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Originally Posted by Gemini Spark View Post
Journeys into The Maw

Missingno. Master: Meowth was very much hesitant about entering Hyrem's Haunted Path, and when you saw a sign revealed that read, "Chill Down Your Spine" you started to think that maybe he had a point...still, if you didn't go through you wouldn't be able to get your candy, so you pressed forward anyway.

It was quite warm and humid inside this cavern, so you weren't quite sure what exactly would be causing a "chill", unless of course the place started to suddenly form around you to accept its prey...and then the temperature started to drop rapidly. Meowth would then alert you that his nocturnal eyes picked up a faaaaaint bit of light just up ahead, and you walked forward to find a familiar looking Weavile there with a flashlight. "Oh, hi Meowth~" Leila waves to you and your partner, relying on him to translate for you. "I guess you're the ones that got this scare, huh?" She pauses for Meowth to finish translating before saying, "Well, we better get to it already~"

Suddenly, she leaps out at Meowth and Quickly pins him to the ground before he can react to her attack before turning him on his belly and gently blowing a chilly breath of Icy Wind right onto his neck. You don't get to see what happens because a large figure embraces you from behind in its powerful arms before bringing you up to what you assumed was its face, pressing the back of your neck against something really cold, it was like pure ice rubbing against you before both of your assailants let go, and you turn around to see a Pokemon you weren't familiar with, at least as far as Hyrem was concerned; looks like you were caught in a classic Beartic hug!

Just when you thought you were done with the scare, another chilly breeze breathed against your neck from behind, and you turned again to see a Froslass right in your face. "Greetings~" she spoke in human language. "I hope you liked our little show. And for your information, there were no snakes involved in our act, otherwise they probably would have held us back! Anyway, your candy." She hands you your promised Rare Candy before she and the other Ice Pokemon let you move on to the next part of the cavern, with Meowth sporting a faint blush after being pinned by Leila, something he would refuse to talk about if you asked!

You have received 1 Rare Candy!

Dunk the Dragon

{Apologies to everyone hoping for some sort of story for this part, but I took quite a while with the Maw stuff that, in the interest of time, I figured it would be better to just roll it up and hand out your stuff so we all can move on! Here goes!}

Missingno. Master:
Shot 1: Sludge → HIT, does not apply poison
Shot 2: Sludge Bomb → WIN
Spoiler: show
2 Rare Candies
Black Glasses
TM Brutal Swing
Fairy Ball
Mummy Ball
Devil Horns
Reaper Cloth (Bonus prize for winning!)

Thank you to everyone who participated, and I hope you enjoyed your spooky experience!
As Keith and Meowth headed out with their haul, they reflected on what they'd just experienced. Hyrem had done a good job getting his Pokémon in on all this, though Keith was mildly surprised when the Froslass had mentioned that the snakes probably would've made them hold back on them if they had had their say. Well, OK, maybe Seshiro and Shisato, Keith reasoned, though he wasn't as well acquainted with their offspring to know all too terribly well what they'd think. But surely Amethyst and Kinana- well, actually, now that Keith thought of it, he could see a potential reason there, too- Amethyst likely wouldn't want any real harm to come to the Trainer of her lifelong mate, lest Keith decide that that would warrant never visiting again. Of course, it was all a moot point, anyway- the snakes had no say, the scares weren't harmful at all, and Keith had no intention of breaking up any kind of happy family of any sort.

Instead, Keith smirked at Meowth. "You know I saw you blushing back there," he said.

"Hey, you try havin' a frigid blast of arctic wind blown on yer neck, see how red it makes youse," snapped Meowth.

Keith still smirked. "I'm telling Ruby," he teased.

"Youse do dat and I'mma Fury Swipes yer face off," Meowth retorted. "Word gets around, and yer completely off da wall alternate intepretation starts spreadin', it's just a matter of whether it'll be Sirius or Ruby what dat kills me first. And I'd hope it'd be Sirius, cuz ya know Ruby'd make me suffer if I eva cheated on her. Which is just as well, considerin' dat ain't sometin' I'd eva even consider, as youse knows full well," Meowth added pointedly.

"Right," Keith nodded. The pair continued in silence, as Keith examined his various prizes, before Meowth spoke up again, eager to get on a different subject.

"So ya tink Chip'll go fer dat Reaper Cloth?"

"I'm telling Ruby."


*Obtained 3 Rare Candies!*

*Obtained 250!*

*Obtained the Black Glasses!*

*Keith obtained a TM59 Brutal Swing!*

*Obtained the Fairy Ball!*

*Obtained the Mummy Ball!*

*Obtained the Devil Horns!*

*Obtained the Reaper Cloth!*

Awesome stuff and great event! Thanks, GS!
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