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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
The FB Halloween Event is coming to a close. But not without a last treat to remember. For services rendered, the 6 people, who have so graciously opened their bases to the public and made the Halloween event possible, can quote to pick up and claim the following rewards:

Updater Rewards:
1 Rare Candy
10 FC
1 commemorative trophy with which to decorate your base and remember what you did for FB Halloween 2018. Please take it. I have six of these and they're freaking me out. (Credit goes to OkikukMew for the design)

We hope everyone had fun with this year's event and we hope you've collected enough candy. But the spooks must rest and return to their land. We hope to see you next year and we wish you all a good one.
Spoiler: show
*Obtained the Rare Candy!*

*Keith received 10 FC!*

*Keith obtained the Gengar Trophy!*

Thanks very much, EAI! I had a lot of fun helping out with this, and I hope everyone who posted in my base had fun as well!
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