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King Ghidorah- Speaking as simply as you can, you share your reasons for pursuing the trial. As you speak the Elder's facial expression doesn't shift, he doesn't even blink. As your tale comes to an end you find yourself waiting in silence. Was your motive enough? Had you anger them more? The silence was starting to drive you mad.

"You may undertake the trial", the Elder speaks softly, however the two taller Sirunsan boys erupt. They speak in their native tongue, so you can't make out what they are saying but it is clear that they aren't impressed with the Elder's decision. The two are eventually settled and you are offered a seat at the fire, however you can't help but feel the glare of the two teens. "Now listen as I tell you all what you must do. When the moon is at its peak you will all enter the Winter's Wrath. Hugo since you aren't familiar with our weapons, you will be permitted to use two of your Pokemon. Be warned however as the Winter's Wrath is perilous for Pokemon not adapted for the cold. There are two things you must gather within the Wrath. The antlers of a Sawsbuck and the silk of a shiny Spinarak. Together these will be forged into an unbreakable bow, a weapon that will serve you throughout your life. You have a few hours to prepare, I suggest you all use the time wisely."

With that the two larger Sirunsan make a swift exit, giving you one more unsettling look as they disappear into a tent. Arnold approaches you with the smaller Sirunsan beside him. "Hugo I would like you to meet Archie, he has been one of my brightest students."

The young Sirunsan extends a hand, he'd learnt the custom of shaking hands it seems. "Nice to meet you Hugo, but I'm afraid you probably shouldn't do the trial. Jamon and Hardak implied that you would likely come to harm, I believe they intend to cause this harm themselves."

"What if you worked with him Archie?" The young Sirunsan was a little stunned by Arnold's suggestion. "We both know you are smarter than both of them combined, but you're going to struggle physically within the Wrath. If you and Hugo work together you'd make the perfect team."

"I guess I'm up for it if Hugo is", Archie seems a little unsure, but that was to be expected since he just met you. "What do you think Hugo?"

Maskerade- Tristan breaks into laughter, his hands dropping to his hips as he settles himself into a chuckle. "No cleaning the toilets is a job for someone else, although I admit that the job I'm offering you has been overlooked by the other hunters. Correct me if I'm wrong but your accent, it is Alolan right? I'm seldom wrong, which is why I think you'll be well suited to this task. The local Sirunsan settlements are currently at the mercy of an Alolan native species, I assume you are familiar with Alolan Rattata? They've been getting into the Sirunsan's food stores and the bounty of food has resulted in them breeding like crazy. The Sirusan have been culling them but they can't do it fast enough and there has been no success in locating the Rattatas' leader. Hence your task would be to capture the Rattata's leader, who we could hopefully use to lure the Rattata away." Tristan pauses for a moment to gauge your reaction. It was certainly better than cleaning toilets but dealing with Rattata? Rattata were weak trainer fodder, hardly a task for a future champion like yourself.

"Think of this as an initiation task, complete it and you'll be welcomed into our ranks and allowed to take any bounty you want." Tristan gives you a smile, it appeared more kind than sinister.
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