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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Missingno. Master- Sitting down at the computer, you quickly begin to search through the files, keeping an eye out for anything related to the Minior. George grabs hold of the Minior before it can do any real harm to itself. The Meteor form Minior was slowly chipping away at its hard shell, its Core form was starting to be unleashed. Andromeda continued to make excellent use of her camouflage, guarding the doorway should anyone come to stop you and your team. Still sifting through the files, you find one with a particularly intriguing name.

Step 4- Monitor and Retrieve

Monitor and Retrieve? Like retrieve the Minior? It was certainly worth a look. You open the file to find a bunch of coordinates as well as what appears to be a population count. Further down the page you find a final population count, alongside a set of coordinates and a date, today's date! Had they been monitoring the Minior and waiting for them to fall to earth? It still didn't tell you anything about what they intend to do with them. You keep looking, hoping to perhaps find Step 5. Eventually you track it down.

Step 5- Light It Up

Before you can open the file however, you are alerted by the familiar sound of Andromeda's Hydro Pump. A shout rings out from the hallway and it is soon joined by the rushing of feet and then a shrill alarm. George gives you a look, he can find no weakness in the containment unit. With your cover blown and the intended use for the Minior still a mystery, what would you do now?
As her Pokémon did their part in this, Terri went to work, searching the computer's files, while George stopped the Minior's ramming, setting to work searching for a more efficient way to get the job done, and Andromeda stood guard, camouflaged, in the doorway.

And soon, Terri found something. A file detailing the fourth step in something, said step entailing monitoring and retrieving. As in... retrieving the Minior? Based on this, Terri deemed it worthwhile to open that one, and she quickly discovered she was right to assume this- coordinates, a population count, and further down the page a final population count, along with more coordinates and... today's date! Whoever these people were, whatever their purpose, it was clear to Terri they had been monitoring the Minior for some time now, and seemed to know when they'd fall. Interesting, yes, but frustratingly enough, Terri's question remained unanswered- what were their intentions towards these Minior? Every attempt she'd made at working this out thus far had proven woefully unsuccessful, up to and including reading this file. Undeterred, Terri continued her search. She had to know, one way or another... aha! Step 5- Light It Up. The title told Terri nothing to indicate what it entailed, but she knew that if she looked at this, she'd finally have her answer... of course the universe picked that exact moment to make the situation start to spiral out of control. Andromeda had let fly a Hydro Pump, and now an alarm was going off, and people were running around, likely right towards them. Moreover, a look over at George indicated that the Malamar had found no weak spots in the containment unit.

They are coming, Andromeda's telepathic voice sounded in Terri's head. What should we do?

Hold them off, Terri thought back. Use Barrier to keep them at bay, and if that won't do it, pile on a Reflect. Hopefully I only need a minute here. And with a glance in George's direction, Terri silently reassured him that he, too, would be told what he ought to do in due time. The Malamar nodded, and turned to see how the Meteor Form/Indigo Core Minior was doing, while Terri turned back to the computer. If that file contained the answer, Terri had to see it. If these people's intentions really were bad, she'd do her best to thwart them, free the Minior, and set them free so they could fly away, maybe go back up into space. And if their intentions turned out to be good, well, then, a few apologies were in order from her, weren't they? Either way, Terri had to know. The trial captain had tasked her with resolving the issue, and she intended to see this through no matter what.
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