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King Ghidorah- You had a lack of trust in strangers after your recent experiences. Translator's like Arnold often had dark ulterior motives, perhaps he was manipulating the Sirunsan, or exploiting their knowledge to find some powerful artefact? However with your toes losing sensation and your lack of understanding of Sirunsan customs inhibiting your ability to complete the trial, you didn't have many other options. You accept Arnold's offer for help, the old timer doesn't seemed surprised, you would have been an idiot to reject him. The Drampa allows you to climb onto its back, it wasn't exactly warm in the dragon's presence but the lack of falling snow was certainly a relief.

The Drampa moved at a slow and steady pace, but it was more than equipped to move through the thick snow. "The Sirunsan have a few young men preparing to undertake the trial as we speak. Despite not knowing anything about the trial you certainly managed to pick the right time to undertake it." You pass through a thicket of trees and into a small camp. None of the guards react, it seems they are more than familiar with the Drampa and its trainer. The slim Sirunsan warriors are wrapped in fur pelts, some carry spears while others wield bows. You dismount the Drampa with Arnold and approach a crackling fire. An older man, marked with tattoos speaks across the fire to three boys in their mid teens. Two of the boys are quite tall and well built, while the third is much shorter and built like a twig. Upon spotting Arnold the older man stops speaking and the boys turn to face you.

"Arnold, we wondered when you would arrive", the older man spoke slowly, English clearly wasn't his native tongue but he still had a solid grasp of it. "Who is this stranger accompanying you?"

"Elder, this is Hugo, he was about to charge into the Winter's Wraith by himself to try and attempt the trial." The boys look shocked, whether it is due to your bravery or stupidity is unknown. "He still wishes to complete the trial, I was wondering whether you would be willing to let him participate?"

The elder looks you over, considering Arnold's request. "He is older and knows little of our customs. If I am to allow this, than I must know your motives. Why would an outsider want to complete our rite of passage?"

Maskerade- Young and full of ambition, you enter the large wooden building that is the Hunters Guild. With 'most' of your Pokemon eager to assist you, you intend to prove yourself by taking on some of the biggest threats in the Crater, that would certainly prove you were a trainer worth watching out for. Snorlax gives you a hand to push the heavy wooden doors open, revealing a swarm of activity inside the guild. Two long rows of tables run up the length of the hall. Men and women of every shape and size line the tables, joking and jostling as they swig heavily from pints of ale. At the end of the hall you spot a large noticeboard, filled with flyers, bounties! As you make your way towards the noticeboard you catch the attention of nearby hunters. You were without a doubt the youngest in the room by at least a decade, not that it mattered to you.

You finally reach the noticeboard and a number of high profile bounties immediately catch your eye. 'Relocate Rampaging Tyranitar', 'Exorcise Possessed Sirunsan Child', 'Eliminate Poaching Syndicate in the Hallows' to name a few. With so many options it was going to be hard to make a decision. A large hand pushes you out of the way before you can finish deciding.

"Out of the way kid, go back to school", the hulking hunter snatches a flyer from the board as he glares down at you.

"Simmer down Blake, he's just a kid", a charming man approaches, followed closely by a Gallade. "You've got your bounty now get to work, before we have to embarrass you in front of the entire guild again.

"Whatever Tristan", Blake grunts before storming past him.

"Now kid", Tristan turns his attention to you, "this isn't exactly a playground." Tristan's Gallade glances up at your Snorlax, giving him a once over. "The Crater is a dangerous place for travellers and the job of us hunters is even more dangerous. Your Pokemon are certainly impressive, but I don't know if you're cut out for this line of work. However I might have a task for you, no one else has been interested in it but beggars can't be choosers right?"
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