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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Missingno. Master- You watch with delight as George undergoes his evolution into a Malamar. This was the exact swing in momentum you needed, this would be enough to turn the tide is this battle. As gem-like eyes of the Sableye begin to glisten, light gathers within the gems, light that could spell the end for Observe. The Psychic type detects the attack and recognising its potential, immediately takes evasive action. As the Sableye lets loose the Dazzling Gleam, Observe leaps into the air, somersaulting over the burst of fairy energy. He lands on the ground free of harm, he would continue to persevere. Now clear headed courtesy of his evolution and wielding a new found power, George rushes the Sableye, eager to get payback on the Sableye for the confusion it had put him through. George bashes the Sableye with one of his large tentacles, knocking the ghost backwards. Having climbed back to its feet, the Skuntank gets itself back into the fight, letting out a burst of flame that explodes across George's exposed back. Small embers strike Observe as well, it is only a small amount of damage but it is beginning to add up.

Observe can feel his health fading, but he knew there was a way he could use his condition to his advantage. Making a beeline for the Skuntank, the Medicham began to channel his pain, this would be a reversal of fates. A devastating punch leaves the Skuntank unconscious on the hard cavern floor, but then the Poison type's unconscious body begins to rumble. A gas begins to seep from the Skuntank, before Observe can react he is surrounded by it. Staring back at you, the Medicham has the faintest glint of fear in its eyes, he now knew what was coming. The gas suddenly ignites, exploding as Observe is hit by the Skuntank's aftermath. The Medicham collapses, unconscious and unable to continue. An enraged George lets out a massive torrent of flame which consumes the Sableye, knocking it unconscious as well. Letting out a pulse of hypnotic energy, George causes the grunts to collapse as well. The two men are soon snoring away, they would no longer be a threat.

The Meteor Form Minior in your arms wiggles free and begins to roll across the cavern floor. It comes to a stop near the ropes the two men used to descend into the cave. It knew its friends were up there somewhere, it needed to help them.
The battle was nearing its end, and Terri smiled, knowing this full well. Observe had evaded the Dazzling Gleam while George landed a Payback on the Sableye. Then, the Medicham used his alarming lack of hit points to his advantage, landing a Reversal that knocked the Skuntank clean out- though the Skuntank got the last laugh as its Aftermath activated, knocking Observe out in turn. Enraged by this, George let fly an Overheat that knocked out the Sableye as well. And following this, the freshly-evolved Malamar took a little initiative, and cast Hypnosis on the grunts, so they too lost consciousness.

"Good thinking, George," smiled Terri. "And congratulations," she added.

"Thank you," grinned George. "I must say, I feel much more powerful now." A statement that would seem ominous coming from a Malamar, considering the reputation the species was cursed with, but Terri knew better than to let such stereotypes affect what she thought of her Pokémon- she knew George to be too kind-hearted, too sweet, to ever dream of misusing his immense hypnotic powers unless he or those he cared about were in danger.

Terri then approached her unconscious Medicham. "It's OK, Observe, you battled hard. I'm proud of you," she smiled. But just before she could try and think about how she was going to grab hold of Observe's Luxury Ball, that was made easier for her- the Meteor Form Minior wriggled free from her grasp and started rolling across the cavern, stopping at the ropes the grunts had used to gain entrance in the first place.

The Minior is clearly worried about its friends, Andromeda remarked telepathically. Terri, we should help, yes?

Terri nodded. "And we will," she agreed. Arms now free, she held out the Luxury Ball. "Observe, undo," she added, withdrawing the Medicham. "Take a good rest," she murmured before minimizing the ball and putting it safely away. Then, she looked at her pair of Psychic-types- the grunts now unconscious, Andromeda felt safe in letting up on the Camouflage, no longer needing to be ready with the element of surprise.

"Then let's go!" said George.

Terri nodded, and led the way after the Minior. Once they caught up, Terri crouched down to address the Rock/Flying-type. "It's OK," smiled Terri. "We're gonna help you help your friends." Then, she stood back up, looking up the ropes. "Maybe we should climb them," she murmured. "Those ropes have to lead somewhere, maybe to some kind of vehicle they're using, and if we can get in, we can find out more about what's happening- we still don't know, after all, what they actually intend to do with the Minior. Hmm," she gave a small sigh. "I wish I could just fly up there..." she murmured. However, she didn't seem to be letting such things as an inability to fly get to her- the young Trainer grabbed a rope, intent on climbing it. George was ready to fly up alongside Terri, possibly catch her should she fall, while Andromeda took it upon herself to carry Minior by using Psychic as she followed them- she didn't believe it would be wise to leave the little guy in there all by itself- they didn't know when those grunts would wake up, after all.
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