Keith said nothing at first, looking at his two friends. "...y'know," he said. "If you guys don't think Pokémon Center food is the best way to celebrate, you're both welcome to come back to my place for Christmas dinner. Even spend the night if you like."

Gavin and Terri both turned to look at Keith. "...Yeah?" said Gavin. "I mean, that's cool with you and everything?"

Keith grinned. "Wouldn't have offered if it wasn't."

"Well, certainly, that sounds great," smiled Terri..

"Froslass!" Laugh voiced her approval as well.

"Yeah, I'm in, then," Gavin grinned back. "You're the best, man."

With everything said and done, with every present collected and some of them used already, Keith, Gavin, and Terri all headed back to Sludge Wave Coast. It was a very merry Christmas indeed, for all three of them, and for all of their Pokémon.

*Obtained 5 Christmas Rare Candies!*

*Obtained 1,000!*

*Obtained 3 Mysterious Gummis!*

*Obtained the Christmas Ball!*

*Obtained the Gingerbread Ball!*

*Obtained the Cranberry Vodka!*

*Obained the Northern Star Bangle!*

*Obtained the Magical Grinchleon Plushie!*

Using the Cranberry Vodka on my Shiny Dunsparce, and the Magical Grinchleon Plushie on my Shiny Eevee.

*Rui learned Firestream!*

*Eon learned Camouflage!*

Thanks for this cool event, and Merry Christmas, one and all!
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