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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Missingno. Master- Deciding it was best to avoid alerting the pilot to your presence, you head out to search the rest of the aircraft. George picks up the Minior, who seems happy for the assistance and Andromeda reapplies her camouflage, disappearing in an instant. Heading through the doors, you find yourself in a narrow corridor. You head through in single file, you pass a couple of doors but the Minior seems to be interested with something further down the corridor. Eventually reach you the door at the end of the corridor, you hesitate for a moment before opening it.....

The Minior leaps free of George's grasp as it spots its friends, trapped in a tight containment chamber. The Miniors could barely move and they lacked the same cheeriness they possessed when you first encountered them. Looking around the room, it seems to be a makeshift lab, there was a decent amount of tech, as well as a computer that has been conveniently left on. Perhaps the computer contained the information about what was intended for the Minior. The Meteor Form Minior begins to slam into the containment unit, attempting to free its friends. However it fails to even scratch the surface, perhaps brute force wasn't the answer here. Andromeda takes guard by the door, it was unlikely this room would remain unoccupied for long. The Minior continues to try and break its friends free, eventually cracking a piece from its shell. This is the first opportunity you have to get a glimpse of the Minior's core colour, the stunning indigo glow is quite a sight.
Moving carefully and quietly, Terri, her Pokémon, and the Minior proceeded through the door and down the corridor. There were a number of doors to either side, but Minior, Terri noticed, took no interest in any of them, seeming to instead want them to just keep going ahead. And, well, who was Terri to argue with that? Minior might possibly have sensed something.

Indeed, as they reached the end of the corridor and opened the door they found there, Terri's intuition was proven correct- Minior freed itself from George's grasp, for it saw none other than all its friends. Terri stifled a gasp as she saw just how tightly the Minior were confined in a containment unit.

While Minior made an effort to free its friends, Terri looked around. This seemed to be some kind of laboratory, with all manner of tech, and even a computer that was left on-

The computer. Terri made her way towards the computer. As outdoorsy and adventurous as she was, she was no stranger to computers. The research team at the Ruins of Alph had them all over, and Terri had no small amount of experience watching the scientists work on them, and sometimes she was even allowed to use them herself. It was never her favorite thing to do, but nevertheless, she was confident that if there was any information on this computer that might be of use to her here, then she would be able to find it. She had to find out, once and for all, what these people were planning to do with- or to- the Minior.

Her Pokémon weren't just slacking off, though. George approached the Meteor Form Minior. He'd have marveled a bit at the beautiful indigo glow (indiglow?) coming from the crack in its shell, but now wasn't the time for that. The Malamar gently extended an arm to stop Minior before it found out the hard way that its efforts were doing more damage to itself than to the containment unit, and offered to look over the containment unit, try and figure out a weak point, or a way other than brute force that might work to free the multitudes of Minior. And Andromeda was standing guard, invisible, ever vigilant. She was ready to telepathically alert Terri if anyone appeared to be coming, and was prepared to battle should the need arise- she figured her current invisibility would give her Hydro Pump an additional surprise factor if she saw the need to use it.
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