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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Doctor Newman was back to his usual business. After a particularly demanding week of replacing Miss Lulu with the wonderfully mysterious Enigma Eggs, he had once again returned to his Breeding facility, where a veteran customer waited.

He carefully cleaned the glass pod where the Egg was incubating, while pondering on the latest developments of his career.

Was it my fault? Or was it simply luck of the draw?

He knew he'd done everything correctly. But the customers, most of them anyway, weren't satisfied. And he took pride in his "100% customer satisfaction" tagline, because up until the day he'd accepted to stand in for Miss Lulu, that had been the undeniable truth. But the four Enigma Eggs he'd hatched...

All but one were traded away. My perfect record, shattered...

It was, of course, part of the Enigma. But the idea of people doing away with newborns disturbed him greatly; he wasn't a Trainer, nor did he have a single Pokemon to his name, so he could never claim to understand, but... how could they?

But this particular Trainer, this... Keith Golbatson Masters, he had a different reputation. The man's team was said to be larger than any other Trainer's in the region, a veritable army if the tales had any truth to them. Doctor
Newman was yet to meet the legend in person, but that would change today.

His Pokemon seem happy and well taken care of,, he thought as he retrieved Keith's Carnivine and Roserade to deliver alongside the Egg. I'm certain he would keep a hatchling from Lulu's Enigma Eggs no matter the offspring. That's the kind of people this world needs.

Newman felt, of course, very strongly about his profession, and about Eggs in general. His ambition was to one day hold a true position of power in the field, first as the head administrator of Fizzytopia's Hatchery - and, if all went well, the overseer of every Hatchery in each Region. When he did, he knew exactly how he would put his power to use - some major changes were in order regarding those heartless Trainers' misuse of newborn critters. Too bad the moniker "Dr. Eggman" was already taken, and by some silly fictional character no less. Oh well.

"Good evening," said Newman as he finally walked out of his chamber, carrying the heavy glass pod in his arms. He really should find someone to do the heavy lifting for him. "Your Pokemon are happy to see you, and it seems their family just grew in number! I hope you get along well."

You'd better, he thought to himself while he smiled as warmly as he could.

Spoiler: show

Congratulations! You've hatched a Lv 1 Female Budew!

It knows the Egg Moves Giga Drain, Grass Whistle, Sleep Powder and Synthesis!
Keith smiled as the Egg was delivered out to him, alongside the proud parents. Fang and Aria rushed to Keith, and after a brief hug was shared by all, the pair of Grass-types forcibly directed Keith's attention to the Egg in the glass container. It was wobbling violently, cracks forming by the second, as though whatever was inside was trying to fight its way out with great violence. Then, it stopped altogether. Keith watched curiously as the Egg's shell seemed to grow weaker somehow, almost as though something was Draining away Giga amounts of sturdiness and structural integrity from the shell, making it weaker. And sure enough, that was exactly what was happening- with one final violent lurch, the Egg's shell practically exploded into tiny fragments as a tiny Budew triumphantly lunged forward. Fang hastened to use Vine Whip to lift the glass container open, lest his daughter try and destroy that obstacle next. Keith was glad for this- he didn't think Doctor Newman would take too kindly to having to replace one of these.

Aria was the first to greet the newborn. The Roserade's eyes swam with tears of emotion as she cradled the feisty Budew in her arms, and said Budew's struggling subsided almost immediately as she came to the realization that this was her mother. But even the struggling, even that was something Aria was happy to see. It told her that her daughter had inherited her feisty fighting spirit, the same heart and soul of a murderous huntress. And the same clever mind, too- weakening the Egg's shell with Giga Drain before shattering it was a stroke of genius, particularly for a Pokémon who did that in order to hatch!

It was Fang's turn to hold his daughter next, and the Carnivine's big eyes welled up with no small amount of emotion. He was just as happy, just as proud as Aria was, and the little Budew was just as quick to warm up to her father. Gently cradling his baby girl in his leafy arms, Fang extended a vine to tickle the Budew with, and the resultant giggling was too cute to accurately describe with words. However, the Budew then grabbed her father's vine between her entwined rosebuds, pulling on it, almost as if trying to see how stretchy and durable it was or something.

And then, Budew jumped up. Squeaking excitedly, she hopped back onto the counter, grabbed a particularly long, narrow fragment of eggshell in her mouth, then hopped back into her bewildered father's arms. She grabbed his vine again, and this time, held it in her blue rosebud while standing on the vine as well, stretching it out as much as she possibly could. As soon as Keith realized that this made her look like a bow of some sort, Budew further encouraged the impression by pulling back the vine with her other rosebud, with the fragment of eggshell in there as well. Taking as careful aim as possible, Budew fired!

...The fragment, of course, didn't get very far, but all present were surprised by how far it got in the first place- it had flown all the way over to Doctor Newman, the piece of eggshell coming to rest harmlessly on his shoulder. Upon seeing this, Budew looked a bit displeased, as though having expected a deadlier outcome.

Keith gave a low whistle. "Alright, that was pretty cool," he grinned. "Fang, Aria, either one of you happen to be descended from a Decidueye or something?" The Carnivine and Roserade shrugged simultaneously. "Well, nevertheless, I like this little girl's spirit," he stated. "So, you two got a name picked out?" he asked his Carnivine and Roserade.

After much discussion among themselves, the pair of plantlike parents relayed an answer to Meowth, who translated for Keith. "Dey's sayin' her name is ta be Artemis," stated Meowth.

"...Are Severus and Fatale gonna be OK with that?" Keith asked, recalling their own daughter, who'd also been named Artemis, now under the command of Keith's friend Gavin and going by the name Agate. He wasn't sure just how touchy a subject this might be with those two, happy though they were that Agate was doing just fine under her new Trainer's command.

"Rose, rade," Aria nodded reassuringly.

"Carni, Carnivine!" agreed Fang.

Keith grinned. "Then that's good enough to me. And as for you, little Artemis," he added, producing a Poké Ball and holding it out to the little Budew. "Welcome aboard.

"Budbudew dew!" squeaked Artemis, ramming right into the ball, whereupon she was caught without trouble. Keith smiled, before proceeding to fill out any and all paperwork he needed to get done in order to truly claim Artemis.

OOC: Thanks, Mask! Claiming this level 1 female Budew, naming her Artemis, housing her in Poké Ball #4 of 5, and declaring her Ability to be Poison Point.
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